The 8 Best 303 & Acid VST Plugins 2024

The 8 Best 303 & Acid VST Plugins

This article will discuss the best 303 software instruments and acid plugins of 2024. 

The 303 or TB-303 is a legendary analog bass synthesizer known for its role in defining the acid house music genre. Manufactured by Roland Corporation, the TB-303 features a monophonic design and a pattern-based step sequencer. Originally released in 1982, it’s renowned for its distinctive warm and resonant sound, making it a staple in electronic music production.

The TB-303 gained prominence for its unintended use in creating the “acid” sound, characterized by squelchy and resonant basslines. DJ Pierre and Phuture are credited with pioneering this sound. The TB-303’s influence extended beyond its original purpose, inspiring various electronic music genres.

Due to its legacy sound and high demand, many plugin developers have come up with great emulations of the instrument. Then some other plugins aren’t direct emulations of the 303 but have similar sonic characteristics. We will discuss all those plugins in detail, so you can decide which of these software instruments suits you the most for your productions. So let’s dive right into them.

8 Best 303 VST & Acid Plugins For Producers

1. ROLAND TB-303 (It all started here)

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ROLAND TB-303 - The 8 Best 303 & Acid VST Plugins | Integraudio

The Roland TB-303 plugin is a digital recreation of the iconic TB-303 Bass Line synthesizer released by Roland Corporation in 1981.

This plugin faithfully emulates the sound and capabilities of the original hardware. With features such as pattern generation, play modes, presets, and modern enhancements, the plugin opens more flexibility as compared to its hardware counterpart.

With 64 patches/bank, 32 presets, 48 unique sounds, a 16-step sequencer, and 64 patterns, you can easily get started with the plugin. That is beneficial for beginners and inexperienced sound designers.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Play Modes

With five play modes, including Forward, Reverse, FWD&REV, and Invert, you can manipulate patterns in unique ways, enhancing the creative scope of your compositions.

  • Modern Enhancements & accurate reproduction

The plugin doesn’t just emulate the original sound; it adds circuit-level sonic accuracy and modern enhancements using analog circuit behavior (ACB), giving you versatility while staying true to the iconic TB-303 character.

  • Circuit Modification

The VCF Trim, Vintage Condition, and Master Tune knobs in the plugin enable nuanced circuit modifications for tailored sounds. In addition, you can fine-tune your virtual hardware’s age and condition with the Condition knob, adding depth and character to your sound palette.

  • Dynamic Effects

You also get Overdrive/Compressor and delay effects that you can synchronize to your tempo. In addition, there are different Drive and Delay types for variations of these distortion and delay effects. You can also adjust their tone and depth.

  • Shuffle & Scale Controls

The plugin allows you to infuse your patterns with groove and rhythm by manipulating the shuffle control, adding dynamic variations to your sequences. Further, you can also adjust those patterns to different timings like 1/16, 1/32T, etc., by using the scale control.


TB-303 is compatible with both Windows (8 or newer) and Mac (10.14 or newer) and is available in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats.


The TB-303 Software Synthesizer reimagines the iconic TB-303 Bass Line instrument with modern innovation. Through analog Circuit Behavior modeling, it faithfully captures the original’s hypnotic tone.

Key features include eight variations per pattern, a new graphic edit window, circuit modification controls, dynamic effects, seamless integration with DAWs, versatile play modes, octave spread, position locking, shuffle, and scale controls.

The plugin seamlessly marries classic charm with contemporary capabilities, providing a comprehensive toolkit for crafting electronic music production’s dynamic, expressive, and creative basslines.

2. Arturia Acid V 

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Arturia Acid V  - The 8 Best 303 & Acid VST Plugins | Integraudio

Arturia Acid V is designed for sequencing and arpeggiation, especially for Acid-based dynamic patterns and basslines.

As a TB-303 emulation, it provides an intuitive interface with scale-based pattern sequencing and arpeggiation controls. It’s suitable for crafting edgy bass sounds, featuring elements like razorblade filter sweeps, saturation, and more. The interface resembles the classic 303 hardware while also offering scalability.

