9 Ways To Fix Spotify’s “Something Went Wrong” Error

How To Fix Spotify's "Something Went Wrong" Error?

Spotify is undoubtedly one of the best music apps and supports many devices.

You can use Spotify on both desktops and mobile phones. You can also use the web browser to listen to your favorite music on desktops using the Spotify web player. It makes it more convenient to use anywhere, anytime. That is why Spotify has 489 million monthly active users.

But like many other applications, Spotify also has a few issues. People often face the “Something went wrong” error in their Spotify accounts. This article will discuss the causes and best solutions to this error. So, stay tuned to learn more. 

9 Ways To Fix Spotify “Something Went Wrong Error

This error can be fixed by clearing the cookies and cache in your web browser, logging back into your account, turning off or changing the location of your VPN, reinstalling or updating Spotify, logging out of all other devices, and using Spotify in private mode.

Most of the Spotify issues are related to software instead of hardware. That is why they are easy to resolve because software-related issues can be resolved by reinstalling or repairing the application. All these techniques have been verified, and here we will give you a step-by-step guide on each. 

  • Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

Your web browser gathers temporary information about websites you visit to keep a record until your next visit. It makes it easy to keep the login information and other user-related information. Moreover, some websites use user data to keep track of users; these data files are called cookies. 

Your browser may contain unnecessary cookies from websites you are not visiting anymore. These cookies may cause hurdles while using any new website. This error may also affect your Spotify web account, which is why you see the “something went wrong error.” 

You can only resolve this by clearing the cookies and cache of your browser. To do that, open your internet browser. Press “Ctrl+H” to open the browser’s history. In the Chrome browser, click on “Clear browsing data.” 

How To Fix Spotify's "Something Went Wrong" Error? | Integraudio.com

Once you have clicked on the option from the newly appeared windows, select “Advanced” and change the time range to “All Time.” Now select both “Cookies” and “Cache,” and then press “Clear data” to wipe all the cache and cookie files. 

How To Fix Spotify's "Something Went Wrong" Error? | Integraudio.com

Note: Please don’t choose anything else, including passwords, site preferences, or autofill fields. The information you need to access some websites may be lost. 

  • Log In And Log Out Spotify Web Player Account

Resetting your account or logging out and back in will refresh the application and eliminate most bugs. That is why we recommend you log out and then log in to your Spotify account to resolve this “something went wrong” error. 

To do this, open your Spotify application or web browser player and click “Profile.” You will find the “Logout” option at the end of the file. Click the option to log out. Now add your credentials again on the login page of Spotify to log in to your account. Hopefully, this will resolve the error. 

How To Fix Spotify's "Something Went Wrong" Error? | Integraudio.com

  • Check Your VPN Connection

If you are using a VPN (a virtual private network), then you might face this “Something went wrong” error on your Spotify account (app and web). A VPN provides a virtual location to access area-specific websites and data. Similarly, if your VPN’s location coincides with a region where Spotify is unavailable, this could be the root cause of your problems.

How To Fix Spotify's "Something Went Wrong" Error? | Integraudio.com

You can resolve it by disabling or changing your VPN’s location. To do that, open your VPN application and turn it off, or go to VPN locations and change it to the USA. 

  • Reinstall and Update Spotify Web Player App

Updates are always the best way to deal with bugs, errors, and glitches. That is why if you are getting notifications of new updates, you should install them immediately. In the Spotify app, these updates can be in direct updates, but in a web browser, you don’t need to install any updates. The new interface will be installed automatically. 

If updating doesn’t work, you can delete Spotify and reinstall it by downloading the latest version. To do that, open the “Control Panel” and click “Uninstall a program.” 

How To Fix Spotify's "Something Went Wrong" Error? | Integraudio.com

Find “Spotify” from the list and then click “Uninstall.” Download the latest version of Spotify from the Link and install it. This reinstallation will surely remove the “Something went wrong” error.

How To Fix Spotify's "Something Went Wrong" Error? | Integraudio.com

  • Logout From All Devices

A Spotify premium account allows you to use Spotify on an unlimited number of devices, and you can download up to 10,000 tracks to listen offline on up to five devices. This option makes it more convenient for family use. You don’t need to buy a new account for a separate device. 

