Spotify KEEPS On Logging You Out? – Do THIS To Fix It

Are you being logged out instantly after signing in? Well, that’s quite frustrating. Possibly, some issue with your login terms and conditions. Let’s check it out and fix it for you.

Spotify is one of the most reliable digital platforms offering the best online music. The application has attained fame because of its distinctive features. It offers various types of accounts, including Premium and Free.

While using Spotify Premium, a fixed number of devices can be logged in using that account. If you violate Spotify’s terms, you may face various troubleshooting problems, especially log-in-related errors.

Among these login errors, the continuous logging out of the account is the most observed one, where you are instantly logged out of the device right after signing in. This post will first state the possible reasons and then the solutions to eliminate the logging out error on Spotify.

How to Stop Spotify From Logging Out

Fix 1: Follow the Spotify Terms and Conditions

The first reason that invokes this logging issue is that you must follow the Spotify terms properly. Two guidelines must be followed properly, i.e., the Legal Terms and the User Guidelines. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Some of the Legal Terms for using Spotify are given below:

  • License: By using Spotify, you agree to a non-exclusive license to access and use the Spotify service and content. This license is limited to personal, non-commercial use and is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement.
  • Payment and Subscription: You may be required to pay a subscription fee to access certain features of Spotify, and your use of Spotify is subject to Spotify’s payment terms and conditions.
  • Privacy Policy: Spotify collects and uses personal information about its users, and you agree to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information as outlined in Spotify’s privacy policy.
  • Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability: Spotify provides its service on an “as is” basis and makes no warranties or representations about the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the service or content. Spotify also limits its liability for certain types of damages.

These legal terms are updated time by time. So, you need to visit the Legal Terms Page to keep following the updated policies.
As discussed, some User Guidelines need to be followed as well. Some of the notable among these are:

  • Respect Intellectual Property Rights: Spotify prohibits any content that infringes on intellectual property rights, including copyrighted material. Users are required to respect the intellectual property rights of others and not use Spotify to distribute or promote content that violates these rights.
  • Don’t Abuse Spotify: Users are not allowed to use Spotify in a way that is harmful, offensive, or disruptive to others. This includes spamming, phishing, hacking, or transmitting viruses or malware.
  • Observe Local Laws and Regulations: Users must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in their use of Spotify, including those related to privacy, data protection, and copyright.
  • Be Responsible for Your Content: Users are responsible for any content they upload or share on Spotify and are expected to ensure that it is accurate, appropriate, and not misleading. Spotify may remove any content that violates these guidelines or its terms of service.

Like Legal Terms and Conditions, the User Guidelines are updated time by time which can be checked regularly on the Link.

Fix 2: Clear App Cache

Application Cache is the most notable catalyst to carry out the regular operations on Spotify. It ensures that regular operations are performed quickly and effectively. So, if the Cache malfunctions, it is possible that Spotify logs you out frequently.

To fix this, the Cache needs to be flushed, which can be done on the Android/iOS and Desktop as follows:

For Android/iOS:

Click on the Settings icon and then on Storage, where you will see the Clear Cache button:

How To Stop Spotify From Logging me Out? |

For Desktop:

Open Settings and scroll down to locate/click the button Clear Cache:

How To Stop Spotify From Logging me Out? |

Fix 3: Turn Off the Hardware Acceleration

Hardware Acceleration is the feature that enhances the graphics performance and loads the screen with improved performance. It distributes the loads between CPU/GPU gently. If the GPU is not supported, this feature may log you out frequently.

Thus, it is recommended to turn it off. This process applies to the Desktop app versions of Spotify. To turn Hardware Acceleration Off, click on the three horizontal dots, then hover on the View tab and deselect the Hardware Acceleration as shown below:

How To Stop Spotify From Logging me Out? |

To apply the changes, you must restart the Spotify application.

Fix 4: Enable Spotify on Firewall

The Firewall may be blocking Spotify or some of its operations on your system. This Firewall action may lead to the unnecessary logging out issue on Spotify. It would be better to recheck whether Spotify is enabled on Firewall.

For this, navigate to the path “Windows Defender Firewall\Allowed apps” and then check whether Spotify is enabled on the system or not:

How To Stop Spotify From Logging me Out? |

Ensure that you have enabled it on a public network. In our case, it is enabled, which shows no problem. In such a case, you need to disable the Firewall for some time to ensure that the Spotify malfunctioning is not related to Firewall.

To do so, follow the path “Windows Defender Firewall\Customize Settings” on your PC and then Turn off the firewall for Private and Public networks as directed below:

How To Stop Spotify From Logging me Out? |

Fix 5: Troubleshoot/Reset Internet Connections

Network connectivity is required to keep running the Spotify application. If you do not have a stable internet connection, Spotify may be unable to get the data properly, and the app ultimately logs you out.