Further, with three multi-mode function generators, four FX slots, and a total of 17 FX choices, including effects like Pitch-Shift Delay, Super Unison, and Multiband Compressor, Acid V enables flexible modulation options for shaping sounds and allows you to sculpt your sounds into entirely new dimensions.

Key Features:

  • Sub Oscillator

The software boasts a versatile sub-oscillator with a 2-octave range and waveform choices, including square and triangle. The vibrato covers a spectrum from subtle detuning to intense audio rate modulation. That gives more depth, warmth, fatness, and character to your bass and synth sounds.

  • Diverse Distortion

Known for its inherent link to distortion, Acid V provides a selection of 14 distortion algorithms catering to various tonal textures.

  • Advanced Sequencer

Acid V presents an evolved polymetric sequencer and arpeggiator with a capacity of up to 64 steps, offering features like slide, accent, and octave shifting. This sequencer not only operates swiftly and musically but also allows patterns to be bounced to MIDI, enabling use with other instruments and clips.

  • Scales & Transmutation

The plugin allows you to alter sequences effortlessly through Transmutation, swiftly generating novel patterns. Acid V offers thoughtfully curated musical scales designed for modern styles, enhancing musical adaptability.

  • Preset Library

The software provides a collection of over 150 factory presets, encompassing a range from classic basslines to experimentally modulated tones, facilitating inspiration across various production styles.

  • In-App Learning Guides

Embedded within the application are interactive tutorials that seamlessly lead you through all facets of the instrument. These tutorials cover everything, ranging from specific parameter controls to insights shared by our expert sound designers.

  • Extensive effects

You can apply four different effects simultaneously, choosing from 17 total FX, ranging from parametric EQ to Bitcrusher to delay to multi-flanger effects, with different sets of dedicated and expansive controls for each effect.

  • Advanced modulation capabilities

You can draw your own modulation shapes and apply that modulation to different parameters, enabling personalized and intricate sound modulation.

  • Comprehensive Sequencing Power

Acid V offers an expansive sequencing experience with a dedicated panel that includes scale-based pattern generation and polymetric controls, allowing you to create diverse musical sequences.


Acid V is compatible with Windows 10+ (64-bit) with 4GB RAM, a 4-core CPU (3.4 GHz, 4.0 GHz Turbo-boost), and OpenGL 2.0 GPU support. For Apple users, Mac OS 10.13+ has either a 4-core CPU (3.4 GHz, 4.0 GHz Turbo-boost) or an Apple Silicon CPU, and the same RAM and GPU requirements apply.

The plugin operates as a Standalone, VST, AAX, Audio Unit, and NKS (64-bit DAWs) and works harmoniously with ASC for simplified installation and updates.


Arturia has done great in emulating many hardware synths, and Acid V is also no exception. The sound is a modern take on the classic TB-303 sonics and also comes with great sound design and manipulation capability.

From being able to create deeper synths and basslines with a sub-oscillator layer to a good range of distortion types for intricate sonic shaping, the plugin is one of the best software instruments for creating Acid music.

By using its FX and modulation options, you can transform ordinary basslines into expansive stereo soundscapes and convert resonant rave melodies into textured industrial tones.

3. AudioRealism Bass Line 3 (Abl3)

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AudioRealism Bass Line 3 - The 8 Best 303 & Acid VST Plugins | Integraudio

AudioRealism Bass Line 3 is a virtual emulation of the iconic Roland TB-303 synthesizer. The original synthesizer marked the start of Acid House and has been one of the most influential factors in the evolution of electronic music.

ABL3 is the ultimate recreation of this iconic synth and manages to make the programming of sequences more straightforward.

Key Features:

  • Three oscillator models.

ABL3 offers three different oscillator models. The first is fairly smooth and tamed, the second matches the original TB-303 accurately, while the third is much dirtier and sacrifices low end for aggressive top end.

  • Multiple sequencer modes.

The sequencer was quite fiddly and hard to set up on the original TB-303. However, this virtual recreation of it makes things easier and even offers multiple modes. The classic mode works like the original, and activating both UP and DOWN buttons on a step creates a nice vibrato effect.

There are also shift buttons for each step to offset it left or right, or up and down in pitch. The pattern mode displays 16 steps of the 64 step sequencer and lets you alter the pitch of each step by dragging them up or down or by accessing the slider view.

