Why Are My Bluetooth Headphones So Quiet All of a Sudden?

Why Are My Bluetooth Headphones So Quiet All of a Sudden? | integraudio.com

There’s no more annoying feeling than when you play your audio, and in just a flash, the volume is low. You may wonder what has happened to your Bluetooth headsets. However, don’t stress yourself trying to figure out the answer, as we’re here for that.

Your Bluetooth headphones may go quiet all of a sudden due to connectivity issues or the Plug of the headsets failing to work. These problems may disrupt your day-to-day activities as, probably, most of the time, you use headphones.

The issues need not worry you as we’ve given highlights on how to tackle the problems and what to do to boost the volume. Keep reading the article to learn more.

Why is the Volume of Bluetooth Headphones Limited?

Headphones can attain dangerous levels of volume that can damage the ears. Some of them achieve decibel levels of nearly 100dB+. This level is passed the safe listening rate and may cause permanent ear damage in as low as 15 minutes at the highest volume and that is why it is limited.

This problem is majorly among the youth in the world. Research shows that youth hearing loss is rising at an alarming level. These ear-related problems have made software developers like Android, Apple, and Windows change the manufacturing of their products to reduce this.

These decisions led to the introduction of software limits on the highest volume on the headphones. However, despite being frustrating, it reaches large proportions to save hearing.

The problem isn’t predominant in wired headsets. This is due to the software, which can’t limit the volume output produced from an ideal 3.5mm headset audio port. Bluetooth headset gadgets perform volume limitations.

The latest phones lack headphone audio ports, making Bluetooth the choice for iOS and Android customers.

Why is My Headphone Quiet?

When your headphones begin having low volume or, at times, quiet down, it shouldn’t worry you as it occurs often. We seek to show you the reasons why your headphones quiet down.

These reasons are as follows:

  • The Plug for your wired headphones may have an issue
  • The headphones may contain connectivity problems
  • The settings of your devices
  • Your audio file may have problems
  • The Headphone themselves may have their issues
  • Ear problems

Plug issues for the Wired Headphones

Poor connectivity between the audio socket of the media player device and the Headphone causes weird problems. The problems include strange static noises, and the sound becomes quiet.

The primary thing causing connection issues between your gadgets is dirt on the Headphone’s audio port. This audio port may be in poor condition and requires replacement.

Connectivity Issues with the Wired Headsets

Wireless headsets are sensitive because introducing a barrier like a desk of metal and a wall between you and your media play causes connection problems. These disruptions affect the general performance and high volume of your music.

Settings of Your Device

You may notice that the left earpiece has a lower volume than the right. Additionally, your headset may stay on low volume despite being at max volume, which may result from the wrong settings. When you insert your headphones into another device, and they function flawlessly, you must make changes to the first device.

Audio file problems

There’s a probability that the audio file may be the reason for quiet headphones. This low headphone volume occurs when the audio record is at a shallow volume. The aftermath is that despite how much you raise your volume, the audio remains low.

Headphone Issues

The headphones may contain hardware problems causing them to have low sound. However, it mainly occurs when the headsets are new or have undergone excessive usage.

Ear Problems

Humans are originally unbalanced people, implying that our ears have different shapes. These little differences in our ear shapes affect how the earbuds enter our ears, causing different sounds or loudness. The loudness, therefore, differs for each ear when putting on earphones.

Why Are My Bluetooth Headphones So Quiet All of a Sudden?

How to Increase Bluetooth Headphones Volume?

Many devices nowadays have Bluetooth. All the devices comply with Bluetooth connection, which shows that you can have a low volume on any device you connect your Bluetooth headsets.

You can solve the issue in many scenarios by changing audio settings and reducing volume limits. These are the things you should check out:

Hardware Check

When you encounter issues facing your headphones, a hardware check is necessary. This check assists you in removing ideas on factory defects, faulty parts, or other problems.

These are things that you need to do during a hardware check:

  • Ensure the headphones are correctly put on. Disconnecting and connecting need to be done to ensure headsets are appropriately set. You may feel a distinct click when you correctly place the audio port of the media player device.
  • The headphone jack is clean. Any form of dirt can stick to the headset jack, which can cause disruptions in the audio signal. Use a cloth placed damped with rubbing alcohol and wipe away dirt.
  • Ensure that each earbud is clean and free from earwax. However, we tend to use headsets for more extended periods, which may cause a build-up of earwax around every side. To clear this, use a toothbrush and carefully clean inside the earbud.
  • Check damage on the wire of headsets. Long-usage period of headsets causes wear and tear, which cause adverse effects on them. Depending on the severity, the best solution is to get new headsets.

