Why Does Spotify Re-Install Every Time I Open It? Solved

Why Does Spotify Re-Install Every Time I Open It? Solved

Spotify is one of the most emerging music description services, with accessibility in 183 countries worldwide. 

Spotify is available for both desktop and smartphone devices. Either they are Android or IOS (iPhone). This availability makes it more popular and convenient to use. It means you can use one account on a smartphone (Android or ISO) or your computer system without hesitation. 

Despite that, few users face the issues that Spotify reinstalls whenever they open it. This issue is common for both computer and smartphone users. But fortunately, here we have discussed the reasons behind this issue and the best solutions with step-by-step guides. So, let’s dive into the topic. 

Why Does Spotify Re-Install Every Time I Open It?

The main reasons are the firewall app blockage, low storage space on the device, an app login issue, an old cache, an outdated Spotify version, Spotify startup at high priority, and a location with no access to the Spotify service. All these issues are software related and could be resolved in no time. 

In any operating system, once you install an application, it creates the directory files in that operating system, and you don’t need to install it again. But in the case of Spotify, there is more than one error and glitch that causes the operating system to delete those directories and install the app again. 

One of the best ways to fix these problems is to delete the application, including its registry files and folders, and then reinstall it with the default settings. It will relocate the directory files and give your operating system a new pathway to access the application. 

  • Add App To Firewall Allowed App List

Firewall is a Windows primary protection program. It monitors the network and traffic, including the application access. The firewall is a barrier to stopping unwanted traffic from entering your operating system. Add it to the firewall-allowed app list to bypass an app.

This firewall could be blocking Spotify’s directory and exe files, so your operating system reinstalls Spotify every time you open it. To resolve the issue, you must add Spotify to the allowed app list in the firewall. It will bypass the Spotify exe file from the firewall.

To add Spotify to the firewall allowed list, open the start menu and search “Allow an app to Windows firewall.” Click to open the firewall settings. In the new window, click “Change settings” to enable the editable mode of the list. Now search for “Spotify” through the list. 

Why Does Spotify Re-Install Every Time I Open It? Solved | Integraudio.com

Once you find it, click on it, and then click on “Private” if you are the only user or “Public” if this account also has access to other networks. It will allow Spotify to pass through the firewall and resolve your reinstallation error. 

  • Make Some Space in the Device

Spotify needs space on your device because it stores music, playlists, and podcasts that you have saved. Spotify also stores data from your streaming sessions, so it needs space to store this information. Moreover, if you are downloading music for offline listening, you might need space. 

To check the space in the Spotify app (on your PC or Android), open Spotify and then go to settings. Scroll down until you find the “Storage” options. You can see the space that Spotify has taken up on your system here. If one of your PC drives is full, then you can switch the offline storage location to another drive from the option. 

Why Does Spotify Re-Install Every Time I Open It? Solved | Integraudio.com

  • Reboot and Re-login Spotify App

Rebooting an application means restarting it to prevent errors and ensure it runs properly. v may involve closing and reopening the application or restarting the computer or device on which the application is running. It resolves many temporary glitches.

To reboot the Spotify app, exit the application and then remove the process from the “Task Manager.” To do that, press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” simultaneously and search for “Spotify” in the processes list. Once you find Spotify, click on it, and then click the “End task” button. It will end all Spotify-related tasks. 

Why Does Spotify Re-Install Every Time I Open It? Solved | Integraudio.com

Now you just have to relaunch the Spotify application. We also recommend logging out of your Spotify account before restarting it. It will reset all the settings (in Windows and the app) to their defaults. That will resolve all the glitches and errors. We also recommend that you restart your system.

  • Clear Spotify Cache Memory

Spotify Cache Memory is a section of your computer’s storage system dedicated to temporarily storing data from the Spotify app. It stores music files and other data such as album art, artist images, and other information related to the music being streamed. 

It saves the information, so you don’t have to download it repeatedly. That makes the Spotify app run better overall. On the other hand, if the cache memory on your computer is getting full and you haven’t cleared it in a while, you might run into this reinstallation error.

To clear the cache, open the Spotify app and go to “Settings.” Scroll down until you are in the “Storage” section. Here you will find “Cache” and the storage it takes on your system. Just click the “Clear Cache” button to delete all the old and unnecessary cache files. 