Wave mode is an audio analyzer for converting audio files into sequences, something that’s extremely fun to play with. The last mode is a random generator, which creates random sequences based on a range of definable parameters like note range, gate, accent, etc.

  • Tweak the sound.

Like in the original, you get a choice of sawtooth or square pulse waveforms. You can modify this rudimental sound in the setup window, where you can change the maximum level of the filter resonance through the reso trim knob. Gate trim will alter the release time of the oscillator for a tight or loose feel, detune will detune the sound, and low cut will cut or boost the low end.


AudioRealism Bass Line 3 is available on Windows 7 or higher, 32-64-bit, and MacOS 10.7 or higher, 64-bit only, in VST2 and AU formats.


AudioRealism Bass Line 3 is the perfect and most accurate recreation of Roland TB-303. The plugin that played a huge role in the evolution of electronic dance music can now be inside your DAW and has a few tricks of its own to help inspire you. If you are a fan of Acid House or need that squelchy acid sound, this is the plugin for you.

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4. IK Multimedia – Syntronik Instruments T-03

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IK Multimedia - Syntronik Instruments T-03 - The 8 Best 303 & Acid VST Plugins | Integraudio

Syntronik Instruments T-03 is IK Multimedia’s recreation of the iconic Roland TB-303 bass line synthesizer.

Featuring a singular oscillator (and an optional second oscillator) with the flexibility to toggle between saw and square waveforms, coupled with a consistent 50% fixed pulse width. This oscillator feeds into a 4-pole low pass filter characterized by its adjustable resonance, forming the cornerstone of the machine’s sonic architecture.

While its modulation capabilities may seem minimal—comprising only a Decay knob and Envelope Amount—these elements prove remarkably potent in bestowing the synthesizer with vibrant vitality.

Key Features:

  • Advance filter

The plugin consists of a 4-pole filter with various types like M-Type, R-Type, C-Type, formant, phaser, classic, etc. In addition, you can also control its cutoff frequency, resonance, drive, and velocity for great accuracy and control.

  • Massive sound library

The Syntronik Instruments T-03 is an expansive musical toolkit offering a 9 GB of audio material, comprising over 25,000 stereo samples. With 223 instrument presets from Syntronik 1 (.st3i) and an additional 100 presets from Syntronik 2 (.st4i), the T-03 delivers a grand total of 323 instrument presets.

  • Simplified interface

T-03 doesn’t follow the Roland interface and has a more simplified UI that maps out its entire workflow in a single window. That gives you easy control over its oscillators, filters, modulators, effects, etc.

  • Extensive modulation

Modulators in Syntronik Instruments T-03 include LFO (Low-Frequency Oscillator) with five switchable waveforms & rate controls, Filter and Amp Envelopes with AHDSR & velocity/amount adjustment. These modulators allow you to shape and modulate sound over time, adding movement and dynamics to their creations.

  • Expressive controls

The controllers in T-03 provide versatile sound manipulation options: Vibrato introduces pitch modulation for expressive vibrato effects, Porta (Portamento) manages seamless sliding between notes, ensuring smooth gliding transitions, and the Bend function (Poly, Mono, Legato 1, Legato 2) enables pitch bending in diverse modes, accommodating various playing styles and techniques.


Syntronik Instruments T-03 operates as a software plugin and is compatible with both macOS and Windows systems. It works within major DAW environments that support VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats.


IK Multimedia ensures that the plugin offers something unique and advanced compared to the Roland 303. With four switchable windows: A, B, C, and D, on which you can create different instances of sound, expansive modulation, and filter controls, the plugin gives you more sound design and synthesis flexibility.

5. D16 Group Phosycon 2

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D16 Group Phosycon 2 - The 8 Best 303 & Acid VST Plugins | Integraudio

Building upon the iconic sound of the original hardware, Phosycon 2 introduces modern enhancements and features.

It comes equipped with a new sequencer, arpeggiator, signal chain, and effects engine, providing creative possibilities for rhythm and melody programming. The signal chain and effects engine also offer ways to sculpt and shape the sound further. You can also shape its sounds with various filter types, envelopes, and modulation options.

