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Most individuals, particularly teens, are more into online gaming these days. Not only this, but it is getting increasingly popular among adults as well. I routinely tune in to online gaming events. With headphones on and their eyes glued to the computer screen, I find gamers to be rather appealing.

Why do pro gamers wear earbuds and headphones?

The main reason pro gamers use both earbuds and headphones is to improve team communication. The outer headphones block out any distracting noises while still allowing you to hear your teammates. The use of an additional set of headphones allows gamers to traverse the area better and find foes.

On the other hand, poor communication can lead to poor team performance and incorrect rotation. Furthermore, many gamers do not participate in LAN competitions and only use secondary headphones over earbuds to hear their teammates well.

However, it should be noted that improved communication contributes to team success, so one shouldn’t neglect this cause.

Pro gamers will occasionally wear a third headset around their neck, primarily for sponsoring purposes. However, they will occasionally utilize the mic on that pair for conversation.

This is done to guarantee that no external sounds disturb the players, prohibiting them from picking up important information from the casters or the audience, and to offer a relatively distraction-free playing environment.

Specifically talking about the live gaming tournaments, they are almost similar to any other professional event. However, the volume of the audience fills the space and reverberates in the players’ ears.

There’s a lot of noise that reaches the players’ ears due to the excitement of the yelling crowd and communication with the broadcast/camera team. This causes extreme disturbance for them.

Moreover, professional eSports players, particularly in shooting games, require extra focus of the players as they need to concentrate on a single footstep.

With all the worry and excitement combined, it gets tough for the pro gamers to focus, so they prefer using earbuds and headphones.

Here are some detailed reasons mentioned below:

  • To Hear In-Game Sound More Clearly

The DPI button is quite handy, but it can also aggravate it. Assume you’re in the middle of a match when you accidentally push the DPI button. It’s enough to sabotage your match. When you try to adjust the mouse DPI in-game, it doesn’t always work. Most of the time, things go wrong, and you become trapped during the game.

As a result, most players prefer to utilize software to establish optimal DPI settings and then disable the DPI button on the mouse to minimize interferences during matches. It’s not the ideal option, but it gets the job done.

  • It helps to avoid staff and other gamers’ noises

In a huge gaming tournament, hundreds of gamers compete against one another. It’s difficult for a player to concentrate on his own game while having many people around him. As a result, most professional gamers use headphones which help them to block out other players’ noises and concentrate on their game only.

Not only this but many members of the staff are constantly working and communicating with one another to make the eSports event a big hit. And there’s a good risk that their noises will annoy the players. Along with this, the movement of cameras and lighting might also disturb the pro gamers since strong lights are used to spotlight various players.

  • Isolate the noises of the analysts

When a gaming event is in progress, analysts keep on amusing the audience and the people. To keep the audience updated, casters discuss analytics and strategy during the match. Moreover, they bring a thrill to the event and keep everyone involved in the game.

They keep on putting energy and enthusiasm in people by speaking nonstop and making amusing noises to keep the audience entertained. With their ability to converse, they can even make the gaming event fascinating.

  • Improved Teamwork

One of the main reasons top gamers use both earbuds and headphones is to improve team communication. The outer headphones block out any distracting noises while still allowing you to hear your colleagues. The use of an additional set of headphones allows gamers to better traverse the area and find foes.

Poor communication, on the other hand, can lead to poor team performance and incorrect rotation. Furthermore, many gamers do not participate in LAN competitions and only use secondary headphones over earbuds to hear their teammates well. However, it should be noted that improved communication contributes to team success, so one shouldn’t neglect this cause.

  • Keep away from loud crowds

The audience is always roaring for their preferred team or yelling when something significant occurs. This becomes a huge source of distraction for the players.  In this instance, players must find a way to tune out the crowd noises and focus on the game at hand.

As a result, they wear an extra set of over-ear headphones to help the in-ear earbuds transfer all in-game audio to your ears while blocking out background noise.

Furthermore, many gamers also wear over-ear headphones with active noise cancellation. It detects the noise frequency using the headphones’ microphone, then produces an opposing sound wave of the same frequency to filter out the undesired noises.

Why Do Some Professionals Use the Third Headphones?

You’ll frequently see pro gamers using the third headphone during gaming events. Because there isn’t enough room to wear them on their heads, they wrap them around their necks. Although it is unusual, you may have seen it if you follow eSports closely. The third headphone is necessary for two reasons. 

  • The players first use the third headphone’s mic for in-game voice chat, or rather the headset. The mouthpiece of most microphones has a flexible arm that may be oriented towards the mouth for better voice chat quality.
  • The second reason may be that the pro gamers intend to sponsor any company. Players use their headphones to advertise themselves in front of a huge audience. The players wear it around their necks so that the sponsor logos are visible to the camera.

Wearing More Than Two Headphones – Worth it or Prohibited?

There are no regulations prohibiting gamers from wearing two or three headphones at the same time when gaming. These diverse sets of headphones serve distinct objectives, all of which are equally crucial to their overall performance.

Firstly, to hear in-game noises, in-ear headphones are used. Secondly, Over-ear headphones are also utilized to offer a soundproof atmosphere for gamers, as gaming venues are typically highly noisy, causing gamers to lose focus on the game.

Finally, throughout the game, the third set of headphones is utilized for communicating with the teammates. Because some gamers prefer to use a separate pair for this, employing three pairs of headphones is not as usual. However, because they do not constitute cheating, gamers are permitted to utilize them.

List of Top-Rated Headphones & Earbuds for Gamers

Following is a list of the best headphones and earbuds used by gamers during their online gaming session:

  • Astro A50: The most crucial elements to consider when purchasing over-ear headphones for gaming are comfort and sound. Both of these criteria are satisfied by Astro A-50. Furthermore, the earcups have sufficient room inside, so you won’t feel suffocated when using your earphones. Similarly, because the Astro A50 is wireless, there will be no mess around you when gaming, even if you use wired headphones.
  • Steel Series Artics 7P Wireless Headphones: These headphones are the best in the market because of their bi-directional clear cast mic. This feature helps to record clear voice thus reducing background and surrounding noise.
  • Hyper X Cloud II Wireless Headphones: If you are willing to use some headphones without having earbuds, then this will be your right choice. Moreover, its mic transfers the clear voice of fellow gamers after eliminating unwanted sound.
  • HyperX Cloud Earbuds: The HyperX Cloud Earbuds are the best choice for pro gamers when it comes to the world of online gaming. Although Bluetooth headphones provide more accessibility, HyperX Cloud Earbuds will ensure that your conversation is uninterrupted. Furthermore, these earbuds are really comfy, so your ears won’t suffer as much when you wear your headphones over them.
  • EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Earbuds: Having a simple and decent design, these earbuds possess deep bass and rich mid-tones. Moreover, they also have a 20 hours battery life making your gaming experience the best.

Final Verdict – What’s Next?

Participation in gaming activities necessitates a high level of collaboration among the players. This is why they use a variety of headphones and earbuds to avoid disrupting the game. Professional gamers rely heavily on gaming gadgets during competitive events. They want to give their full attention to the game and avoid distractions while gaming at an event.

As a result, many professional gamers wear two or even three pairs of headphones when playing. It allows them to tune out the outside noise and concentrate on their game. Furthermore, professional gamers employ a variety of methods to attain success in the end.

However, as a casual gamer, you should not make comparisons to these professional gamers. We don’t recommend using two sets of headphones when gaming unless you’re playing in a crowded environment.

A single pair of noise-canceling headphones will be enough. Was it beneficial to you? If you agree, please let us know and share your thoughts with your friends and family to help spread information and knowledge.

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