Apple Music Keep Opening By Itself? – 10 Reasons & Fixes

Why Does Apple Music Keep Opening By Itself? |

Apple Music, the well-known streaming service it offers, has a huge music library, makes specific suggestions, and provides a smooth user experience. 

However, a problem where Apple Music keeps opening on its own without any interaction or prompts from the user has been noted by certain customers. Apple Music can open on its own on various Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, and even Apple Watches. 

In this article, we will address various causes of this issue and possible fixes to give you back control over the audio playback on your device.

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Why Does Apple Music Keep Opening By Itself?

Background App Refresh

Apple Music, the popular music streaming service, may automatically launch itself to update its information and ensure it is updated with the latest music recommendations, playlists, and other relevant data. 

The Background App Refresh feature enhances the user experience by ensuring Apple Music is always ready with fresh content and personalized suggestions. 

When you open Apple Music after a period of inactivity, you’ll find that it has already refreshed its library and recommendations, providing you with a seamless and up-to-date music streaming experience.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Opening By Itself? |

Siri Auto Suggestions

Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, does more than merely follow voice commands; it actively studies your patterns to make unique recommendations. With Apple Music, Siri keeps track of your musical preferences and can provide proactive suggestions to improve your musical experience. 

Siri may launch the Apple Music app automatically if it notices a recurring trend in your music listening behavior, such as a preference for a particular genre or a tendency to listen to music at a particular time of day.

To provide you with a smooth and personalized music experience, Siri will automatically open Apple Music. Siri hopes to save you time and effort by delivering pertinent music recommendations or picking up playback where you left off by learning your preferences.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Opening By Itself? |

Notifications Persistent

Persistent notifications in Apple Music deliver various types of information to users, such as song recommendations, new releases, or curated playlists. These notifications keep users informed and engaged with the latest music content. 

However, interacting with these notifications, whether tapping or dismissing them, can unintentionally trigger the app to open. When Apple Music notifications appear on your device’s lock screen or notification center, they provide quick access to the related content. 

By enabling actions or deep links within the notifications, Apple Music allows users to directly engage with the recommended songs, albums, or playlists. While this feature offers convenience, it can inadvertently launch the Apple Music app when you interact with or dismiss the notifications.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Opening By Itself? |

Apple Voice Control

iPhones have a voice control function enabling users to communicate with their devices using commands. Voice Control can unintentionally cause Apple Music to open automatically while offering convenience and hands-free control. 

Specific vocal instructions or inadvertent triggers may cause the program to open unexpectedly when Voice Control is enabled. It can happen when the user’s spoken command coincides with the command to open Apple Music or when the voice recognition software interprets the user’s speech incorrectly. 

Why Does Apple Music Keep Opening By Itself? |

Enabled CarPlay Connectivity

The CarPlay connectivity function significantly enhances the quality of the driving experience by enabling compatible Apple smartphones to establish a connection with in-car entertainment and informational systems. One of the seamless integrations when you frequently connect your iPhone to a CarPlay system is the automatic launch of Apple Music. 

Because of this connectivity, you can use all of Apple Music’s features and functionalities while driving easily and conveniently. Apple Music immediately launches when your iPhone is plugged into a CarPlay system as part of the integration process. 

It eliminates the need to manually launch the app on your smartphone to manage music playback, browse playlists and album covers, and find new music. CarPlay’s sleek and user-friendly UI makes it simple to navigate your library, choose songs, and change the volume using the controls or voice commands in your car.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Opening By Itself? |

Synced Devices

When multiple Apple devices are linked through iCloud, actions performed on one device can inadvertently trigger Apple Music to open on other connected devices. This synchronization feature aims to provide convenience and a consistent music experience across your Apple ecosystem.

For example, imagine you start listening to your favorite playlist on your iPhone while you’re at home. If you also have an iPad nearby linked to the same iCloud account, Apple Music may automatically open on the iPad. It synchronizes the playback and seamlessly transfers your music experience from one device to another.

General App Glitches

Apple Music can have technical problems, just like any other program. Several things can cause these problems. Missing changes are one thing that could cause glitches. Users who don’t regularly update their Apple Music app may encounter mistakes or problems they didn’t expect.

Keeping an app up-to-date is important for keeping it stable because updates often fix bugs and improve speed to fix known problems. Apple Music problems can also be caused by problems with other apps you have loaded. Some apps can sometimes get in the way of how Apple Music works, which can cause it to act strangely or even crash.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Opening By Itself? |

Third-Party App Interference

The engagement with particular third-party apps is yet another probable explanation for Apple Music starting on its own. Although Apple Music intends to coexist peacefully with other apps, compatibility problems or conflicts can occur, resulting in unexpected launches.

It’s possible for third-party apps to accidentally start Apple Music when they interact with it. Conflicting commands or communication protocols between the apps may cause this to occur. 