Additionally, Phosycon 2 offers a range of effects that can be applied to the sound, including delay, reverb, distortion, and more.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive effects

Phosycon 2 includes essential effects to shape and enrich your sound. The reverb provides spatial depth, the delay adds rhythmic complexity, and the chorus imparts lush modulation. Additionally, the limiter ensures optimal output levels, balancing your mix while preserving the dynamic range.

  • Dynamic and harmonic shaping

You get precise dynamic and harmonic controls that you can use for shaping your sounds. The pre/post drive knobs adjust signal saturation before and after filtering. The color knob dials in tonal characteristics, while the dynamic knob shapes filter response to velocity. These controls empower nuanced sound crafting, from subtle warmth to expressive intensity.

  • Expressive controls

The plugin enriches expressiveness with intuitive controls. Slide time adds glide between notes, while envelope attack/decay tailor filter response. Sweep amount adjusts modulation intensity. Vibrato controls offer pitch modulation finesse.

  • Sequencer modes

Phoscyon offers an internal sequencer for pattern editing functioning in two distinct modes. Internal mode involves the internal sequencer using notes from the host or GUI keyboard to determine pattern playback order, while External mode turns off the internal sequencer, relying on notes from the host sequencer for sound generation.


Phoscyon 2 by D16 Group operates on macOS and Windows platforms, including macOS Big Sur and Monterey. The plugin is available in VST2, VST3, AAX, and AU formats, ensuring compatibility with various digital audio workstations (DAWs).


Phoscyon 2 builds upon the classic sound of its predecessor while introducing modern enhancements. Its new sequencer, arpeggiator, signal chain, and effects engine expand creative possibilities for rhythm and melody programming.

The comprehensive effects, including reverb, delay, chorus, and limiter, enrich the sonic palette. Dynamic and harmonic shaping is achieved through pre/post-drive, color, and dynamic knobs, enabling nuanced sound crafting. Expressive controls like slide time, envelope attack/decay, sweep amount, and vibrato refine timbre.

The plugin supports both internal and external sequencer modes, with the former utilizing host notes for pattern order and the latter relying on host sequencer notes for sound generation. These features collectively empower you to shape, enhance, and explore new dimensions of sound design.

6. Audio Blast AcidBox V2

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Audio Blast AcidBox V2 - The 8 Best 303 & Acid VST Plugins | Integraudio

The Audio Blast AcidBox V2 is designed to create classic bass sounds similar to the TB-303 synth.

It features a new user interface, making it more intuitive to use, and emphasizes real-time creation of sequences and tweaking. New features in AcidBox V2 include a resizable GUI, dark mode, and it comes with a collection of 303 presets.

The synth also boasts a powerful sequencer with on-the-fly MIDI recording and export/import capabilities for sequences, patterns, and banks in multiple formats.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Pattern Bank

With over 180 patterns available in the pattern bank, you have a wide range of pre-made sequences to choose from, which can be a great starting point for creative exploration or instant inspiration.

  • Integrated Step-Sequencer

The built-in step sequencer in AcidBox V2 allows for patterns with up to 64 steps. This grants you a high level of control over your sequences and enables you to create dynamic and evolving sequences on the fly.

  • Versatile Effects

AcidBox V2 includes five integrated effects, five distinct distortions, and one delay effect. These effects can be applied to the generated sound, allowing for sonic experimentation and shaping the character of the basslines.

  • MIDI Integration

The comprehensive MIDI capabilities of AcidBox V2 make it easy to integrate the synthesizer into existing setups. This is particularly useful for incorporating the synth into larger studio setups or live performances.

  • Precise Controls

The software offers an adjustable pitch bend range, allowing you to control the amount and range of pitch modulation. Additionally, using the mouse wheel on knobs provides precise adjustments for fine-tuning sound parameters.

  • Note-Based Sequencing

AcidBox V2’s note-based sequencing allows you to input individual notes and rests, control their duration, and adjust their timing within the sequencer. This feature enables precise control over the musical composition.


Mac users require a MacOS version ranging from 10.12 to 13 (with Apple Silicon support), along with an Intel Core i5 or an equivalent CPU and a minimum of 2GB RAM.

