How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached (2023 FIX)

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

Are you being prevented by Spotify from logging into multiple devices? Well, that’s not an issue but rather a Spotify policy. We are here to get you through this.

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services, with millions of users worldwide. However, like any other digital service, it has its limitations. One common issue users encounter the “device limit reachederror message, preventing them from logging in on another device.

This issue can be frustrating, especially for those who regularly use multiple devices to listen to their favorite songs. This article will discuss fixing the Spotify device limit reached problem. So, whether you’re a long-time Spotify user or a newbie, read this to learn about fixing the “device limit reached error.

How to Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached?

Spotify has its policies while subscribing to and using its services (like most subscription-required applications have). Several reasons exist that invoke the error “device limit reached,” such as the number of devices allowed or the security concerns.

To counter that, numerous solutions can be tried and adopted to fix this error, as per the reasons. So before choosing a solution, you need to consider the possible reasons that have caused this error. Some notable reasons are listed below:

  • You have reached the maximum number of devices allowed to use your account simultaneously. Signing into multiple devices is counted towards the maximum device limit.
  • Someone else has gained access to your account and is using it on multiple devices, resulting in the device limit reaching an error.
  • There may be a glitch or technical issue with the Spotify app or service, causing the device limit reached error to appear incorrectly.

Fix 1: Remove Unnecessary/Unused Device

Usually, Spotify users are logged into multiple devices using the same account. However, the primary device could be either one or two for an individual (basic) or Duo (intermediate) Premium accounts, respectively. In such a case, we must look at the devices linked to your account and remove unused/unnecessary devices.

Go to the Settings of the Spotify account:

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

Scroll down to see the Devices option:

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

It will show you the number/names of the devices linked to your account. Click on the Three Dots in front of the device that you want to remove:

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

It will ask you what to do. Click on Forget device to remove the device:

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

Fix 2: Sign Out of All Devices

If unlinking the account (Fix 1) has not worked for you, there is another option to fix this issue quickly. You can sign out from all the devices. By doing so, all the devices attached to your account will be logged out.

To do this, open the Account option:

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

Scroll down at the end and click on the Sign out everywhere button, as can be seen below:

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

This will instantly sign you out from all the accounts. After that, you can sign back in to limit the number of devices per your plan.

Fix 3: Update Spotify

There is a possibility that your Spotify application is not up to date. This issue only occurs if the app is not updated frequently (depending on the releases). So, follow the steps below to update Spotify on your respective device.

For Android/iOS:

Open the Play Store/ App Store and search for Spotify. If you see an UPDATE option, then click on it. Else, you have the latest version:

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

For Desktop:

Open the Windows Store from where you have downloaded the application and look for any Update button, if available:

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

Fix 4: Change Your Plan

If you think subscribing to a premium account will allow you to use Spotify on any device. Well, that depends on the plan. You must review your plan, and if you need to use it on multiple devices, you must update/change your premium plan.

For this, you have to navigate to the Account Settings:

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

This will navigate you to the Account’s settings, where you can scroll down to the Your Plan option. To change your plan, Click on the Change Plan option as seen below:

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

When you click on the Change Plan option, you will see the available plans and can select the best one. It is recommended to switch to Premium Family to get simultaneous streaming permission on six devices:

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

That’s how you can change/update your Spotify premium plan.

Fix 5: Enable Spotify on Firewall

The system’s firewall protects you from malware attacks and prevents all such programs on your system. There are chances that Spotify is disabled on your firewall. To ensure that Firewall is not a hurdle, enable Spotify on the firewall (if not already).

For this, go to the Firewall & networks protection and choose to Allow an app through the firewall:

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

Once opened, scroll down the apps and check that Spotify’s Public checkbox is marked:

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

Note: If it is not marked already, mark it and then click on OK to apply the changes.

Fix 6: Re-Install Spotify

If you are done with all the above fixes and still unable to get rid of the problem. Then, there might be problems with your installed version, i.e., corrupted installation files, malware that has attacked Spotify, etc. In such a scenario, reinstalling Spotify will be helpful.

First, uninstall the current version of Spotify completely. Once uninstalled, you can download/install a fresh copy of Spotify as per your platform (Android, iOS, Desktop). Let’s show you how you can install it:

  • For Android/iOS: Open the App Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android) and search Spotify. You will get an Install button; click on it to install Spotify.
  • For Desktop: Go to the Spotify Website and download the supported installable file for your Desktop. You can also install it from the App Store of your PC.

Fix 7: Contact Spotify Support Team

This is the final check that is recommended to perform only at last. Spotify Support Team is quick enough to listen to your queries and get back to you with the solution. You can contact Spotify Support Team through various means, i..e, Twitter, Facebook, and Direct Email.

Go to Spotify’s Contact Us page and see the mediums to approach Spotify, as seen below.

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

It is recommended to reach out to Spotify through their Twitter Official Support account, i.e., Spotify Cares. Just drop a direct message with the detailed query, and the support team will contact you:

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

Fix 8: Download Spotify Music

The problem is that Spotify does not allow you to stream music, but you can log in to multiple accounts. Remember, Spotify’s download feature (available on Premium plans) allows you to download and listen to the playlist on the device.

First, you have to make a playlist of music you want to listen to and name that playlist (if not already). For this, click on the three dots in front of the music and choose to Add to Playlist:

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

Now, choose either the existing playlist or create a new one and click Done. The music will be added to the desired playlist:

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

Once you are done with adding the music to a specific playlist, now, go to your playlist and tap on the Downloads icon:

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

This will download the complete playlist, and you can listen to it, irrespective of whether the Device limit is reached online.

How Many Devices Are Allowed on Spotify Premium?

One thing to notice here is that Spotify allows you to log in to one account on as many devices as you like. However, you can stream on a specific number of devices per your subscription plan’s limit. Spotify offers various Premium plans with specific device limits, as listed below.

  • Individual: It costs you $9.99/month and allows you to stream music on one device at a time.
  • Student: This Spotify account is for Students who can enjoy one streaming account for $4.99 monthly.
  • Duo: As the name shows, Duo subscribers can enjoy streaming on two devices simultaneously at $12.99.
  • Family: The Family account’s subscribers can connect to 6 devices and stream music simultaneously for $15.99.

How To Fix Spotify Device Limit Reached? |

Note: You can get all these plans by navigating to the Official Website.

Bottom Line

A few things must be considered when you subscribe to a Spotify plan. For instance, Spotify offers a specific device limit with each plan; if you do not use the account as per the limit allowed to you, the error “Device Limit Reached” arises.

Sometimes, if Spotify observes some unusual activity on your account, this might also lead to the same error. To overcome this error, you must focus on the reasons that invoke this error and the possible fixes, as briefly demonstrated in this post.

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