Why Does Spotify Web Player Keep Pausing? – 10 Reasons

Why Does Spotify Web Player Keep Pausing? | integraudio.com

Thanks to Spotify’s vast libraries of songs, playlists, and tailored suggestions, millions worldwide can enjoy a seamless music experience.

However, some Spotify users may have problems with the online player and frequent pauses in music playback. This perplexing issue may interfere with the music’s flow and aggravate listeners.

This article will examine the potential causes of this unexpected halting occurrence on the Spotify online player. We’ll look at possible technical issues and other elements.

Why Does Spotify Web Player Keep Pausing?

It is because of buffering issues due to slow internet speed. Fast internet is essential to get the maximum buffering capacity. If the internet connection is down or slow, your Spotify will pause because of the unbuffered part. The downtime of the Spotify server is the second major factor.

Sometimes your web applications also have glitches that stop the playing music. Moreover, if you are using any ad blocker or VPN, then the fluctuation in the services will keep pausing your Spotify. Excessive cache and account restrictions will also affect Spotify’s streaming.

  • Buffering and Slow Internet Connection
    The Spotify online player streams music in segments so that it plays smoothly on your device. The player may pause to buffer and load the next section of the song if your internet connection is sluggish or unstable.
  • Browser Compatibility Issues
    One of the possible causes of the Spotify online player’s intermittent pauses during music playback might be problems with browser compatibility. Not all web browsers may completely support the capabilities and function the Spotify web player uses since various web browsers read code differently.
  • Background Apps or Tabs
    The Spotify online player may repeatedly pause while playing music if several resource-hungry browser tabs are open or resource-intensive background programs are present. The web player’s processing speed and memory are essential for seamless music streaming.
  • Insufficient Device Resources
    The Spotify online player’s “Insufficient Device Resources” error message may frequently pause music playback when used. This problem occurs when the computer, smartphone, or tablet needs more CPU or RAM to handle the web player’s requirements without stuttering.
  • Web Player Glitches
    Web player glitches are brief faults or technical problems in the Spotify web player that cause unanticipated pauses or interruptions during music listening. Although Spotify makes every effort to provide a flawless listening experience, occasionally, bugs or code issues may occur, leading to unpredictable behavior from the online player.
  • Ad-Blockers or VPNs
    Ad-blocker plugins and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) might have unfavorable effects when using the Spotify online player. While they provide advantages, including preventing invasive adverts and improving online privacy, they may also cause issues with the music streaming platform’s functionality.
  • Account Status and Restrictions
    Account-related problems can significantly impact the experience of streaming music. Spotify may restrict access to specific features, including music listening, if a user’s membership is delinquent, expired, or experiencing financial difficulties. In some situations, the online player could sporadically interrupt the music to impose account constraints.
  • Corrupted Browser Cache
    When you use the Spotify online player, your browser caches temporary files, including graphics, scripts, and other components. It enables quicker loading of web pages, including the player. Music playback may unexpectedly pause if these cached files become damaged, which can happen for various reasons, including software errors, issues with browser extensions, and stopped downloads.
  • Misconfigured Firewalls or Security Settings
    Network firewalls or extremely rigorous security settings are one of the causes of songs stalling on the Spotify online player, among other things. Networks use firewalls to guard against threats and illegal access. But occasionally, these firewalls could be configured to prevent the Spotify web player from making a reliable connection to the platform’s servers.
  • External Interference
    External interference describes elements beyond the user’s control that may result in pauses and disruptions in the Spotify online player. Users may experience brief interruptions due to outside events even when they have a reliable internet connection and adequate device resources.

How To Fix When Your Spotify Web Player Keeps Pausing

The best way to avoid the pausing issue is to upgrade to a faster and more reliable internet connection. This connection will ensure you are getting enough speed to buffer the songs. Using a compatible browser and closing excessive apps and tabs will help eliminate this problem.

Furthermore, disabling VPN and Ad blockers will also cure this issue. These services often restrict area-specific apps. Finally, erasing the browsing cookies and cache will surely increase the overall performance and reduce the pausing issue.

Improve Internet Speed

You may take several actions to enhance your music streaming experience if the Spotify online player is halting due to buffering and a sluggish internet connection. To ensure smoother playback, start by attempting to connect to a quicker, more reliable internet connection, especially one that uses Wi-Fi rather than mobile data.

Consider restricting other devices’ bandwidth if linked to the same network so that Spotify can have more resources. You may end any background-running programs or browser tabs that use up your device’s processing power.

If the issue still exists, contacting your internet service provider to look into potential connection problems or switching to a higher-speed plan could also be helpful. 

Why Does Spotify Web Player Keep Pausing? | integraudio.com

Use Compatible Browsers

Users should ensure they are using a current and up-to-date web browser to resolve browser compatibility issues that result in sporadic pauses in the Spotify online player.

You can use well-known browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari because they frequently update to support the latest web technologies. 

  • Consider upgrading your browser to the most recent version or switching to a more compatible one if you encounter pauses with an older one.
  • To do that, go to the browser’s website, download, and install the latest one.

Why Does Spotify Web Player Keep Pausing? | integraudio.com

Exit Excessive Apps and Tabs

Optimizing the device’s resources is crucial to resolving the issue of Spotify’s online player continually stalling due to background programs or tabs. To start, quit resource-hungry background applications like video editing software or games to make room for the web player’s memory and processing capacity.

Reduce the number of browser tabs open because doing so will improve player performance as each account uses more RAM. Put Spotify first by dismissing idle bills or opening a second browser tab just for streaming music.

  • Exit any excessive tabs and apps opened. You can also close these apps using Task Manager.