If you’re using a PC, your system should be running Windows 7 through 11, equipped with an Intel Core i5 or equivalent processor, and have at least 2GB of RAM. These requirements are essential for optimal performance when using the software.


The Audio Blast AcidBox V2 is a versatile bassline synthesizer plugin, faithfully emulating the iconic Roland TB-303 sound from the 1980s. With an intuitive interface, it offers up to 64 steps per pattern for intricate sequencing and more than 180 preset patterns. The plugin includes five integrated effects, such as distortions and delays, allowing for creative sound shaping.

Compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems, it supports various plugin formats. Its note-based sequencing, comprehensive MIDI capabilities, and standalone mode make it suitable for live performances and electronic music production, offering classic 303-style sounds and innovative sonic possibilities.

7. Xhun Audio ZeroBox

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Xhun Audio ZeroBox - The 8 Best 303 & Acid VST Plugins | Integraudio

Designed to capture the essence of a bygone era, ZeroBox delivers an accurate analog modeling simulation of the legendary TB-303.

Its intuitive interface offers an array of parameters to shape and sculpt sounds, allowing you to craft everything from classic basslines to experimental tones. It consists of a sequencer, a filter, a 2-wave oscillator, an LFO, slide control, clock control for synchronization, swing control, and two FX slots.

Key Features:

  • Oscillator Excellence

The plugin features an aliasing-free analog-modeled oscillator with capacitors’ charging/discharging responses like the original circuits, complete with sawtooth and square waveforms and waveform blending.

  • Modulators

ZeroBox has two analog envelope generators (MEG / VEG) and an exclusive low-frequency oscillator (LFO) with controls affecting oscillator waveform blending, waveshaping, and filter cutoff frequency. It also features various sequencer modes, including direct MIDI triggering, internal sequencer triggering, and assignment to different MIDI keys.

  • Extensive sound-shaping via machinery customizations

In addition, it allows selecting the virtual age of components inside ZeroBox, affecting its overall instability and vintage character. The plugin also offers built-in circuit-bent variations from different hardware clones, including experimental ones, while preserving all original functions.

  • Scene Loader

The plugin offers an eight-scene loader engine per preset, enhancing performance and creativity with scene-specific settings. In addition, there’s a collection of 130+ ready-to-use factory presets spanning multiple genres for instant inspiration.


ZeroBox is available in AU and VST plugin formats, making t compatible with most DAWs except Pro Tools on both Windows and Mac OS.


Xhun Audio ZeroBox offers a rich sonic palette with authentic analog modeling, including oscillators, filters, and envelope generators. The plugin boasts 64-bit processing precision, extensive modulation, and a versatile sequencer with vintage logic and modern enhancements.

Its comprehensive feature set includes unique oscillator waveform blending, adjustable component aging, circuit bending variations, and a selection of insert and master effects. With 130+ presets, MIDI automation, and support for various GUI resolutions and sample rates, ZeroBox delivers a vintage-inspired yet innovative synthesis experience for sound designers and musicians

8. AAS Ultra Analog Session

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AAS Ultra Analog Session - The 8 Best 303 & Acid VST Plugins | Integraudio

Ultra Analog Session is a virtual analog synthesizer plugin developed by Applied Acoustics Systems, which is also suitable for Acid music due to its analog bass sounds, arpeggiator, and sequencer.

It offers standalone operation for quick jams and experimentation, along with real-time control over parameters via MIDI controllers. The plugin provides a wide variety of sounds, from leads and basses to pads and textures.

It features tap tempo and sync to host clock options and can be operated in polyphonic or monophonic mode. Additionally, its unison mode enables you to stack multiple oscillators to create rich and thick sounds.

Key Features:

  • Arpeggiator

The arpeggiator of Ultra Analog Session introduces a level of rhythmic intricacy to your musical creations. It incorporates an assortment of synchronization options, playing algorithms, and rhythmic arrangements.

This combination elegantly evolves simple chord progressions into elaborate melodies and dynamic sequences, enabling you to infuse motion seamlessly into your compositions without exerting any undue effort.