But this feature can cause errors like this “Something went wrong” error. It might be irritating. So you must log out of your Spotify account from all the devices. 

You can do this by opening your account in a web browser. Now click on “Account overview” from the left options panel. Scroll down and then click on “Sign out everywhere.” It will log out of your Spotify account, even from your Apple or Android devices. Now login again to enjoy error-free music. 


How To Fix Spotify's "Something Went Wrong" Error? | Integraudio.com

  • Try Private Session Mode 

Spotify supports anonymous private session mode to hide your playing tracks from your friend. In private session mode, you are invisible and offline for other members. This feature also prevents Spotify from building errors and glitches while online. 

You must try private sessions mode in Spotify to avoid this “Something went wrong” error. To access the private mode, open the Spotify app and click “Settings” from the profile menu. Now scroll down to the “Social” options and click “Start a private session to listen anonymously.” 

How To Fix Spotify's "Something Went Wrong" Error? | Integraudio.com

  • Check Your Billing Details

Sometimes you forget to update the billing details, or your account doesn’t have sufficient funds to pay your Spotify bill. It makes it show the “Something went wrong” error. Billing is the method of deducting the monthly payment for your premium account.

To check your billing details, open Spotify and select “Account” from your profile file menu. It will open more settings in the web browser. Here go to “Saved payment card” and confirm your payment (Billing) details are right and that the added card has sufficient balance to pay the bill. 

How To Fix Spotify's "Something Went Wrong" Error? | Integraudio.com

  • Delete Spotify Cache

The cache temporarily stores data for the specific application or program that becomes available whenever you run the application. This cache can be overloaded and lead to errors and glitches. That is why cleaning the cache from your Spotify app occasionally is necessary. 

Open the Spotify app and go to “Settings.” Scroll down until you find the “Storage” options. In storage options, you will find the “Clean cache” option. Click on “Clean cache” and then confirm to clean it. 

How To Fix Spotify's "Something Went Wrong" Error? | Integraudio.com

  • Flush DNS Cache

DNS (Domain name system) flushing helps to resolve internet and connectivity errors and glitches. DNS or domain name system is the naming of domains on your internet. The DNS doesn’t keeps the data but redirects the users to the right website or server. 

If your DNS cache is full, then it might be causing the Spotify “Something went wrong” error. You will need to flush the DNS cache. To do that, open the “Command prompt” in the administrator mode. 

Once in the CMD, type the “pconfig /flushdns” command and hit enter. You will have to wait a few seconds or minutes. Exit the command prompt and open Spotify until it shows the successful message. Hopefully, your error is resolved.

How To Fix Spotify's "Something Went Wrong" Error? | Integraudio.com

Why Does It Say Something Went Wrong When I Try To Log In On Spotify?

If you try logging in to your Spotify account and it says, “Something went wrong,” you might be entering the wrong credentials. The second most common reason for this issue on the login page is your slow internet connection. You might face this issue if you have a slow internet connection or more users on one router. 

If you have forgotten your login credentials, use the “Forget Password.” option. It will send you a link to your registered email address, and you can log in again. Then you can change the password from the account settings.

How To Fix Spotify's "Something Went Wrong" Error? | Integraudio.com

If you are facing a slow internet connection issue, we recommend restarting your router or changing the WiFi password. It will lessen the traffic burden on your WiFi, and you can log in without the error. To restart the router, just turn it off and then on. It will resolve the login issue. 


The “something went wrong” error is always related to your account logins and data transfers. It means you cannot enter the correct details because some data is restricted. It leads to no accessibility, and you see this error. 

In Spotify, this error also occurs due to similar reasons. But this error is always caused by software and never by hardware, which means you can fix it. Here we have concluded the best practices to resolve this issue. You can try all the solutions mentioned above, and we are confident you will find the right one. 

The best practice to perform is an application update. Spotify only gives you application updates. You don’t need to update your web player. So, whenever you see an update notification, never hesitate to start the update immediately.

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