How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify – Easy Fix 2024

How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify? |

The shuffle is an un-ordered way of listening on Spotify.  In the earlier days of Spotify, the Shuffle feature was available only on the Premium accounts, with limited support on the Free accounts. However, the Shuffle support is now available on all types of accounts except the few restrictions for the Free account on the Made For You playlists.

Now, lets go through the solutions to turn off shuffling on Spotify:

For Android/ iOS

The Spotify Mobile app support allows you to turn off the shuffle from the Music that is paused/being played or inside a playlist. These both methods are demonstrated below:

  • Turn Off Shuffle While Playing the Music
    Open the Music in the Full Screen, and look for the Shuffle Arrows. The Green Colored Shuffle Arrows show that the Shuffle is currently ON, as shown below:
    How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify? |
    To turn it Off, tap on the Shuffle Arrows, and they will turn White, as seen below. This assures that Shuffle is Currently Turned Off:
    How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify? |
    The Shuffle feature has been turned off, and now the songs will play in an orderly format.
  • Turn Off the Shuffle From the Collections/Playlists Option
    Open the Music Playlist on your Spotify Mobile application. You will get the Crossed Shuffle Icon in Green/White, as shown below. Right now, the Shuffle feature is Switched On:
    How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify? |
    To Turn it Off, tap on the Green Colored Crossed arrows; when they are turned white, it means the shuffle is turned off, as shown below:
    How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify? |

For Desktop

Spotify Desktop App offers an easy way (instead of Web support) to interact with the Spotify features on the Desktop. The Desktop support has two different ways to turn off shuffle which are demonstrated below:

  • Turn Off Shuffle From the Playlist/Now-Playing Options
    Open Spotify and navigate to any Playlist or Music; you will get the same Green Shuffle icon as shown below:
    How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify? |
    Now, Turn it Off by clicking on it; it will turn the shuffle icon to white color, which assures that shuffle is off: How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify? |
  • Turn Off Shuffle Play Through Keyboard Shortcuts
    The best thing about using Spotify on a Desktop is that it offers various shortcut keys to control the application. Spotify Desktop support is available on mac and Windows-based systems.
    The shortcuts on both machines vary; let’s see what these are.
    Step 1: Open the Spotify application and navigate to any Music or Playlist.
    Step 2: Now, use the shortcut as per the system:
    Windows: Use the “CTRL+S.
    macOS: Use the “CMD+S.

How to Turn On/Off a Spotify Smart Shuffle?

Smart Shuffle? It is the most notable feature of Spotify, introduced in 2023. It shuffles the songs of your customized playlist daily and comes with a different shuffle order.

Spotify Smart Shuffle works only on the user’s Custom Playlists and Premium accounts.  Hence, if you want to or try to practice it in the Normal Play Mode or Free Mode, you will not get this.

Let’s learn to Turn Off/On the Smart Shuffle through the steps.

First, go to your Library, and choose your playlist, i.e., as in my case, it is Integraudio:

How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify? |

Right now, the Shuffle is turned off, as seen from its icon:

How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify? |

When you tap on the Shuffle icon for the first time (if it is Off), you will get the following options, where you can choose between the Shuffle and the Smart Shuffle options:

How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify? |

Or if you ignore the above options, then you can click on the button for the Regular Shuffle:

How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify? |

When you are at the Regular Shuffle, click on it, and the Smart Shift will be activated, as can be verified from the icon highlighted:

How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify? |

To turn off the Smart Shuffle, click the Icon, which will switch you to No Shuffle Mode.

Note: You can see a difference between the icon of the Regular Shuffle and the Smart Shuffle, so by looking at the icon, you can differentiate between different Shuffle Modes and check which shuffle mode is on.

Do I Need Spotify Premium to Turn Off Shuffle?

No, you do not need a Premium account to Turn off shuffle always. The earlier releases of Spotify came with the Shuffle Control feature on Premium versions. However, the Free versions now can enjoy the Shuffle On/Off feature with limited accessibility, i.e., only on limited playlists. It is a fact that Premium accounts have more functionality as compared to free ones.

For instance, you can shuffle between Regular and Smart Shuffles in Premium. At the same time, the Free users have the Regular Shuffle availability except on the few playlists Made For You.

How to Fix “Turn Off the Shuffle Button Not Working” on Spotify?

Sometimes, your system gets stuck while switching between the Shuffle Off/On modes. There may be several causes; for instance, you are logged in to multiple devices using the same account.

Let’s see the possible fixes in such a situation:

  • Fix 1: Log Out of All Devices
    Step 1: Open the Account option from the Profile dropdown’s menu, as shown below:
    How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify? |
    Step 2: It will navigate you to the Account’s Overview Page on the Web Interface. Scroll down inside that page until you find the option Sign out everywhere:
    How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify? |
    It will instantly sign you out from all the devices.
  • Fix 2: Clear App Cache
    Sometimes, the app cache is overloaded, and further operations on the application do not act properly. So, it is good practice to clear the app cache regularly.
    Open the Spotify app and go to Settings from the Accounts options:
    How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify? |
    Scroll inside this page and find the Storage option with the Clear Cache button. Click on it to clear the applications cache:
    How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify? |
  • Fix 3: Reinstall the Application
    If the above two fixes do not work for you, then you have to uninstall the application and then reinstall it again to get everything to reset to its default settings. This will possibly fix the Shuffle Not Working problem.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Shuffle Feature in Spotify?

Well, shuffling has quite a few pros and cons related to increasing/decreasing the user’s experience with the application. These

Pros of Shuffle Feature in Spotify

  • Keeps your listening experience fresh: The shuffling feature in Spotify allows you to randomly play songs from your playlist, keeping your listening experience fresh and interesting.
  • Saves Time: If you have a long playlist, shuffling the songs can save time by allowing you to listen to a mix of songs rather than manually selecting each.
  • Helps to Discover New Songs: Shuffling your playlist may introduce you to songs you may not have heard before or have already forgotten, allowing you to discover new music or a trip down memory lane.
  • Helps to Create a Party Atmosphere: When you’re hosting a party or gathering, shuffling your playlist can help create a party atmosphere by playing a mix of upbeat and energetic songs.

Cons of Shuffle Feature in Spotify

  • Limited Control Over the Order of Songs: Shuffling your playlist means you have little control over the songs played, which can be frustrating if you have a specific order in mind.
  • May Skip Over Your Favorite Songs: The shuffling feature may skip over some of your favorite songs, leaving you disappointed.
  • Can Interrupt the Flow of an Album: If you have added an album to your playlist and then shuffled it, the shuffling feature may interrupt the album’s flow, making it difficult to listen to it in its intended order.
  • May not be Suitable for Some Music Genres: This may not be suitable for some music genres, such as classical music, where the order of the songs is critical to the listening experience.

Bottom Line

Spotify application offers an interrupted stream of millions of audio files through its Library. By default, Spotify offers the Shuffle feature to keep the mix/match mechanism while using it.

This might be effective when you want to listen randomly to multiple songs. However, the Shuffle feature may be boring and frustrating sometimes as no music order is followed. We have listed how to Turn Off Spotify’s shuffle feature on all possible platforms, i.e., Desktop App, Android, and iPhone.

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