7 Reasons Why Galaxy Buds Keep Disconnecting & Reconnecting


Galaxy buds are one of the best earpieces existing. They are designed to automatically connect to your phone’s Bluetooth when you plug them into your ears, but there are complaints that sometimes they won’t connect right away.

Fluctuating connection issues in Galaxy buds are not a common problem. Galaxy buds are quite reliable, but if you are unlucky enough to experience some difficulty in connection with your buds. This article is here to help you resolve it. 

Why Do My Galaxy Buds Keep Disconnecting And Reconnecting?

The most common reasons for this are an out-of-range connection, low battery, signal interference, software issue, or music app problem. Not wearing the buds properly can also cause an improper connection. 

7 Reasons Galaxy Buds Keep Disconnecting & Reconnecting

Reasons your Galaxy buds keep disconnecting and reconnecting can range from the buds or the phone app. Here are seven reasons your Galaxy buds connection is fluctuating. 

1. Low Battery

If your Galaxy bud’s battery is low, the connection will not work properly. There will be flickering, usually accompanied by a warning light or sound indicating that your bud battery is low. When the bud goes into power-saving mode, there might be connectivity fluctuations too. 

If you notice this issue with your buds, confirm that they have enough power. If you do not, charge it. Your battery percentage should be above fifteen percent for your Galaxy bud to work efficiently. 

2. Device Compatibility

The compatibility of your phone with the earbuds determines the strength of the connection between them. Galaxy buds make use of Bluetooth for connection. Suppose your Bluetooth device is not compatible with the Galaxy bud, there might be no connection at all, or the buds might keep disconnecting and reconnecting. 

You must test your Bluetooth with your Galaxy bud first before purchasing to be sure that they are compatible with each other. Take into consideration the phone, laptop, or device you are going to use the buds with before you buy. 

3. Range

The range plays a huge role in ensuring that your bud works very well because it works with your phone’s Bluetooth. If your device and the Galaxy bud are far from each other, you might experience disconnection and reconnection. 

Galaxy bud has a connection range of 30 to 50 ft. Any distance beyond this range limit will reduce the viability of connection between your phone and the bud. The Bluetooth will not connect or play properly. If your buds are having connection problems, get close to your device.

4. Pairing Mode

Pairing mode is the mode whereby your phone or laptop tethers through the use of Bluetooth to your Galaxy bud and transmits the music playing into the earpiece. A pairing mode error will deter the connection between both devices. 


Sometimes this determent might be complete or flickery. A pairing mode error often occurs when the earbuds have an old device as pairing priority. To fix this problem, you should completely disconnect your earbud from all Bluetooth pairing on your phone or laptop.

This disconnection will make space for new pairing and ensure that you have a stable connection for playing music. 

5. Numerous Background Applications

Often, we have lots of applications running in the background without us knowing. This background activity might limit the rate at which your phone works. The effect of the limitation might be disconnecting and reconnecting your earbud. 

To fix this, clean your cache to reduce or wipe the background applications running. Then reconnect the earbuds. Clearing background applications will also improve your phone’s performance and increase its working speed. 

6. Interference

Obstructions or interference can cause your Galaxy buds to disconnect and reconnect. Interference includes electromagnetic wave distortions due to closeby devices like laptops, computers, speakers, wifi routers, and televisions. 

The solution to connectivity fluctuation due to interference is simply moving away from the devices causing the obstruction. Check out the devices that emit electromagnetic waves and remove or leave the room for your earbuds to work properly. 

7. Outdated App

Your Galaxy earbud comes with a connection app. If the app is outdated, it might result in disconnection and reconnection. Consider updating your app to the latest version and reconnecting the earbud. 

Any of these reasons could be why your Galaxy bud keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. Consider troubleshooting your earbud to determine the exact problem and fix it. 

How To Troubleshoot And Fix Galaxy Buds That Keep Disconnecting

Once you start experiencing connection troubles with your Galaxy buds, it is time to run troubleshooting to determine the exact cause of the problem. The different ways you can troubleshoot and fix your Galaxy buds that keep disconnecting include the following; 

1. Restart Device

Switch off your Galaxy earbud and turn it on. Then switch off your phone and restart it. This act often resolves all Bluetooth connection problems.

2. Check Device Range

Bluetooth has a connection range of 30 ft. check and ensures you are within the necessary range. If you are not in range, move your phone or laptop closer to the buds. 

3. Check App Update

Check and ensure that your Galaxy app is of the latest version. Open your Galaxy app, go to the earbud section, and check and update the software. 

4. Check Battery Rate

Visit your app to check the battery rate of your earbud. A low battery tends to disconnect and reconnect your earbud from the music source device. Charge the earbud if the battery is lower than fifteen percent. 

5. Reset Pairing Mode And Software

Always clear your pairing mode if you use your Galaxy earbud with a new device. This reset will allow free space for connection. If the connection issue continues, consider factory resetting your earbuds from the app. 

6. Request Service

After trying all the troubleshooting procedures above, the problem persists. You should send a service request to Samsung customer support for assistance. You can do this by going to your Galaxy app, opening the settings, tapping contact us, and following up. 

How To Fix Galaxy Buds Connection Issues / Galaxy Buds Not Connecting or Working



Low battery
Charge your galaxy buds to more than fifteen percent. 
Remove all electromagnetic wave-producing electronics around the room to prevent interference.
Move your phone or music source closer than 30 ft to the earbuds.
Pairing mode 
Clear all preexisting pairing connections and reconnect the earbuds to your Bluetooth.
Outdated app
Update your galaxy app to the latest version and try reconnecting again.
Ensure that your phone or laptop is compatible with the earbuds before purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Galaxy Buds Disconnect If I Go Far From The Phone?

Yes, your Galaxy buds will disconnect if you go far from your phone. Galaxy buds work with Bluetooth, which uses radio waves to communicate between devices. The further you go from the phone, the lower the connection. 

Should I Factory Reset My Galaxy Buds If It Disconnects?

You should factory reset your Galaxy buds as a last resort only. Normally, a simple restart will solve most disconnection problems. It’s also worth noting that this will erase any previous pairing information and restore the buds back to factory settings.

Why Is One Of My Galaxy Buds Disconnecting?

One of your Galaxy buds might be disconnecting due to a battery drain. One of the buds might be draining more than the other. Check the battery level and charge, or restart the earbud to fix the error. 

Why Is Only My Left Galaxy Bud Connecting?

Your left Galaxy bud might be the only one connecting due to pairing impairment or long range. You should restart the bud and reconnect or move the bud or phone closer to increase connectivity. 


I know you love listening to your favorite jams on your Galaxy buds. But like all gadgets, Galaxy buds can malfunction.  Why do my Galaxy buds keep disconnecting and reconnecting? 

The buds could disconnect when you don’t wear them correctly, are out of range, or have a low battery. Thankfully, this article has explained why this problem occurs and what you can do to resolve it. 

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