Why Are Discord Notifications Delayed? (6 Reasons & 5 FIXES)

Why Are Discord Notifications Delayed? | integraudio.com

Discord, a popular chat and voice communication platform, has received recognition among game enthusiasts, professionals, and hobbyists.

Discord customers often experience delayed notifications. Discord notifications assist customers in staying informed of server and direct message messages, mentions, and vital events. When those notifications are delayed, it can annoy and limit the opportunities for public interactions.

In this article, we will talk about a number of the primary reasons why Discord notifications may be delayed, along with the technical demands of dealing with a large platform and potential reasons. 

Why Are Discord Notifications Delayed?

It is because of the overloading of the server, internet connection problems, mobile device optimizations, notification settings, do not disturb mode, and server-side issues. Sometimes a general app issue or bug causes the notifications to delay and deliver later. 

Here are the reasons why your Discord notifications are delayed:

Overload Server 

Overloaded servers are one common reason. Millions of people use the famous platform Discord, and occasionally, especially in peak hours, its servers can become overloaded. As a result, notifications may also take longer to send and acquire.

Discord operates on a server community that copes with user requests and notifications. During peak utilization times or when there’s a surprising surge in user interest, those servers can emerge as overloaded, inflicting delays in handing over notifications. The high number of requests can pressure the device and result in slower reaction times.

Why Are Discord Notifications Delayed? | integraudio.com

Internet Connection Issues

Discord cannot send notifications to your device if your device is not connected to stable internet. Discord will send any pending notifications as quickly as your app is online again. The Discord notifications rely on a strong and reliable internet connection. 

If a user’s net connection is susceptible to disruptions, it may cause delays in receiving notifications. It can happen with community outages, network congestion, or technical issues with the user’s net carrier company.

Why Are Discord Notifications Delayed? | integraudio.com

Mobile Device Optimization Mode

Discord employs a “Mobile Device Optimization (MDO) system to maintain battery life.” MDO puts off notifications if the app is not always running in the foreground or if the device is in low-power mode. It might also delay a few seconds or even minutes in the delivery of notifications. 

Discord’s mobile app may experience notification delays due to various factors. Mobile operating systems like iOS and Android may also have background restrictions that make Discord much less capable of delivering notifications quickly. Users need to make certain that their device settings for saving battery life are not making Discord too efficient and that it has the right permissions.

Why Are Discord Notifications Delayed? | integraudio.com

AFK Notification Settings

It’s also possible that Discord notification settings are configured to delay notifications. For instance, when you have enabled the “Push Notification AFK Timeout” setting and have been inactive for the required time, you’ll get the best hold of notifications on your device.

Users have granular control over their notification preferences in Discord. You may experience delays in receiving notifications if your notification settings are set to delay or muffle certain notifications. Check your settings to ensure all important notification options are enabled and configured properly.

Why Are Discord Notifications Delayed? | integraudio.com

Do Not Disturb Mode

The “Do Not Disturb” mode will prevent Discord from sending you notifications, even if you have notifications enabled in your settings. You can use this to quickly turn off all app notifications. It might be helpful if you are trying to focus on something else.

If you quickly mute notifications in Discord’s “Do Not Disturb” mode, You will no longer get any notifications while this mode is active; you need to flip it off to get any. It is viable to miss this setting, which might cause faulty perceptions of notification delays.

Why Are Discord Notifications Delayed? | integraudio.com

Server-Side Issues

Another common reason is server-side issues. It suggests a problem with Discord’s servers that prevents notifications from being introduced on time. There are numerous reasons why this might arise.

The delivery of notifications can suffer from troubles with Discord’s servers that arise from preservation or other factors. The crew at Discord strives to quickly fix these problems, which is, on the whole, the simplest brief. However, there may be a risk that notifications will be delayed at some point in these instances.

How to Fix Discord Notification Delay?

You can restore it by decreasing server load problems, ensuring a stable and reliable internet connection, adjusting mobile device optimization settings, reviewing and customizing notification settings, and disabling the Do Not Disturb mode from Discord settings.

Here are the methods you can use to fix the Discord notification delay issue:

Reduce Server Load Issues

Try using Discord during off-peak hours, when the server load is lower, resulting in faster notification delivery. Use Discord’s mobile app or internet client instead of the computing device application during peak hours, as those systems may have better load balancing.

If feasible, try switching to a less crowded server region. Discord lets users change their server region in the settings, which can doubtlessly alleviate server load issues. You can also use VPN to change your location.

