Why Do Airpods Fly Out Of Case When Dropped? (What To Do)

Why Do Airpods Fly Out Of Case When Dropped? | integraudio.com

Airpods aren’t only functional for music lovers, but you can also use them to answer phone calls, avoid distractions, and use Siri to operate your phone if it’s an Apple AirPods. Airpods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds. They’re sleek and fashionable, and you can carry them anywhere without stress.

Why Do Airpods Fly Out Of Case When Dropped?

If your AirPods fly out of the case when dropped, it means there’s a magnet defect. This magnet defect means that the magnet that keeps the AirPods together inside the case is weak and can no longer function. When your AirPods keep flying out of the case when dropped, they will likely get damaged and stop functioning.

You wouldn’t want that to happen, so you’d love to know how to prevent your AirPods from flying out of the case and what to do when it happens to avoid another occurrence. This article is the guidance you need.

Why Do Airpods Fly Out Of Case When Dropped? (What To Do)

Should Airpods Fly Out If You Drop The Case?

AirPods aren’t supposed to fly out if you drop the case, even if it happens with force. The reason is that the case doesn’t only function as a protective cover for the AirPods. It also has a magnetic component inside, which keeps the AirPods in place. So, if your case drops and the AirPods fly out, there’s something wrong, and you need to fix it.

If the AirPods fall out of the case when dropped, it is because the magnetic component has become weak and can no longer protect the AirPods. However, here are the other reasons your AirPods shouldn’t fall out of the case.

  1. Airpods are lightweight materials that you can quickly lose. Due to this, manufacturers design the case in a way that it doesn’t just come with an inner magnetic component and a case lid to trap inside. So, if your AirPods fall out when you drop the case, check the AirPods case lid to know if it’s still stable.
  2. Although your AirPods are sleek and can quickly get missing, the AirPods case offers a protective grip to prevent it from falling out even if your drop the case.
  3. Asides from preventing the AirPods from falling out if you drop the case, it also protects the AirPods from having scratches that can make them look rough or stop functioning.

Regardless, as much as AirPods aren’t supposed to fly out if you drop the case, there is a chance they still would if the case is damaged. To avoid this, ensure that your AirPods casing is in good condition.

Will Airpods Fall Out If Case Is Damaged?

Ultimately, your AirPods will fall out if the case is damaged. Asides from falling out, they’ll get missing, or the battery will be weak. If you’re not using your AirPods, the best place to keep them is in the case, but if the AirPods case is damaged, the AirPods can get damaged or get missing.

Airpods come in different specs. Some are more durable than others, which makes the price difference. The ones that are high in quality cost more, and as a lover of quality, you wouldn’t mind spending so much to get AirPods that will be durable. But when you do, damaging them is something you want to avoid by all means.

One of the ways to protect your AirPods from damage is by putting them inside the protective case. However, if your case is damaged, here are the common causes and how to fix them so you can keep protecting your AirPods.

What happens if you drop AirPods case?

What Should I Do If My Airpods Keep Flying Out Of The Case

If your AirPods keep flying out of the case, check the casing to know if the magnet that holds the AirPods inside is weak. If the magnetic component is not functioning, replace the case. Here are the simple ways you can keep your AirPods from flying out.

  • Use Airpods Charging Case Protector

Airpods cases are durable, but you can keep your AirPods in the charging case and still miss it. The best thing to do is to get the anti-lost cover case for extra protection.

  • Use An AirPods Case With A Protective Key Chain

Using an AirPods case with a keychain makes it easy to keep your AirPods from getting lost. The key chain makes it easy to attach your AirPods case to your bag or a bunch of keys. Ensure that the case is in good condition. If the AirPods case is damaged or the lid is not closing, your AirPods will have enough space to fall out of the case.

  • Clean The Airpods Case

You may wonder how cleaning your AirPods case will prevent your AirPods from missing. It’s simple! You may clean the outer part of your AirPods case to keep it sparkling, but the focus cleaning spot should be on the inside. Cleaning the inside removes dirt clogs and prevents the magnetic components from becoming stiff.

However, you cannot just put water into the AirPods case to clean it because the water will damage it. Here are ways to clean your case.

  1. Take out your AirPods from its case.
  2. Get a soft microfiber cloth or a cotton bud.
  3. Wet the cotton bud or microfiber cloth slightly, and dip it into the case. Ensure it gets to the connector, then turn it in a circular motion to clean and clean deep.

Despite this, your AirPods can fly out of the case if it’s damaged or the lid is faulty. Here are quick tips on how to fix it.

Why Do Airpods Fly Out Of Case When Dropped? (What To Do)

How To Fix Damaged Airpods Case | Step-By-Step Process

  • Case Lid That Won’t Close 

When the AirPods case lid of your AirPods won’t close, it can cause the AirPods to fall out of the case. The reason could be water, faulty hinges or case lids, and weak lid magnets.

Broken Hinge:

  1. Get glue and use it to coat the bend that holds the hinges together. This glue will help put the case lid instead of the hinges iron.
  2. You can also use a rubber band or duct tape to tie the case lid and the body together.


  1. Use a dry microfiber cloth to dry the water.
  2. If it doesn’t work, extract moisture from a silica gel. (you can find a silica gel inside a pack of shoes, bags, or a store nearest to you). It is usually a small wrap with the inscription “do not eat” on it.
  3. To extract moisture from the silica wrap, get a pack and cut it open. Pour the content into a stainless container or a plate suitable for microwaves. Place it over a low flame or in the microwave to melt.
  4. Use the melted silica to coat the surface of the case lid that’s gummy.
  5. Allow it to dry for a few minutes, then close the lid. This method is also suitable for a case lid with a weak magnet.
  • Weak Inner Magnet, Or Improper Fitting

Heat from frequent use and charging emanates from the AirPods while using or charging them. This heat can cause the magnets to wear off quickly. When this happens, the AirPods can easily fall out of the case.

  • Broken AirPods Case

If you mistakenly drop the Airpods case on a hard surface, it can break and make the airport fall out and get damaged. When this happens, you need to fix the AirPods case. To fix this, use glue or duct tape to gum it together. If the AirPods are beyond repair, replace the AirPods case with a new one.

Do AirPods Get Damaged When They Fly Out Of The Case?

Airpods are a product of solid but lightweight materials that make them durable and strong enough to withstand crashes. However, they’re a chance that your AirPods can get damaged when they fly out of the case.

If it falls on a hard surface with a strong force, it can get damaged, but if it falls on a soft surface, the chance of it getting spoilt is slim. Here are other reasons your AirPods may not get damaged when they fly out of the case.

Airpods are wireless and flexible. They’re a product of a solid but lightweight material which makes them withstand soft crashes.
New model AirPods can withstand water. If your AirPods fall into the water, their lightweight nature will make them float on the surface, so you can easily take them out.
Solid Texture
Airpods have the texture of a lightweight but solid material. This solid material gives it a plastic texture that makes it withstand crashes.

Final Thoughts – Why Do Airpods Fly Out Of Case When Dropped?

Airpods are a product of solid but lightweight material that makes them withstand pressure from crashes. They cannot fall out when you drop the case unless the magnetic component that holds it inside the case is weak. Another reason it can fall out is if the case or lid is broken.

Similarly, it is very unlikely for your AirPods to get damaged when they fall out of the case, so you don’t have to panic. To know more about why your AirPods keep falling out of the case, this article is the right guide.

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