Why Do AirPods Scratch So Easily?

Why Do AirPods Scratch So Easily? - 2024 Update

Having an audio device like the Airpod comes with the challenge of adequately caring for them. Due to their pricy nature, you must be very cautious when handling them to prevent them from developing scratches.

AirPods scratch so easily because they are made of a soft plastic material with a very smooth surface. In addition to Airpods having a surface that’s prone to scratches, one’s lifestyle also has a role to play in Airpods developing scratches easily.

The common point where scratches and stains appear the most and are at the stems of the Airpods. Products of Apple, particularly those that also have this similar white plastic/coating are known for this huge flaw.

Read this article to further get enlightened on how to avoid scratches on your Airpods well as how to remove scratches from AirPods.

How to Avoid Scratches on your AirPods

1. After using your AirPods, ensure you put them inside the Charging Case

Adopting the practice of consistently placing your Airpods back into the charging case after use will go a long way in forestalling trouble, including protection from scratches. This practice draws the line between people whose Airpods have a lot of scratches and people whose Airpods have none. So, you must always make sure you don’t carelessly leave your Airpods on your table, car, desk, or other places. Instead, the proper place you can keep your AirPods is in the Charging Case.

2.Purchase a Protective Case for the Airpods Charging Case

If you want to protect your Airpods and the charging case better, you need to buy a protective cover for the charging case. I’m sure you also don’t want any scratches on the charging case. Since the charging case is usually exposed to dirt and scratches when moving it about, it’s essential to buy a case to protect the Airpod case.

Let’s look at some of the best cases you can buy to protect your Airpods and the Charging case:

  • Satilitog silicone case :

    They are made of premium, long-lasting silicone, the latest tensile material, tough and hard to break. They also have an accurate mold positioning and are perfect for your Airpods. The surface of this protective case uses unique anti-static technology, that doesn’t easily get covered by dust. Satilitog silicone case possesses the latest micro sanding technology and surface micro-matte technology.

  • Mobosi Military Protective Case :

    Mobosi’s Military protective AirPods cases have a soft and upgraded frosted TPU to enable your Airpods to withstand unexpected scratches and falls. Even so, the protruding design can help slow shock waves, and the thickness can be 3MM thicker and more anti-knock than usual.

  • Compatible AirPods Case Cover Silicone :

    They protect your Airpods by preventing bumps and scratches. They are easy to install, have a free carabiner, visible front LED when charging, and support wireless charging. Compatible AirPods case cover silicone derives from high-quality elastic silicone, has a smooth surface, and are dustproof.

How to Remove Scratch from AirPods

Scratches on AirPods are usually apparent on their white surface or the charging case, and they can be unpleasant to see. In this section, I’ll be filling you in on some easy steps you can take to remove scratches on AirPods:

First, you need to get some materials for this short task. You’ll need a 2000 Grit / P2000 Sandpaper, a 3000/P3000 Sandpaper, 40ml of Alcohol, and cotton wool. You can get all these materials at any local store close to you.

  • Step 1: Pick up the P2000 Sandpaper and softly sand the area where the scratch marks are on the Airpod. During this process, you’ll notice that the scratch marks gradually come off, leaving behind a languid surface.
  • Step 2: Get the 40ml Alcohol, take some of the cotton wool and dip it inside. After that, using the damp cotton wool, clean the surface of the Airpod and watch closely if the scratch goes off or not. If you observe that the scratch doesn’t clear off, repeat the previous step.
  • Step 3: Get a bowl of water, and immerse a little cotton wool into it. Next, you remove the cotton wool from the water and use it to wet the surface of the Airpod case. After that, use the P3000 Sandpaper to polish the surface gently. You’ll notice that the languid surface becomes shiny
  • Step 4: Lastly, use cotton wool soaked in Alcohol to wipe and polish the Surface of the Airpods and charging case.

Tips on taking care of your Airpods

Because this audio device has a diverse range of use, it is pertinent to devote attention to how we take proper care of this fantastic innovation. Proper care translates to longer Airpod lifespan and minimal scratches and careless use results in the incidence of dirt accumulation, and appearance of scratches.

Ensure you clean the Airpods regularly

It’s important to clean the Airpods as it’s essential in prolonging their lifespan. By sound and regular cleaning of the device, you’re ensuring proper functioning of the Airpods while forestalling the accumulation of dirts and stains.

If you always use the Airpods, you’ll notice that some parts of the Airpod have some deposits of ear wax. You don’t want something of this nature to impair the device’s normal function, so it’s crucial that you always clean your Airpods.

You’ll need materials such as a bottle of rubbing Alcohol, a neat cloth, cotton wool, a tool that you can use to scrape off the dried wax deposit, and a toothbrush (or you can use a pair of tweezers).

Cleaning procedure

  • First, gently and carefully take off the mesh grille that’s obstructing the audio hole. Be very cautious in doing this or risk damaging the device. Make use of a clean cloth to clear up the loosened wax.
  • Take a piece of cloth and dip it in Alcohol. Next, use it to clean the outer part of the Airpod. You may be wondering why we chose Alcohol— it evaporates quicker than water. So you need not worry about the moisture remaining on the surface, dripping into the Airpod and causing some problems. Repeating this process every week will make your Airpod remain sparkly white for a lengthy period.


Don’t forget to Clean the Charging Case

It’s not enough to clean AirPods alone; you also need to take good care of the charging case or risk having a case filled with lots of dirt and scratches.

To clean the case, you’ll still need the same materials you used to clean the Airpod. You would need some cotton wool ,microfiber linen, a bottle of Alcohol, and a tool for scrubbing.

Cleaning procedure

  • What you need to do first when you’re about to clean the Airpod case is to get rid of any solidified wax using the tool for scrubbing. After that, you’ll dip some cotton wool in Alcohol and use it to wipe off any remnant particles on the surface of the case. Do this for both the internal and external parts of the case.
  • After cleaning, leave the case open to let the Alcohol evaporate quickly. Observe for changes after the alcohol has evaporated.

Note: Be careful when cleaning inside of the port to avoid getting moisture into the charging ports. If moisture should get into the charging ports, it could cause irreversible damage. Use dry cotton wool when cleaning the inside and microfiber linen cleaning the outside.

Avoid Exposing your Airpods to products that can cause staining

If you just toss your Airpods into your bag alongside other stuff, they can easily accumulate dirt and scratches. Try keeping your Airpods in a separate part of your bag. Stuffs like oil, detergent, lotions, and hair dry can cause stains to appear on your Airpods.

Final thoughts

Airpods are portable innovative audio devices that serve the purpose of providing wireless sound. But, they, too, like other devices, are prone to specific issues like scratches, which I discussed earlier in this article.

So, if you’ve got scratches on your Airpods, don’t panic, as there’s still hope of getting them back in proper shape. This post has provided practical solutions, and you’ve learned why the Airpods scratch so easily and how to remove the scratches.

To further enhance the longevity of your Airpods and prevent problems, follow the tips on how to properly take care of your device in this article since they help understand the problems associated with having these devices.

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