Xbox Failing To Link With Discord? – 6 Steps To Fix It

Fixed: Why Xbox Failing To Link With Discord?

You can attach your Discord to your Xbox to connect both apps and enjoy.

Gaming has become a popular way for people to connect, especially during the pandemic. Xbox, one of the leading gaming consoles, has provided a platform for players to engage with others in multiplayer games.

However, despite its success, Xbox has recently faced challenges linking with Discord, a popular gaming communication app. It has led to frustration among Xbox users. This article will explore why Xbox failed to link with Discord and what steps can be taken to resolve the issue.

How To Fix Xbox Failing To Link With Discord?

To fix this problem, connect the app to Discord, update or reinstall Discord, restart the console, unlink other streaming and gaming apps from Discord, and turn to a more stable network connection. Discord’s stringent app-connection restrictions may also create similar issues.

You can resolve the Xbox failing to Discord issue using the following techniques:

1. Connect The App In Discord Settings

Discord connection is a feature that allows users to connect various third-party applications with their Discord account. With this feature, users can connect their favorite apps to Discord, improving their time on the platform.

Users must go to their Discord settings and click the “Connections” tab to connect to an app. Here, they can choose the app they want to connect to and then follow the on-screen instructions to permit the connection. Once the app is connected, users can use its features directly within Discord.

Users can get a lot out of the Connect the App to Discord Settings feature. It lets them access multiple apps from a single platform, which makes their work easier. For example, users can connect their Spotify accounts and share their favorite songs with their friends on Discord. They can also connect their Twitch accounts and get notified when their favorite streamers go live.

The feature also makes Discord work better overall. With the ability to connect apps, users can customize their experience and create a more personalized environment for themselves and their friends.

Fixed: Why Xbox Failing To Link With Discord? |

2. Reinstall Discord

Discord sometimes has problems connecting to your Xbox, and you may need to reinstall it. Reinstalling Discord is easy and can help you fix problems like crashing, freezing, or not loading correctly. Here is some information about how to reinstall Discord.

First, you need to remove Discord from your computer. To do this, open your computer’s Control Panel and click “Uninstall a program.” Find Discord on your installed program list, right-click it, and choose “Uninstall.”

When you’re done with Discord, you should delete any folders that are still connected to it. Go to your computer’s File Explorer and look for the “Discord” folder. Once you find it, right-click it and choose “Delete.”

Fixed: Why Xbox Failing To Link With Discord? |

After deleting the folders, go to the Discord website and download the latest app version. To finish the installation process, just do what the installer tells you to do.

Fixed: Why Xbox Failing To Link With Discord? |

Once the installation is done, open the Discord app and enter your email address and password to sign in. You will have to set up your account repeatedly, and none of the settings you made before will be saved.

3. Update Discord

If you want to link your Xbox account to Discord, you will need the latest version of Discord. Discord is a popular app that lets you talk to your friends and communities through text chat, voice calls, and video calls. Follow these steps to keep Discord up-to-date on your computer:

On your computer, open the Discord app. Click on the gear icon next to your username in the screen’s bottom left corner. Click “Appearance” in the sidebar on the left. Now Scroll down to the “Advanced” section and click “Update Now” there. Wait for the process of updating to finish. Sometimes Discord shows you the update notification.

4. Restart Console

When using an Xbox gaming console, you might run into technical problems like the system freezing or crashing. You might need to restart the console to fix the problem when this happens. Here are the steps you need to take to turn on your Xbox again:

To open the power center, press and hold the Xbox button on your controller. Choose “Restart Console” from the power center and confirm your choice by “Yes.” Wait until the console shuts down and starts up again. Once the console has been turned back on, check to see if the problem is still there.

It’s important to know that turning the console on and off won’t delete any of your saved games or data. It’s just a way to give the system a fresh start and fix any technical problems that might be slowing it down.

5. Unlink Other Streaming and Gaming Apps

Many Discord apps you attach with your Discord accounts, like Stream and Playstation, can cause conflict with Xbox. Therefore you can try to remove these accounts from the connection to attach your Xbox without any error. 

Like linking the account with Discord, you can remove or unlink the streaming and other gaming apps. To do this, open Discord and go to “Settings.” In the “Connections” tab, click on the app you want unlinked from your Discord account. Select “Remove” to unlink the app from your account.

Fixed: Why Xbox Failing To Link With Discord? |

6. Network Error

When linking an Xbox account to Discord, users may sometimes get a “network error.” This error can happen for several reasons, but it is usually caused by problems connecting to the internet or server maintenance.

To fix a network error when connecting Xbox to Discord, users should ensure their internet connection is strong and stable. They can run a speed test or reset their router to do this. If the problem keeps happening, you might want to check the server status page for Discord to see if there are any known problems or maintenance work.

Too old software could also cause network errors when connecting Xbox to Discord. The Xbox and Discord apps must be updated often to ensure they work well together and avoid problems. 

Fixed: Why Xbox Failing To Link With Discord? |


Xbox failing to link with Discord can be an annoying issue for gamers. To solve this issue, users must ensure that the apps are properly connected and updated and that any other streaming apps are unlinked. 

Furthermore, they should reinstall Discord if necessary and make sure their internet connection is strong and stable. Finally, if all else fails, users should check the server status page for Discord to see if there are any known problems or maintenance work. 

With these steps, users can get back to gaming with their friends on Discord quickly and easily. Linking Xbox to Discord can be a challenging experience; however, if users take the right steps, they can connect their gaming consoles to Discord in no time. 

Following the steps outlined in this article, users can ensure a seamless and glitch-free gaming experience on Discord. With this knowledge, Xbox users can enjoy the full range of features available on the platform without any technical issues.

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