Why Are Discord Notifications Delayed? | integraudio.com

Use A Reliable Internet Connection

Ensure that your internet connection is strong and reliable. Check if different programs and websites work well to rule out broader connectivity issues. If you use Wi-Fi, try to move closer to the router or switch to a wired internet connection for a more stable connection. 

Restart your router or modem to refresh the connection and potentially resolve any temporary troubles. Contact your internet service provider (ISP) if you constantly experience poor internet connectivity to investigate and address the problem.

Why Are Discord Notifications Delayed? | integraudio.com

Adjust Mobile Device Optimization

Check your device’s battery-saving settings and ensure Discord isn’t overly restricted in the background. Adjust the settings to permit Discord to function smoothly, even if the app isn’t always in the foreground. Review the energy control settings specific to Discord on your mobile device. 

Some devices have granular control over app optimization, allowing you to prioritize Discord notifications. Consider disabling or adjusting the mobile device optimization settings if the delay in Discord notifications extensively impacts your user experience.

Why Are Discord Notifications Delayed? | integraudio.com

Check Notification Settings

Open Discord’s settings and navigate to the notification options. Review each category and ensure that the preferred notification types are enabled. Pay attention to any precise settings related to delay, which include “Push Notification AFK timeout.”

Manage these settings to align with your alternatives and reduce delays. Ensure you have not accidentally muted or blocked any specific channels or servers, as this can prevent notifications from being introduced.

Why Are Discord Notifications Delayed? | integraudio.com

Disable Do Not Disturb Mode 

Go to Discord’s settings and choose Notifications. Make certain that the “Enable Do Not Disturb” field is not checked in the” Do Not Disturb” section of the settings. Ensure you understand how the Do Not Disturb mode works so you can turn it on or off based on the state of affairs. 

If you want brief silence but do not need to block notifications completely, you may want to consider using different strategies, such as muting individual channels, groups, or servers.

Why Are Discord Notifications Delayed? | integraudio.com

How to Turn on Notifications On Discord?

To turn on notifications, open Discord’s user settings, navigate to the notifications settings, configure notification preferences, customize notification settings per server, and test your notifications. Discord’s notification settings keep you informed of new messages and mentions.

Open the Discord app on your phone or start the desktop version on your computer to get started. Click on the gear icon that can be found in the bottom left corner of the screen. It will display the “User Settings” menu for Discord.

Why Are Discord Notifications Delayed? | integraudio.com

A list of options is on the left side of the User Settings menu. Scroll down and click “Notifications” to get to the notification settings. Once you are in the settings for notifications, you will see several ways to change how notifications work for you. 

Why Are Discord Notifications Delayed? | integraudio.com

You can also change the channel’s notification settings. To do that, right-click the channel icon and go to “Notification Settings.” Here you will find settings specific to that channel/server.

  • All Messages

This option will enable notifications for all messages posted on the server, including @mentions and direct messages. “Only @mentions”: This option will trigger notifications only when someone mentions you directly.

  • Mobile Push Notifications

Selecting this option will instruct Discord to read the notification message aloud. “Push Notifications”: Turn on this setting to get push notifications on your phone even if Discord is not open. 

  • Mute Server

You can “mute” a server if you do not wish to receive alerts from a certain server. To mute the server, right-click its icon and select “Mute Server” from the context menu. You can mute the server permanently or from this section for a certain amount of time.

  • Suppress @everyone and @here

If you turn on this option, you will no longer receive notifications whenever someone uses the “@everyone” or “@here” tags.

  • Suppress Role @mentions

If you enable this setting, you will not be notified when another user discusses a position in which you currently participate.

Why Are Discord Notifications Delayed? | integraudio.com


Delayed Discord notifications can arise for numerous reasons, including server overload, network connection problems, cellular device optimization, notification settings, and Do Not Disturb mode. Understanding and addressing those factors can help users limit delayed notifications’ effects. 

By lowering server load, making sure of a reliable internet connection, adjusting device optimization settings, reviewing and customizing notification settings, and checking Do Not Disturb mode, customers can enhance their Discord notification experience. 

Additionally, by following the step-by-step guide on how to turn on notifications in Discord, users can configure their preferences and receive timely notifications. 

Users can stay connected and engaged within their Discord communities while experiencing minimal delays in receiving important notifications if they practice the techniques and solutions outlined in this article.

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