Playback Device Check

Sometimes, you need to make changes to your device’s audio settings.

For iPhone

To adjust the volume of your iPhone, try any of the two. You can either press the “volume up or down” button found on the iPhone’s side until you attain your ideal sound. Two, you reach out to Siri and ask her to turn up or down the volume.

To change the audio balancing settings of headphones for iPhones, follow the guidelines:

For Android

Here are the ways how you can change the volume of your Android device:

  • Press the volume up and down keys on the side of your Android until you get your ideal volume.
  • If that fails, open settings and change other audio options by moving to Settings> sound and vibration.
  • Volume adjustment for calls, notifications, and music needs to be through proper slider usage.


To ascertain the maximum MAC volume, follow the steps given:

  • Proceed to Apple Menu.
  • Tap on System Preferences, then choose sound.
  • On the Output tab, click headphones.
  • The main MAC volume and audio balancing of headsets need to be through sliders.

In case the problem persists, then restart the sound controller. To do so, proceed as follows:

  • Go to applications and choose utilities.
  • Click twice on Activity Monitor and write “CoreAudio” in the search space at the top right corner to get the Core Audio Controller (CAC)
  • To restart CAC, tap CoreAudio and close it by clicking (x) on the top left corner toolbar.

For Windows

To access the headphone volume, follow the procedure:

  • Right-click the sound icon seen at the lower right corner of the taskbar.
  • Choose an open-volume mixer.
  • Adjust headphone volume and audio Output for your applications using different sliders well.

Do you want to adjust the master volume and audio balances? Do the following:

  • Press the Windows key + S and write the sound in the search box. Tap sound settings.
  • On the Sound Settings window, below Output, alter Master Volume.
  • Click Device properties for audio balancing, located on the same window.
  • Move the sliders to adjust the audio balance of your headphones’ left and right speakers.

Proper Storage of Headsets after use

Storing headphones well makes them look neat and prevents them from getting damaged. Shoving them anyhow causes tangling of the wire affecting the lasting of the headphones.

Roll the headphone wire using your hands and place them somewhere secure. Setting aside some seconds for this is essential as it minimizes the chances of purchasing another headset.

Ear Care

Taking care of your ear is essential because no matter how long you troubleshoot your headphones, they may still fail to work. To correctly care for your ear, do the following:

  • Listen to music at a fair volume
  • Allow the headsets to rest for some time
  • Your ears need to be dr
  •  The usage of cotton cleaners inside the ear is unadvisable; only use them on the outer sid
  •  Headphone cleaning is necessary to minimize the transfer of bacteria to the ear

Installation of volume-booster apps

To increase your volume, you may choose to install a volume booster. We’ve selected for you a good list.

Bass Booster

The bass booster is available on iOS devices, allowing for volume change so that you may listen to audio louder and clearer. It contains sound adjustments for times you may want to hear bird noises while playing your music.

Kaiser Tone

It accepts you to hear music with top-quality sound as it contains more than 6400Hz and runs at 768kHz/32 bits. The app can shift the audio balance from left to right Headphones, alter the master volume, and more. Kaiser Tone is available on iOS.

Boom Music

This app allows full customization of tunes as it has 16 frequency bands. It also contains many equalizing selections and a 3D surround sound setting. The 3D setting changes your point of view on how you can listen to your audio. It’s available on Android and iOS.

Equalizer FX

The app is compatible with other music apps and even Google play music. It has bass increase options and volume adjustments assisting volume enhancement on the headphones. This is found on Android.

Precise Volume

This app is an all-in-one package for boosting apps. It contains an outstanding equalizer with a sound amplifier function allowing audio hearing at higher volumes. You may also customize your audio.

Final thoughts

If you face the issue of low volume on your headphones, then according to the article, you can discern the cause. The necessary fixes for issues and even the reason why the volume may be low are explained.

From the information provided then, you know what to do. Headphones are long-lasting if used correctly. Consider buying quality headphones to minimize the risks of continuously purchasing different ones after short durations.

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