  • Polysynthetic LFOs

The plugin’s polyphonic LFOs introduce modulation effects that restart with each played note. This feature adds versatility and complexity to the evolving nature of sounds. At its core, the plugin features a hard-sync oscillator and filter combination.

This foundation empowers you to shape and sculpt your sound with precision.

  • Signature Sounds

The comprehensive preset library encompasses a broad spectrum of musical genres and sonic characteristics, featuring distinct categories such as arpeggio, bass, lead, pad, and polysynth.

These categories host an array of well-crafted presets like “303 Dreamz,” “Blissful,” “Serenade,” and more, each delivering ready-to-use rhythmic motifs, resonant basslines, expressive leads, atmospheric pads, and versatile polyphonic textures, including signature selections from notable producers Richard Devine and Sean Divine.

  • Performance

Crafted to align with your unique playing approach and musical context, Ultra Analog Session presents tap tempo and synchronization with the host clock. Moreover, it grants the choice of polyphonic or monophonic modes with prioritized note keyboard settings, support for up to 4-voice unison, as well as glide, legato, and versatile vibrato functionality.

This collective array guarantees the preservation of your distinct musical expression, ensuring its genuine portrayal throughout your creative journey.


Available for both macOS and Windows platforms, the plugin is available in RTAS, AAX, VST, AU, and standalone versions, ensuring broad compatibility with a wide range of setups and systems.


AAS Ultra Analog Session is a compact yet versatile virtual analog synthesizer plugin. With a minimalist interface, it surprises with its diverse sonic range, from punchy basses to lush pads. It offers an arpeggiator for rhythmic sequences, dynamic response to playing style, and real-time control via MIDI.

The plugin boasts an array of effects for added versatility. It excels in performance with tap tempo, sync options, and up to 4-voice unison. With a small memory footprint, quick installation, and efficient sound manipulation, it’s an accessible and dynamic tool for music production.

2 Best Free 303/Acid Plugin:

1. antto Venom VB-303

More Info & Download

antto Venom VB-303 - The 8 Best 303 & Acid VST Plugins | Integraudio

Venom VB-303 is a free VST plugin created by Antto and offers an approximation of the sound of the x0xb0x along with the sequencer of the TB-303.

This synthesizer features a straightforward single-voice workflow. The sequencer controls the synthesizer through three signals: Gate, Pitch, and Accent. It’s also possible to bypass the pattern sequencer, using the VB-303 as a monophonic synthesizer.

Key Features:

  • Play Modes

The plugin offers two play modes. The “Track” mode allows you to write and play back sequences, while the “Pattern” mode enables both playback, writing, and MIDI playback. This allows for versatile pattern creation and manipulation.

  • Tempo Knob

VB-303 includes a Tempo knob, allowing you to adjust the tempo of the generated sequences. That is essential for syncing the plugin with other elements of a musical composition.

  • Filter Control

Venom VB-303 provides control over the filter parameters, including the cutoff frequency and resonance. That lets you shape the timbre and character of the sound, allowing for a wide range of sonic possibilities.

  • Envelope Control & distortion

The plugin features envelope controls, including decay and accent parameters. In addition, VB-303 also consists of a multi-distortion unit for harmonic processing of the sounds.


The plugin is available only in VST format and hence is only compatible with Windows-based DAWs that support VST plugins, unlike Logic Pro and Pro Tools.


In summary, Venom VB-303, a free VST plugin by Antto, boasts a simple single-voice setup controlled by Gate, Pitch, and Accent. Modes: “Track” for sequence playback, “Pattern” for writing and MIDI playback. Overall, it has good reviews and can be a great free alternative for the TB-303 sound.

2. SonicXTC B-Line 303

More Info & Download

SonicXTC B-Line 303 - The 8 Best 303 & Acid VST Plugins | Integraudio

The SonicXTC B-Line 303 stands as a monophonic bass line synthesizer, hosting a pair of oscillators designed to encapsulate the very core and sonic identity of vintage EDM and Acid techno music synthesizers of the 1970s and 1980s.

It provides you with the ability to recreate and create bass lines reminiscent of those iconic genres. The plugin is available as a VST plugin and is designed to evoke the vintage analog synthesizer feel while catering to modern music production needs.

