Spotify Take Too Long To Download Songs? 8 Fixes

Why Does Spotify Take So Long To Download Songs? |

Spotify’s sizable tune catalog and user-friendly layout allow customers to concentrate on their favored tunes online and offline.

Users do not forget Spotify’s most famous offline listening characteristic because it makes them aware of tuning even without an internet connection. However, hundreds of clients occasionally consider why downloading songs from Spotify once in a while takes a long time.

In this article, we can discuss the factors affecting how long it takes for Spotify to download music and investigate the complex mechanisms underlying this process.

Why Does Spotify Take So Long To Download Songs?

It takes time to download a high-quality song with a huge file size. This will require high-speed internet. Moreover, if you are facing network congestion due to high internet traffic, then this issue will appear. Excessive server load and app cache are also culprits.

If you use an old app incompatible with the latest operating system (iOS), you will surely face this downloading issue. The latest apps can connect with the latest firmware. This ability helps it to get a smoother process experience. Additionally, less device storage also leads to slow downloading issues.

  • File Size and Quality
    The file size and quality are two critical elements that affect how long music downloads on Spotify. Larger file sizes will naturally take longer to download because customers effectively save audio files to their devices when they download music. Users may select from various quality options in the app to balance download speed and audio quality.
  • Network Connection
    The network connection heavily influences the speed at which Spotify downloads music. Users seeking to save their favorite tunes offline may become frustrated by lengthy download periods caused by a sluggish or inconsistent internet connection.
  • Server Load
    The quantity of incoming requests and processing needs placed on Spotify’s servers is called server load. Spotify, one of the most widely used music streaming services globally, receives many traffic and download requests from its many customers. As a result, Spotify takes a long to download.
  • DRM Protection
    Spotify uses digital rights management (DRM) technology to prevent unlawful distribution and piracy of copyrighted content, such as songs and albums. When a user saves a song to their computer for offline listening, Spotify encrypts the audio file using DRM, limiting access to the Spotify app and prohibiting direct access to the original file.
  • Concurrent Downloads
    The occurrence of concurrent downloads is to blame for the delay in music downloads on Spotify. Users who attempt to download multiple songs at once will notice a delay in the overall downloading process. Due to this, each download will compete for the available bandwidth and resources. It increases the time required to download each song in proportion to the number of songs downloaded simultaneously.
  • Cache Management
    Several cache management-related issues can cause sluggish music download speeds on Spotify. Spotify uses a cache to store temporary information, such as recently played music and album covers, when you download songs to enhance your user experience.
  • App Version and Updates
    There are several reasons why music on Spotify downloads slowly. Your internet connection’s quality is one major factor. A sluggish or inconsistent internet connection will inevitably impact the download speed.
  • Device Storage
    Due to various factors, Spotify’s song download time may increase. The amount of storage space on the smartphone is one of the leading causes. Spotify requires enough capacity to store temporary files throughout the download and installation process, so if your device runs low on storage, it may impede the download process.

How To Fix Spotify That Is Taking Long To Download Songs?

You can fix it by downloading low-size and quality songs on Spotify. These songs will be smaller and take no time to download over a high-speed internet connection. Therefore, the second most important requirement is a high-speed internet connection. 

If your internet is the culprit, you can’t do anything else except move to a faster internet connection. Use DRM-free backups of songs to avoid downloading process. Moreover, you must prioritize the downloading request to get maximum download speed for Spotify.

The cache also plays an important role in providing instant access to the app. You need to clear the cache from the app to reduce the overloading cache. Similarly, mobile storage is also an essential perspective when talking about download speed. Always keep enough storage to download the songs.

Download Low Size and Quality Songs

Users who need their downloads to go faster can select a lower audio-excellent preset. Choosing a decreased bitrate or pleasant desire can substantially reduce document sizes and speed up download times, even while a top-notch tune improves listening enjoyment.

Users of Spotify can select their preferred audio for streaming as well as downloading, allowing them to customize the ratio of download speed to quality based on their individual preferences.

  • Open Spotify and then go to settings. Here scroll down until you find the “Audio Quality” section.
  • Here open the “Download” file and select “Normal” or “Low” quality will reduce your internet stress and help you download the songs faster.

Why Does Spotify Take So Long To Download Songs? |

Use a Fast and Reliable Internet Connection

Users can take subsequent actions to overcome the problems of gradual download speeds because of network connection issues. To guarantee an extra seamless download, move to a quicker, more reliable internet connection, consisting of Wi-Fi, in preference to mobile data.

To lessen community congestion, keep in mind downloading music at off-peak times. Finally, remember to switch to a higher-speed net plan or contact your net provider to restore connectivity issues. By enforcing those methods, Spotify customers can quickly download songs and experience seamless offline listening.

Why Does Spotify Take So Long To Download Songs? |

Be Patient

Spotify may use several processes to reduce the effect of server pressure on music downloads. The platform might first invest in a robust server infrastructure to manage more traffic efficiently.

Distributing download requests among several servers through load-balancing techniques helps consumers acquire smoother and faster downloads. Additionally, by analyzing personal conduct and foreseeing demand surges, predictive algorithms allow Spotify to install server sources correctly at top instances.

