6 Reasons Why Spotify Add Songs To Your Liked Songs

Why Does Spotify Add Songs To My Liked Songs? | integraudio.com

The way we interact with and listen to songs has changed because of social media sites like Spotify. Users frequently see the option to “Like” or “Heart” tracks, adding them to their “Liked Songs” list.

Spotify’s recommendation system’s logic and algorithms give this simple act significance. Studying the complex interaction between user choices and artificial intelligence is necessary to understand why Spotify adds music to your playlist.

This article explained the features of Spotify, shed light on its functions and how this application enhances user interference, and discussed reasons and solutions for Spotify adding songs to my favorites.

6 Reasons Why Spotify Add Songs To Your Liked Songs

It is because of Spotify’s autoplay function. The Autoplay function smoothly enhances your listening experience. Spotify ensures smooth track changes and a good music stream with this feature. It often adds the most listened-to songs to the liked list.

Moreover, sometimes we accidentally like a song, which can also be seen in the list of liked songs. To increase your music collection and meet your desire for diversity, Spotify’s algorithm recommends more songs when you keep your playlist smaller.

Your experience is improved using the Smart Shuffle option since Spotify’s algorithm carefully chooses tracks that fit well together. Due to the ad-supported business model, Spotify’s free edition users receive more music recommendations.

  • Spotify’s Enhance Feature
    Your music discovery experience on Spotify is enhanced with the “Enhance” option. This assistance considers the artists and songs you listen to. Spotify generates additional song suggestions based on your likes and this data.
  • Autoplay Feature
    Spotify automatically switches to similar music when the selected playlist or album is finished when the autoplay option is turned on. This feature might result in the music being added to your favorites. The Spotify algorithm examines the previous song you listened to and tries to extend the musical experience by suggesting songs with comparable qualities.
  • Playlists Curated By Spotify
    For its consumers, Spotify actively participates in playlist curation. These well-crafted playlists may be where songs come from that end up in your favorites. Spotify’s music suggestion method depends on your listening routines and desire to suggest new songs you like. The method appears when you hook up with carefully assembled collections to decide what type of tune you enjoy.
  • Having Fewer Songs In The Playlist
    If you maintain a playlist with fewer than 15 tracks, Spotify’s method could enhance your musical experience. You could feel the need for greater diversity in your listening if your playlist has less variety. Consequently, Spotify may make extra track recommendations that enhance the information in your current playlist.
  • Using The Free Version
    Spotify’s free service users might find that song recommendations are added to their Favorite Songs playlist more frequently. The free version’s marketing strategy has an impact on this issue. Spotify wants people to pay attention to more songs to keep making money from ads.
  • Smart Shuffle Option Enabled
    Spotify’s Smart Shuffle technology improves listening. The application analyzes the playlist you’re changing and your favorite songs. As a result, the songs included in your Favorite Songs playlist may be ones that the algorithm determined to be appropriate for the specific shuffle sequence you are using.

How To Fix the Issue Spotify Add Songs To My Liked Songs

Deactivating the Autoplay feature is a simple procedure to stop Spotify from adding songs to the liked songs list. When a song starts to play, tapping the “Now Playing” bar shows the playback settings, including the Autoplay button. The free edition of Spotify now has improved music recommendations.

Check out Spotify’s personalized mixes for various songs and new music. You add new songs and artists to your Liked Songs playlist as you interact with these carefully curated collections.

Expanding the scope of your playlist is one way to incorporate additional musical variety. With the Smart Shuffle option, you can customize your shuffle experience. You may construct a playlist shuffle sequence that matches your musical preferences by turning it on or off.

Disable The Autoplay Option

Using Spotify’s automatic function can enhance the listening experience. This decision guarantees you will always hear music that works well in your record collection. You may have an ongoing musical experience that complements your current mood or environment thanks to your ability to move effortlessly between tracks.

  • Turn on the app on your device. Play your favorite playlist, or record it. Touch the bottom “Now Playing” bar to open playback controls.
  • Find the autoplay button, often shown by an icon with two arrows creating a circle. Turn off autoplay by tapping the button. When deactivated, the button will appear grayed out.
  • After a playlist or album has finished, the autoplay feature will no longer automatically switch to similar tracks.

Why Does Spotify Add Songs To My Liked Songs? | integraudio.com

Create Your Playlist

Find out the factors that have made mixtures so exciting. You can explore various musical styles while playing with these carefully put-together sets. Each playlist enriches Your Favorite Songs by introducing a diverse range of the latest songs and artists that perfectly complement your musical preferences.

  • Go to the “Your Library” tab at the bottom of the Spotify app after it is open. Select the “Create Playlist” button, typically indicated by a “+.”

