Why Does Airpods Case Makes Clicking Noise?

Why Does Airpods Case Makes Clicking Noise? | integraudio.com

Apple always delivers customers high-quality music production. Inherited from Apple’s genetics, Airpods are designed with high standards, and sound quality is considered the best of earbuds. AirPods always offer customers an immersive audio experience, comfort, and mobility.

The first completely wireless earphones to enter the market before the AirPods were not the AirPods. It could be more flawless, and like every piece of technology, it has its share of issues. This is for you if you’re curious about why your Airpods case makes a clicking noise. Therefore, keep an eye out for advice.

Why Does The Airpods Case Make Clicking Noise?

This is due to a flaw in Apple’s manufacturing process. The Airpods case lid loose and makes a clicking noise. Although this issue appears widespread and has affected all users, it is not. Only some devices have this issue, while others claim to have had no issues with their devices’ sound.

Don’t blame yourself if your device rattles on its own. You did nothing to make this happen, and you should not be too worried; take your product to an Apple service center for timely support.

How do I stop my AirPod case from making noise?

You can try a few ways to fix it before taking it to a service centerFirst, check and fix Airpods Bluetooth technology-related issues. Because if the Bluetooth connection with the music player is weak or not good, it will make the sound muffled or muffled. Follow the instructions below to fix this problem.

Why Does Airpods Case Makes Clicking Noise? | integraudio.com

  • Remove nearby Bluetooth devices.

If your music playback device, iPhone to be exact, is connecting to another device other than Airpods, remove it immediately, as they may interfere with the Airpods’ Bluetooth connection.

To do this, go to Settings on your iPhone > Bluetooth > Click on the “i” icon for non-Airpods > Select Forget This Device to delete connections.

  • Turn Bluetooth off and on again.

Because Bluetooth equipped in Airpods is a waveform that transmits sound, similar to Wifi. Restarting the function or turning this part on and off will help fix the error that arises on Airpods.

To do this, go to Settings on your iPhone > Bluetooth > Toggle the blue button to turn off Bluetooth mode. Wait about 10-30 seconds, then turn it back on to connect to Airpods.

  • Reset Airpods.

You only have to perform this step when the above methods do not work with your Airpods error, as this will take some time.

First, put the AirPods in the box and open the lid. Then, press and hold the button on the back of the charging case for about 15 seconds until the LED blinks. Finally, proceed to connect, repair the headset with the music player, and check the sound quality.

  • iOS software update.

The fact that the iOS version of the operating system can cause audio problems for Airpods is a past occurrence. The compatibility between the new Airpods and the old iOS operating system may cause this problem.

Updating iOS is a good thing to do to make the device you use more secure and fix compatibility issues.

Why Does Airpods Case Makes Clicking Noise? | integraudio.com

  • Airpod Battery Test.

The interruption when the battery “drained” also caused the sound to “glitch”. Therefore, you should regularly check the battery capacity of Airpods; and fully charge them so that the process of use is not hindered.

How to clean the Airpods?

It is best to clean the Airpods headphones you should do every day, every time you start or finish using them. But if you don’t have time, it’s entirely flexible for cleaning every three to six months to ensure the best Airpods sound quality.

  • Cleaning the outside of Airpods.

This step will ensure that the outside of the Airpods is clean and free of dirt or stains. It would help if you did, preferably every time, because they don’t take too much time.

And more importantly, this step will help Airpods get dusty in the earphones after a while. The way to do this is to use a soft cloth, possibly cotton, to wipe the outside of the Airpods headset.

  • Clean the earphone speaker.

In this step, you need to equip some necessary tools to clean the tiny holes in the speaker part of the Airpods, like an absorbent cotton towel, Cotton swab, 90% alcohol, and Pneumatic hand tools (it’s OK if you have it, it doesn’t matter too much if you don’t).

First, use a cotton swab soaked in alcohol to scan the entire surface of the earpiece speaker, especially the tiny hole locations. Then, Wipe the Airpods again with a soft absorbent cloth. Finally, use compressed air to push away the remaining dirt in the small slots of the Airpods speaker. However, you can skip this step if you don’t have the tools.

  • Clean the charging box.

If you have already cleaned the Airpods and removed the charging box, it is a mistake. Because no matter how clean the Airpods are, the dirty charging case is meaningless. You just need to perform cleaning steps, such as cleaning the earpiece speaker.

Why Does Airpods Case Makes Clicking Noise? | integraudio.com

  • After you have finished both the earphones and the Airpods charging case, let it dry and check the sound quality of the Airpods again.

Do not use any other forced methods such as using a hair dryer or drying in the sun. If you want to know why you can’t use a hair dryer to dry your Airpods, check here.

Why does 1 AirPod sound muffle? 

The main cause of this error is that the headset is dirty, causing the small holes at the top of the headphone speaker to become clogged. The second reason is that the AirPods have an error with Bluetooth connection problems. These things make the sound quality of Airpods worse or noisier.

In addition, if your cleaning process is not careful, water and alcohol will get into the diaphragm and charging port, causing the sound to crack. Refer to this article for a solution when your Airpod gets wet.

Can AirPods make noise in case?

Yes, AirPods make noise in case. Based on some reports, the strange noise is a problem with the microphone part. There are some microphones in your Airpods Pro that crash when they try to remove or amplify sounds that don’t exist.

This situation can lead to the problem that your headphones will make a rattling or clicking noises. And what you hear is that the device is broken.

Why Does Airpods Case Makes Clicking Noise? | integraudio.com

Can AirPods case get damaged?

Yes, It is possible. In addition to the technical failure reasons mentioned above, external physical impacts such as drops in water or shocks can also damage the Airpod case. If the AirPods have already been partially damaged and you have dropped them again, this might exacerbate the condition.

The plastic covering should perform its job and shield the internal structures from harm, but dropping it several times may mean it can’t be fixed and you’ll have to buy a new charging case.

Can you get your AirPods replaced for free?

Yes, if you buy authentic Apple items, Apple will replace or repair its AirPods Pro without charging you under its one-year guarantee. You may still purchase AppleCare+ even after your Apple One-Year Warranty expires. AppleCare+ provides accidental damage insurance.

Remember that the warranty will not cover you. If the test results show that the failure of your device was not due to a manufacturer’s fault or outside intervention.

Why does the lid of my AirPod case click?

It is just a normal phenomenon. When you see the lid of the case make a sound when it slides left or right, making a clicking sound, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your case will be unusable or that your AirPods case won’t close when charging or storing AirPods.

It is especially true with the AirPods Pro case. So, when you have this problem, don’t rush to the service center!

Why Does Airpods Case Makes Clicking Noise? | integraudio.com


Purchasing a high-end true wireless earphone such as the Airpods Pro and experiencing noise difficulties might be annoying. However, it is a widespread condition.

So you can quickly obtain a free replacement. You are eligible for the free plan unless you cause any harm.

Through the above article, Integraudio has helped you find the answer to why the Airpods case makes clicking noise. Hopefully, you will no longer have this situation and have a great audio experience with your headphones.

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