Incorrect Settings

Misconfigured settings in the app or the device’s default settings could be one reason Apple Music should open automatically. It can happen if you unintentionally alter an option that affects how Apple Music functions or activate a setting that tells the app to launch in a particular situation.

Several settings in Apple Music can modify how it behaves. There might be a choice to have the app open automatically when headphones are plugged in or when a Bluetooth device is found. Apple Music may launch automatically if you frequently connect and detach Bluetooth devices or headphones while this setting is enabled.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Opening By Itself? |

System Updates

Apple regularly releases software updates for its products that contain critical security patches, bug fixes, and performance improvements. The stability and operation of the operating system on your device and the apps that run on it, including Apple Music, depend on these updates.

Delaying or ignoring software upgrades can make Apple Music automatically worse. Updates frequently fix bugs and known concerns, relieving users of potential issues. If you don’t apply these updates, you might miss out on patches created expressly to address problems with Apple Music’s automatic opening.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Opening By Itself? |

How to Stop Apple Music From Opening By Itself?

You can fix it by changing the settings for Background App Refresh, managing Siri Suggestions, controlling Notifications, customizing Voice Control, disabling Handoff for synced devices, updating the app and software, and reviewing and modifying pertinent settings.

Here are the steps to stop Apple Music from opening by itself:

Change Background App Settings

You can modify the settings to stop Apple Music from starting up automatically due to Background App Refresh. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh on your iOS device. 

In the list, choose Apple Music, and disable or restrict the background refresh option just for Apple Music. It will help to lessen any surprise openings by stopping the program from renewing and launching itself in the background when you aren’t actively using it.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Opening By Itself? |

Turn Off Siri Recommendations

Due to Siri’s Suggestions, you can change the settings if Apple Music starts playing automatically. Go to Siri and Search in Settings. Find Apple Music in the list of apps by scrolling down. 

Turn off Apple Music’s “Suggestions in Search” and “Suggestions on Lock Screen” features. It will stop Siri from requesting the app to launch based on your music listening habits and stop any inadvertent launches.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Opening By Itself? |

Modify Notification Settings

You can modify the notification settings to stop Apple Music from opening when interacting with notifications. Open Settings and select Notifications. Find Apple Music by scrolling down the list. 

You can alter the settings to suit your preferences by eliminating or lowering the prominence of notification banners. By changing these settings, you can accidentally prevent app opening when dealing with Apple Music notifications.

Change Voice Control Settings

You can turn off or change the settings if Voice Control unintentionally prompts Apple Music to launch. Select Voice Control under Settings > Accessibility. You can disable it here if you no longer want to utilize Voice Control. 

Alternatively, you can alter the speech commands to keep Apple Music out of conflict. You may stop Voice Control from inadvertently opening the app by changing the settings.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Opening By Itself? |

Change CarPlay Settings

You can change the CarPlay settings if Apple Music starts playing whenever you connect to CarPlay. Go to Settings > General > CarPlay on your iPhone. From the list of compatible devices, choose your CarPlay system.

Deselect Apple Music from the list of apps that appear on the CarPlay screen by going into the CarPlay settings. Doing this will stop the CarPlay system from automatically launching the app when you connect your device.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Opening By Itself? |

Turn Off Handoff 

You can turn off Handoff to prevent actions on one device from opening Apple Music on other synced devices. Navigate to Settings > General > Handoff on your iOS device. 

Switch off the Handoff setting. By doing this, when you do actions on one device, Apple Music won’t launch instantly on other devices connected through iCloud.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Opening By Itself? |

Reinstall App

If Apple Music experiences app bugs, you can try to fix them by updating the app to the most recent version available on the App Store. Additionally, restarting your device can occasionally assist in resolving momentary problems. 

You might think about conducting a reinstall of Apple Music if the issues continue. Reinstall the app from the App Store after erasing it from your device. Software-related issues that might generate unexpected app openings can frequently be fixed by doing this.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Opening By Itself? |

Update Apple Music App

Ensure your device’s Apple Music app and operating system are up to date to solve problems with Apple Music opening on its own. Install any Apple software updates that are available. 

Updates to software frequently include bug fixes, performance upgrades, and stability improvements that can fix problems like unexpected app openings. For optimal operation, you must keep your device and apps updated.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Opening By Itself? |


Several things, including background app refresh, Siri suggestions, persistent notifications, voice control, CarPlay compatibility, synced devices, app bugs, third-party app interference, wrong settings, and software updates, might cause Apple Music to open independently. These explanations may play a part in Apple Music unexpectedly launching on certain Apple devices.

You can take particular measures for each aspect to remedy this issue. These consist of changing the settings for Background App Refresh, managing Siri Suggestions, controlling Notifications, customizing Voice Control, disabling Handoff for synced devices, updating the app and software, and reviewing and modifying pertinent settings.

You can take back control over Apple Music’s automatic opening by using these alternatives, which will make for a more convenient and customized music-listening experience. Keep your devices and apps updated to take advantage of the software updates’ bug fixes, upgrades, and stability gains.

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