It consists of the Pattern Control Filter (PCF), which empowers you to morph any MIDI pattern into an expansive palette of Acid-inspired sonic goodness, facilitating limitless creative exploration.

Key Features:

  • Groove Sequencer

Version 3 of B-Line 303 introduces a dedicated groove sequencer alongside the traditional MIDI capabilities. This method of old-school sound generation enables you to infuse your tracks with rhythmic intricacies reminiscent of classical electronic music.

  • Abundant Presets

To jumpstart creativity, B-Line 303 offers 50 presets by default. However, the plugin provides ample room for personalization and can store up to 200 user presets.

  • Enhanced Effects

B-Line 303 enhances the sonic experience with its Stereo Doppler Chorus and Stereo Echo effects, which help you create wider and more open sounds.

  • MIDI Automation

The plugin supports MIDI automation, enabling you to automate various parameters and create dynamic changes over time to create more evolving and dynamic sounds.


The plugin is available in VST format only.


From its Pattern Control Filter to the groove sequencer, enhanced effects, and MIDI automation, the B-Line 303 offers a holistic sound design workflow. Its interface may be a bit outdated and uninspiring, but it’s straightforward and easy to follow.


RetroMod LoFreq Classic

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

RetroMod-LoFreq-Classic - The 8 Best 303 & Acid VST Plugins | Integraudio

RetroMod LoFreq Classic is a virtual instrument that features samples from 11 iconic synthesizers produced between 1974 and 1995.

It provides a wide range of classic synth sounds, including those from synthesizers like the TB-303, Oberheim SEM, and the Korg MS-20. The instrument offers realistic and detailed emulations of these vintage synths, allowing you to explore and recreate the distinctive sounds that characterized that era of electronic music.

The software includes features such as 16-voice unison and an integrated arpeggiator, enabling you to create diverse patterns and tones, from basses to leads and pads needed for the Acid house and other acid genres.

Key Features:

  • Workflow: Dual Oscillators with FM and Envelope Shaping

The plugin offers dual oscillators, facilitating intricate sound layering and diverse timbre creation. The FM capability enables modulation between oscillators, resulting in complex evolving tones. Additionally, precise control over attack, decay, sustain, and release characteristics is provided through the amplitude envelope, contributing to dynamic sound design possibilities.

  • Real-Time Manipulation

The X/Y pad allows expressive, real-time sound modulation, enabling dynamic sound shaping during performances or recordings. In addition, its built-in arpeggiator facilitates the creation of intricate patterns and rhythmic sequences, enhancing the sonic possibilities.

  • Versatile Sound

The instrument offers 13,500 samples and 358 presets, and a broad array of ready-to-use sounds and tones. Whether producing electronic, synth-wave, or retro-inspired music, the instrument’s capabilities cater to a wide range of genres.

  • Multiple emulations

A comprehensive selection of iconic classic instruments, including Oberheim SEM, Yamaha CS-30, Arp Odyssey, Korg MS-20, Roland SH-2, Realistic MG-1, Roland TB-303, Roland SH-101, Novation Bass Station R, Doepfer MS-404, and Roland CMU-810, were meticulously sampled using top-notch equipment like A-Design Reddi, Avalon U5, RME ADI-2, Universal Audio 2192, Phoenix Audio NiceDI, and VoVox Cables.

  • Sound-sculpting features

The instrument provides an analog knob to add warmth and vintage texture to your sound. With the ability to stack up to 16 voices in unison, you can craft lush and massive sounds, enriching the sonic landscape.

Further, the glide function offers smooth portamento effects, enabling seamless transitions between notes for expressive melodies and transitions


Available as a plugin for macOS, Windows, and Linux, functioning as VST, AU, and AAX plugins.


RetroMod LoFreq Classic is a versatile virtual instrument that captures the essence of classic analog synthesizers. It offers an array of features, including analog knobs for tactile control, 16-voice unison for lush sounds, glide for smooth note transitions, dual oscillators for complex layering, FM modulation for evolving tones, amp envelope shaping, resonant filters, and an arpeggiator for rhythmic patterns.

With samples from iconic synths and an intuitive interface, it bridges vintage and modern sounds, making it a powerful tool for creating a wide range of electronic music styles.

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