Recurring server maintenance and software program enhancements are critical to maximize server performance and decrease downtime delays. Spotify can assure an extra easy and enjoyable tune streaming experience for its purchasers, especially during periods of high consumption, by constantly enhancing its server structure.

Use DRM-free Backups of Songs

Spotify might include a function that enables customers to make DRM-free backups of their downloaded tracks to remedy this issue. Exporting songs in a standard audio format, such as MP3 or AAC, would allow consumers to listen to their music without limitations on various devices and media players.

Implementing this approach will improve the overall experience for Spotify users and ensure they can enjoy their favorite songs more freely while maintaining a balance between copyright protection and consumer convenience.

  • Open your favorite album and add a few songs to the playlist to do that. The songs that you want to download. 
  • Now go to the playlist and press on “three dots.” Select “Download” from the list.

Why Does Spotify Take So Long To Download Songs? |

Prioritize and Stagge Download Requests

Users may utilize a simple fix to address the problem of concurrent downloads delaying music downloads on Spotify. Prioritize and stagger their download requests. Choose to queue up fewer tracks for download instead of attempting to download several songs simultaneously.

To ensure more effective usage of available bandwidth and resources, users should wait until they have downloaded each song before moving on to the next one. This strategy lessens download competition and accelerates the entire download process.

Prioritizing and staggering download requests can result in a quicker and smoother downloading experience on Spotify, whether managing an extensive music library or during periods of peak server demand.

Clear Spotify Cache

Users can take several actions to improve the slow music download speed brought on by problems with Spotify’s cache management. To remove any extra temporary data contributing to slowdowns, routinely empty the app’s cache.

The Spotify app’s settings area allows you to accomplish this. Second, check whether your device has sufficient storage capacity to handle caching. If you need to improve your device’s storage, it may slow down download speeds and interfere with managing and retrieving caches.

Thirdly, consider downloading music at off-peak times to prevent network traffic jams and server saturation, which can further slow down downloads. Users may enjoy quicker and more influential music downloads on Spotify and improve their overall user experience by employing these options.

  • To clear the Spotify cache, open the application and go to “Settings.” Scroll down until you find the “Clear Cache” option. Select the option to remove all the cache.

Why Does Spotify Take So Long To Download Songs? |

Update To The Latest App Version

Users could take several actions to remedy the problem of delayed music downloads on Spotify caused by app versions and upgrades. Ensure you have a dependable and quick internet connection, whether Wi-Fi or a consistent mobile data plan. If you’re having trouble downloading songs during peak hours, consider doing it during off-peak hours to avoid server overload.

Additionally, ensure your smartphone has enough storage, and update the Spotify app frequently because updates frequently feature speed improvements. Consider deleting or reinstalling the app’s cache to streamline the download process. Users may increase the effectiveness of music downloads on Spotify and enjoy a more seamless offline music listening experience by adhering to these guidelines.

  • If you use Spotify on Android, go to “Google Play Store” and write “Spotify.” It will give you the “Update” option if any updates are available. 

Why Does Spotify Take So Long To Download Songs? |

  • If you use Spotify on a PC, visit the official Spotify website and download and install the latest version.

Why Does Spotify Take So Long To Download Songs? |

Free Device Storage

You can employ several ways to remedy the sluggish music download speeds on Spotify caused by storage problems with your device. Users should check to see if their smartphone has enough free capacity to support the downloads.

  • To free up space, periodically uninstall useless programs and files. It will create a huge space in your device. 

Why Does Spotify Take So Long To Download Songs? |

  • Second, think about defragmenting the device’s storage if it is fragmented to improve read and write performance. To do that, right-click on the drive you want to defrag and select “Properties” from the file menu. 
  • Now go to the “Tools” tab and select “Optimize.” In the next menu, select the drive and press “Optimize.”

Why Does Spotify Take So Long To Download Songs? |

  • Thirdly, ensure your internet connection is dependable and quick, preferably utilizing Wi-Fi, to prevent delays brought on by a slow or unstable network. As a result, of these fixes, users may speed up Spotify downloads dramatically.

Why Does Spotify Take So Long To Download Songs? |


First and foremost, prioritize the size and quality of the audio tracks. Producing large files that require extra time to download with higher-quality formats like FLAC or high bitrates is essential. Moreover, users can pick out lower audio exceptional settings to shorten download instances while retaining an excellent listening experience.

One significant factor affecting download instances is the network connection. Music downloads take longer when data communication between Spotify’s servers and the user’s device is slowed down or interrupted.

Spotify can control server load and deliver purchasers a smoother, faster download experience by investing in a robust server architecture, load balancing techniques, predictive algorithms, and ordinary upkeep.

Moreover, longer download instances result from adopting the Digital Rights Management (DRM) period. It adds any other level of complexity to the download system. Additionally, users may ensure quicker downloads by maintaining a regular high-speed network and routinely upgrading the Spotify app, that’s important for copyright safety.

Concurrent downloads can also bring on download delays, several songs conflicting for the same bandwidth, and cache control troubles. Additionally, setting download requests in order of priority and deleting the app’s cache help remedy those problems and enhance the general download experience.

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