Why Is Apple Music Quality So Bad? 6 Reasons & Fixes

Why Is Apple Music Quality Bad? - Here Is Why | integraudio.com

The quality of a music streaming service is one of the most important things that affect a user’s experience, and Apple Music’s recording quality has been questioned in recent years.

Some users have complained that the sound quality isn’t as good as the other high-resolution audio streaming services. It’s important to look deeper into the major reasons for this difference. 

In this article, we will investigate the cause of the issue and provide you with a step-by-step guide to resolving this matter. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the topic.

Here are the reasons why quality of the Apple Music is bad as well as the solutions for it:

  • General Bugs in the App

Like any other software, Apple Music is prone to errors and bugs. These bugs occasionally degrade the audio or result in other performance problems. These bugs often occur due to outdated device or app firmware and software conflict issues.

  • Outdated Operating System

If you’re running an old version, your Apple device’s operating system may not work properly with the Apple Music app. Poor audio quality or other performance issues may result from this.  Updates to the operating system are often used to improve the speed and compatibility of apps. 

  • Outdated Apple Music

The old version of Apple Music is one of the major reasons you have bad-quality music issues. Although it has received upgrades and enhancements since its launch in 2015, Apple Music may still have certain restrictions compared to more recent streaming services. 

  • Bluetooth Device Issues

Apple Music quality complaints may also be attributed to Bluetooth device compatibility problems. Bluetooth is a well-liked wireless technology linking gadgets like headphones, speakers, or automotive audio systems to smartphones and PCs. 

  • Internet Connection Speed

Your internet connection speed determines the quality and smoothness of Apple Music streaming. Buffering, interruptions, or audio quality loss may occur if your internet connection is sluggish or unstable. 

  • Variations in Music Source

Despite Apple Music’s extensive song catalog, the audio quality of any particular track can vary depending on its source. The original audio quality of the recordings used to create various tracks could have originated from record labels and music studios.

How To Fix The Bad Quality of Apple Music?

You can fix it by restarting your device or Apple Music app, updating the operating system, updating Apple Music, troubleshooting your Bluetooth device and connection, switching to a reliable internet connection, and selecting higher bitrate songs while listening to Apple Music.

Here’s how you can fix Apple Music’s bad audio quality:

Restart Your Device or Apple Music

Restarting your App and device can remove most of the general bugs. Restarting can update the program and eliminate problematic processes or temporary inflicting files.

If this doesn’t work, you might need to uninstall and reinstall the application to eliminate any potentially corrupted files. Reinstalling will also ensure the latest version of the app from the Apple store.

Why Is Apple Music Quality Bad? - Here Is Why | integraudio.com

Update Operating System

Install the latest operating system of your Apple device. Operating system updates often include changes and enhancements that make apps like Apple Music work better with other apps.

Updating the operating system also removes general bugs and errors from your device. Sometimes your outdated firmware doesn’t support the latest audio codecs, which can lead to such issues. That is why updating to the latest operating system is always beneficial. 

Why Is Apple Music Quality Bad? - Here Is Why | integraudio.com

Update the Apple Music App

Check the App Store for updates, and make sure you’re using the latest version of the Apple Music app. Bug fixes, better speed, and faster audio streaming are common features of the update. Outdated apps always restrict their server support to older versions. 

Apple Music always requires real-time server support to download and play music. So, updating your App will keep the connection stable with the server to quickly resolve the problem.

Bluetooth Troubleshooting

If your Bluetooth headphones or speakers don’t sound as they should, try fixing the Bluetooth link. It may mean disassembling and reconnecting a Bluetooth device, turning Bluetooth on and off on your device, or changing the Bluetooth settings.

Check if you need any changes in software or drivers for your Bluetooth devices. Find out how to update software or drivers by visiting the manufacturer’s website or calling for their support. It can help Bluetooth to work faster.

Why Is Apple Music Quality Bad? - Here Is Why | integraudio.com

Switch To a Reliable Internet Connection

Perform a speed test to determine the reliability of your internet connection. If your internet speed is slow with connection delays, call your internet service provider to fix the problem.

If you encounter audio quality issues on a Wi-Fi network, try switching to a wired Ethernet link for a stable and secure Internet connection. You can also try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network that may work better.

Select Higher Bitrate Songs

While selecting the song, you might want to choose songs from well-known record companies or labels that provide higher audio quality. Select music with higher bitrates for better sound quality. Also, always pick songs with higher bitrates quality while listening to Apple Music.

Report the sound quality to Apple Music. This feedback can help Apple find and fix any problems with the source material or the quality of the recording.

Why Is Apple Music Quality Bad? - Here Is Why | integraudio.com


The quality of Apple Music has been a topic of discussion amongst users, with some having issues with sound quality compared to premium audio streaming. Key features that contribute to the audio are seemingly not the pros and cons of the app, outdated operating systems, and older versions of Apple Music. 

There are issues with Bluetooth device compatibility, slow internet connection, and changes in music sources. There are a few things you can do to address these issues. Restarting your device or the Apple Music app can help fix common errors and update the program.

Updating your device’s operating system ensures compatibility and support for the latest audio codec. Similarly, the Apple Music app is updated through the App Store to ensure speed and audio performance. 

Troubleshooting your Bluetooth device and connectivity, switching to a reliable internet connection, and choosing music with a higher bitrate can also improve the audio of Apple Music.

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