The primary solution is to restart the network connections. If the problem is not solved, you can change the network provider. However, if none works, you can troubleshoot the network on the Desktop or Reset the connection on Android/iOS.

Let’s see how it can be done:

For Android/iOS:

On iOS, follow the path “Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings,” where you will get the following interface. From here, choose “Reset Network Settings”:

How To Stop Spotify From Logging me Out? |

It is noticed that the Network Reset feature is available on all kinds of Smart Phones irrespective of the manufacturer.

For Desktop:

To troubleshoot the internet connections on the Desktop, go to the path, i..e, System> Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters. Then, click the Run button in front of the option Internet Connections as shown below:

How To Stop Spotify From Logging me Out? |

These actions may fix all the internet-related issues for Spotify.

Fix 6: Update Spotify

If you are using the outdated version of Spotify, you must update the application. As the outdated version can cause multiple lags in operations, one of those includes logging out. The process of updating varies based on the platform on which you are using Spotify.

For Android/iOS:

Open the App Store from where the application is downloaded. Search Spotify in the search field, and then, if there is an update, you will get the UPDATE button. Click on it to update:

How To Stop Spotify From Logging me Out? |

If there is no UPDATE button, it shows OPEN, representing that the application is outdated.

For Desktop:

Open the application’s store and search for Spotify; if there is an update, you will see it alongside the open button:

How To Stop Spotify From Logging me Out? |

Fix 7: Sign Out of All Devices

Most Spotify users subscribe to the Premium version to get the advanced level usage of Spotify. Each Premium plan allows a specific number of devices to be used on that plan. If you are logged into an increased number of devices, Spotify keeps logging you out from the devices.

To fix this, signing out from all the devices for once is recommended whose process is as follows. Open the Account’s Settings:

How To Stop Spotify From Logging me Out? |

Clicking on it will navigate you to a URL where you need to scroll down and click on the Sign out Everywhere button:

How To Stop Spotify From Logging me Out? |

After performing this, you will be logged out of all devices instantly. Now, you have to log in back to the devices individually to avoid the device’s conflict.

Fix 8: Remove Access to Apps

Spotify allows you to grant access to various thirdparty apps. If multiple apps are allowed on your Spotify account, then there are chances of conflict, raising the logging out issue on your Spotify account.

To eliminate this, you must remove access to the unnecessary applications you are not using. The recommended step is to do it for all the apps. To remove app access, open Account Settings:

How To Stop Spotify From Logging me Out? |

Then choose the Apps option from the left list, showing you the allowed apps, i.e., Discord. Click on the Remove Access button to remove the access:

How To Stop Spotify From Logging me Out? |

To apply the changes, you have to restart the application.

Fix 9: Reset Spotify

If you are facing multiple issues while logging out, the Reset feature is here for you. The reset feature will wipe all the data, devices, and other app info. The reset can be performed by logging into the Desktop application of Spotify.

Search for Spotify from the Windows search bar, rightclick on it, and open the App Settings:

How To Stop Spotify From Logging me Out? |

Once open, scroll down where you will see the Reset option. Before that, it is recommended to Terminate all the processes as well:

How To Stop Spotify From Logging me Out? |

Fix 10: Re-install Spotify

When the app has too many bugs, it becomes unresponsive, preventing you from using Spotify and logging you out frequently. In such a scenario, the best solution is to uninstall the current version of Spotify and install a fresh copy.

For Android/iOS:

Locate the application and longpress it to remove the application:

How To Stop Spotify From Logging me Out? |

Once uninstalled completely, go to your App Store for a fresh copy.

For Desktop:

Search for Spotify in the Windows Search Bar and rightclick on it to choose Uninstall:

How To Stop Spotify From Logging me Out? |

Once done, you can go to the Download Page of Spotify to get the installation file for your system. Apart from that, you can also install it from the App Store of the system.

Fix 11: Contact Spotify Support

If you have a good internet connection, follow the terms properly, clear the cache, etc., then you must contact the Spotify support team. There might be a technical issue that you need to be made aware of.

The support team will do it for you and provide a possible solution. Spotify support can be availed from multiple sources on the Contact Us page:

How To Stop Spotify From Logging me Out? |

You can approach them on any of the above platforms. Ensure that you have correctly communicated the problem.

Bottom Line

Instantly logging out of your Spotify account after signing in can be a frustrating experience. This can be caused by various reasons, such as account security, multiple devices, software updates, and inactivity.

To fix this issue, you must follow Spotify’s terms and conditions, including legal terms and user guidelines, which are regularly updated. Additionally, you can clear the app cache, turn off hardware acceleration, and ensure that you are using the latest version of the Spotify app.

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