Why Does Spotify Add Songs To My Liked Songs? | integraudio.com

  • Give your playlist a name, and you can also include a cover photo and a description. After searching for them, tap the “+” symbol next to each song, album, or artist to add them to your playlist.
  • When you save a playlist, it becomes accessible in “Your Library” for your enjoyment.

Why Does Spotify Add Songs To My Liked Songs? | integraudio.com

Add More Songs To The Playlist

If your playlist has a small selection of songs, consider broadening its scope. Even if your playlist only has a few songs, adding more will give it a wider variety of musical genres. It fulfills your need for variety and might decrease the need for referrals from additional sources.

  • After starting it up, locate the playlist you wish to extend in the Spotify app. Simply tap it to open the playlist.
  • In most cases, the “Edit” button or pencil icon may be found close to the top-right portion of the playlist screen. Tap the “+” symbol next to each song to add to the playlist.

Why Does Spotify Add Songs To My Liked Songs? | integraudio.com

Upgrade To Spotify Premium

Accept the improved musical recommendations provided by Spotify’s free edition. Users’ musical experiences will be enhanced by interacting with these fresh songs and discovering new musicians. By doing this, you get to enjoy the prolonged musical journey but also the ad-supported revenue model of the site.

  • Open the Spotify app on your phone. Pick the “Upgrade” or “Premium” option in your profile settings. Follow the on-screen instructions to select a subscription plan.

Why Does Spotify Add Songs To My Liked Songs? | integraudio.com

Disable Smart Shuffle Option

The Smart Shuffle option was created with your taste for smooth and carefully selected listening experiences in mind. If you keep this option turned on, you can rely on Spotify’s algorithm to create a smooth mix of songs. This results in a playlist shuffle order for your favorite songs that perfectly suit your aural preferences.

  • Open the Spotify app and go to the playlist you wish to edit, whether Liked Songs or another. Touch the bottom “Now Playing” bar to open playback controls.
  • If the Smart Shuffle function is currently activated, it should be symbolized. It might resemble entwined arrows or any pertinent symbol. To turn off Smart Shuffle, tap the symbol for it.

Why Does Spotify Add Songs To My Liked Songs? | integraudio.com

Why Is Spotify Playing Random Music In My Liked Songs?

The “Shuffle” functionality might be turned on, for example. Shuffle makes Spotify play your playlist’s songs randomly, giving the impression of random music. The existence of tracks from various genres or artists you might need to remember to add to your liked tracks list could be another factor.

You may link your Spotify account to other services like Facebook and Last. FM. You can sever your connection to a service that adds music to your favorite music playlist in your Spotify settings. A hacker gained access to your account. Spotify accounts can occasionally be hacked. Your Liked Songs playlist can get odd song additions if someone hijacks your account.

Change your password and log out of all devices. If your Liked Songs playlist has a wide variety of music, the random songs may represent additions you have made in the past. It’s also important to remember that occasionally network problems or technological errors might temporarily alter the order of songs.

If you want to listen to your favorite songs in a particular sequence, check whether the shuffle option is activated and turn it off to fix this. If the problem continues, attempting to restart the app or renewing your connection could restore the proper order of the music.

Turn Off The “Shuffle” Function

  • Turn on the Spotify app. Choose a playlist to listen to, such as “Liked Songs.” The playlist should be played.
  • Find the “Shuffle” button, typically shown by two crossed arrows or a shuffle symbol. To stop using the shuffle feature, tap the “Shuffle” button.

Why Does Spotify Add Songs To My Liked Songs? | integraudio.com

Change Spotify Password

      • Open the Spotify app on your device. To access your account settings, tap on your profile name or symbol.
      • The “Account” or “Settings” option should be found. “Change Password” option in the account settings.
      • Ad adheres to the on-screen instructions to give your existing password and establish a new password.
      • Updating your password will now improve the security of your Spotify account.

Why Does Spotify Add Songs To My Liked Songs? | integraudio.com


Spotify’s complex algorithms support the almost simple task of “liking” a song to add it to our “Liked Songs” list, resulting in a dynamic interaction between user preferences and machine learning. When creating playlists, the authority of choice comes into play, affecting both variety and suggestions.

Spotify’s algorithms recommend more music to satisfy your need for variety by keeping playlists short. Spotify’s ad-based strategy is helped by the free service’s better song choices. The Smart Shuffle option arranges a smooth progression of songs that suit your tastes.

Keep in mind that Spotify makes it simple to personalize your musical experience. To take advantage of these capabilities to the fullest, users can use the Enhance option to switch autoplay according to their preferences and receive improved song suggestions with the free edition.

While the Autoplay function enables a seamless transition between tracks, maintaining an uninterrupted musical journey, the “Enhance” option customizes music discovery to our interests. Songs from Spotify’s curated playlists may end up in our Liked Songs playlist, enhancing our music collection.

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