Why Does Spotify Re-Install Every Time I Open It? Solved | Integraudio.com

  • Disable Spotify From Startup App List

In Windows, the “startup apps” applications are executed immediately after the operating system boots up. These include web browsers, email clients, chat programs, system utilities, and other applications. Depending on your version of Windows, you can access startup apps in the Task Manager. 

If Spotify is in the startup app list, you might face these reinstallation issues, as it will automatically start booting the system. To avoid the issue, disable Spotify from the “Startup” task. To do that, open “Task Manager” by pressing the “Ctrl+Alt+Del” keys simultaneously. 

Once you are in the Task Manager’s window, go to the “Startup” tab. Scroll down until you find Spotify on the list. Right-click on Spotify and select “Disable” from the list. It will prevent Spotify from starting up with the Windows reboot.

Why Does Spotify Re-Install Every Time I Open It? Solved | Integraudio.com

  • Reinstall Spotify App

Reinstalling a glitchy app can help to remove any bugs or glitches that may be causing the app to malfunction. It can also remove any corrupted files that may be causing the app to act erratically. In some cases, reinstalling the app can also help to restore any missing data or settings that may have been lost due to a crash.

That is why your last option is to reinstall the app manually. First, you have to uninstall Spotify. To do that, go to the Windows start menu and search “Spotify.” Once the app appears, right-click on it and select “Uninstall” from the list. Follow the instructions and uninstall the app. 

Why Does Spotify Re-Install Every Time I Open It? Solved | Integraudio.com

Now reboot your computer system and download the latest Spotify app from the Spotify website or Microsoft app store. Install the latest version into your system and login using your credentials. Hopefully, this will resolve your reinstallation error for good. 

What Is Spotify Clean Reinstallation?

Spotify clean reinstallation is the possess which allows the users to remove the entire Spotify application from their devices and start a new fresh installation of the application from scratch. This clean reinstallation removes many bugs, glitches, and issues from the Spotify app. 

It is done by deleting or uninstalling the Spotify app from your computer and deleting the local application files and the user-generated files from the device. It also deletes the stored files on the device, including the downloads and playlist preferences. 

The clean reinstallation method eliminates the corrupted and outdated files causing issues in Spotify, like the above reinstallation error. It also helps remove unwanted files like the cache and unnecessary storage. 

It also resolves the Spotify crashing, freezing, and slow loading issues by setting all the settings to default. To perform the clean reinstallation, open the Spotify app and log out. Afterward, tap “Start menu” and type “Spotify.” Once the app appears on the list, right-click on it to open the file. 

Why Does Spotify Re-Install Every Time I Open It? Solved | Integraudio.com

Select “Uninstall” from the file. It will ask to delete the related data; press “Uninstall” again to confirm the command. Once it is completely removed from the device, download the latest version to Spotify’s official website. Now install the latest version of Spotify by following the instructions and logging in using your credentials. 

Do Reinstalling Spotify Delete All Downloaded Songs?

When you uninstall Spotify, all the music and playlists you downloaded to your device will be deleted. It includes any music that you have downloaded for offline listening. Additionally, all the playlists and songs in the queue you created will be deleted. 

Any songs you added to your library will no longer be available. However, if you saved your playlists to your Spotify account before uninstalling, you can regain access by reinstalling the app. All of your playlists will be restored, but the music you downloaded for offline listening will not be available.

You can save these songs by manually locating the download folder and then saving that folder to any other place with a different name on your device. In this way, Spotify will not recognize that folder and will not delete it. Then you can relocate the folder after reinstalling Spotify. 


Spotify reinstallation issues are more common on computers than smartphones. It is because smartphones can access third-party services like Apple or Google stores. These services take feedback and note responses of apps and find the solution for your device automatically. 

But you have to deal with many errors and glitches manually on computers. In this article, we have gathered all the possible ways to resolve the Spotify automatic reinstallation error. Moreover, there is also a method to cleanly reinstall the Spotify application if nothing works for you. 

We have also discussed the effects of reinstalling the Spotify app on the saved music and playlists. We hope that you found this article helpful and that it will resolve your issue for good.

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