Why Does Spotify Web Player Keep Pausing? | integraudio.com

Close Resource Demanding Programs

Close unused browser tabs and resource-demanding programs on your device to fix the “Insufficient Device Resources” problem and stop music playback pauses on the Spotify online player. The device can better manage the demands of the online player and provide smoother music streaming by freeing up CPU and RAM resources.

Additionally, consider utilizing the Spotify desktop app, which is faster and uses fewer resources than the web player while running in a browser. For a flawless Spotify music-listening experience, think about updating the hardware on your smartphone or switching to a more capable device if the issue continues.

  • To exit the background and excessive apps, press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” and then go to the “Processes” tab. Here, click on the app that is taking more resources than usual, and you want to close and then press “End Task.”

Why Does Spotify Web Player Keep Pausing? | integraudio.com

Restart the Web Browser

Try reloading the website or shutting down and restarting the browser to see if the problem persists. Clearing the browser’s cache and cookies can assist in getting rid of any damaged data interfering with the player’s functionality if the issue still exists.

Additionally, ensure your web browser is current because older browsers might not work correctly with the web player. Use a different web browser to determine whether the issues still exist if none of these fixes work.

It might also be beneficial to report the issue to Spotify’s customer service so they can look into it and fix any underlying technical problems. 

  • To restart your browser, close it using the “Close” button on the upper right corner or right-click on the app icon on the taskbar. Once the browser is completely closed, then reopen it.

Why Does Spotify Web Player Keep Pausing? | integraudio.com

Disable or Remove VPN or Ad Blockers

Users should consider removing these extensions or services when using the platform to address the problems brought on by ad-blockers and VPNs on the Spotify online player.

Users may help Spotify display ads as intended, supporting the free tier and providing a seamless and uninterrupted music streaming experience by temporarily turning off ad-blockers. Disabling VPNs can also aid in establishing a direct and secure connection with Spotify’s servers, minimizing any conflicts that can result in pauses or disturbances in listening. 

  • To disable the VPN or ad blocker extensions in Chrome (or most browsers), click on the three dots on the browser’s upper right. Then go to the “Extensions” file and select “Manage Extensions.”

Why Does Spotify Web Player Keep Pausing? | integraudio.com

  • Once in the extension menu, disable the VPN and ad blocker using the enable/disable switch. It will stop the IP or location fluctuation, making Spotify experience smoother.

Why Does Spotify Web Player Keep Pausing? | integraudio.com

Verify Membership

Users should confirm that their membership is current and in good standing to address account-related difficulties like geographic limitations that create hiccups in the Spotify online player. Check the payment status and, if required, renew the subscription.

If there are payment problems, consider changing the payment method or getting help from Spotify support. Users can use VPNs to access prohibited material and get around location-based regional restrictions. But it’s crucial to understand the laws and conditions governing VPN usage.

Erase Web Browser Cache & Cookies

The most straightforward remedy is to erase your web browser’s cache and cookies to fix the auto-pausing problem brought on by a damaged browser cache on the Spotify online player. Deleting these temporary files may eliminate any corrupted or outdated data that creates playback issues.

  • To accomplish this, go to the settings or preferences of your browser, find the clearing of browsing data option, and choose “Cache” and “Cookies.” Clean both cookies and cache.
  • Close and reopen the browser after clearing the cache and cookies, then sign back into Spotify to continue listening to music without interruption.

Why Does Spotify Web Player Keep Pausing? | integraudio.com

Allow App Through Firewall

Users can attempt the following fixes to stop songs from becoming stuck on the Spotify online player due to network firewalls or strict security settings. Ensure that you configure the network firewall to enable the necessary data packets for music streaming before you confirm permission for Spotify.

If you’re using a public or business network, contact the administrator and ask them to change the firewall settings for Spotify as needed. Alternately, attempt to use Spotify on a network with fewer stern firewall restrictions. 

  • To allow apps through the firewall, search in the Windows search bar “Allow an app through the firewall Windows” and open it.

Why Does Spotify Web Player Keep Pausing? | integraudio.com

  • Now click on “Change Settings” in the upper right corner. Now scroll down and allow the Web browser to use the resources.

Why Does Spotify Web Player Keep Pausing? | integraudio.com

Reduce External Interference

Users can take several preventative measures to lessen the impact of outside intervention on the Spotify online player. You can use a practical battery backup system or an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to prevent power outages in the first place.

Regular firmware updates for the device and the Spotify app can improve performance and fix any potential software-related problems. Users may also consider downloading a feature to access their preferred music offline, allowing uninterrupted listening even during brief connection failures. 


The Spotify online player may repeatedly pause for various reasons, including technical difficulties, network challenges, and outside intervention. Frequent pauses might occur when the player tries to load the next section of the music due to buffering and sluggish internet connections.

Playback troubles can be brought on by browser compatibility concerns, especially with older browsers that lack the essential upgrades to support contemporary web technologies. Insufficient device resources, programs running in the background, and other factors might slow the player’s performance and cause disruptions.

When attempting to access damaged cached files, the player may halt due to a corrupted browser cache that makes it difficult to retrieve data. Strict network firewalls and security settings might block data packets required for music streaming, which can cause interruptions.

The player may also momentarily stall due to outside interference, such as abrupt power outages, network problems, or server maintenance. The consumer may take steps to improve their music streaming experience, even if some of these aspects are out of their control.

Additionally, users may minimize pauses and have a more seamless music-listening experience on the Spotify online player by maintaining a steady internet connection, utilizing the most recent browsers, managing background resources, and handling account-related difficulties.

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