Why Do My Discord Messages Disappear?

Why Do My Discord Messages Disappear?

Discord is an application used by millions of gamers around the globe to communicate with each other using different servers and communities.

If your chat or channel messages disappear without any specific reason, and you are confused with this anonymous activity, there can be several issues and reasons behind them. It can be restricted or banned content not allowed on the Discord servers. Still, you can fix it by following some simple diagnosis.

This article will answer why your Discord messages disappear. We will find out the possible reasons for their solutions, and this topic will also cover the basic rules of Discord provided by the manufacturers and developers. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get into today’s topic of discussion.

Why Do My Discord Messages Disappear?

It is mainly due to a glitch in Discord servers or the servers are not responding. Getting muted or banned in a community server can also restrict you from sending new messages while deleting the previous one. You only have to contact the server founder or owner to resolve such issues.

Old, un-updated versions of Discord also cause such dysfunctionalities, leading to abnormalities. Multiple logins or someone with your account access can also delete your previous messages. Message retention limits of Discord can also delete your messages for being inappropriate.

Reading this application’s rules and restrictions is necessary to understand the allowed content and messages better.

A glitch in the Discord application can be due to your corrupt or un-updated Windows or drivers. Sometimes, viruses and malware inflictions into the application files also lead to mysterious activities, making the messages disappear or restricting the user from sending new messages. This can be confusing.

In some cases, many bot commands can delete the previous messages. The support team can also guide and solve some of the Discord application malfunctions, so reporting them regarding the issue is helpful for better understanding. All of the possible reasons for messages disappearing are mentioned below:

  • A Glitch in the Discord Server or Application

Discord can cause several glitches while connecting to their servers or the application files being corrupted by a virus or malware. 

  • Using an Old Version of Discord

Discord always checks for updates at the start, but if it somehow glitches to load the old version without the new server updates, your new messages can disappear from the chat.

  • Getting Muted or Banned in the Discord Server

It is the most common cause of confusion because an admin or user has banned you from the server due to inappropriate content or spam messages. 

  • Multiple Logins or Users

If you have multiple users using the same account, it will confuse you if someone deletes something. 

  • Message Retention Limits

Discord retention limits of messages can block you from sending inappropriate or spam messages while removing the previous one.

  • Discord Bots Interference

Discord bots can also delete your inappropriate messages if they contain content that the developers ban on that specific server. Some bot commands are also used to disappear the previous or selected user messages.

  • Discord Application Malfunction

If you are facing dysfunctionalities without providing any reason or logic, Discord may cause software malfunction that can only be resolved by contacting their support team.

How To Fix Discord That Disappearing Messages?

You can fix it by checking the Discord server status to see if any outages have made your messages disappear. Re-installing a fresh, updated Discord is also recommended, and a force update may be required if your Discord is not automatically updating at the startup because it’s crucial for servers.

If you have been banned from the server to send new messages, you may need to contact the moderators for possible reasons. Don’t forget to check the rules and restrictions of a new server to avoid getting banned. Always review the channel permissions before sending banned messages, links, or media files.

Suppose another user has used your account or is showing anonymous activity due to hacking. In that case, changing the password is best because it can harm your privacy and server moderation. Sometimes, some servers have bots modified to remove the backed-up or unnecessary messages; this can also remove your messages.

Why Do My Discord Messages Disappear? | integraudio.com


Back up or pin your important messages or media to avoid pruning. Limiting the bot’s commands for the users to avoid mass deletion is also necessary. Increasing your internet speed is also recommended to avoid message delays and confusion. All of the possible step-by-step solutions are mentioned below:

Check Discord Server Outages

Discord stores its data through scripted messages, media files, and other user settings in its backup servers. If there have been any outages recently, it is possible that your messages have not been stored on their servers, leading to the complete deletion of previously stored data.

  • In that case, you can easily check the server status from this website or re-start your Discord application.
  • Close” Discord application using Windows “Task Manager,” use theTaskbar or press the “CTRL + Shift + ESC” shortcut keys to open the Task Manager.
  • From the Processes tab, locate and select Discord, then clickEnd Task to close the application and prevent it from running in the background.

Why Do My Discord Messages Disappear? | integraudio.com


  • Start the Discord application again and wait for the updates to process. Discord servers are down if the updates fail or show some type of error.
  • You must wait for the Discord servers to return online or contact the support team to restore your previous messages.

Why Do My Discord Messages Disappear? | integraudio.com


Re-install or Force Update Discord

If your Discord application is not updated or bugged due to virus inflictions or malware attacks, you must re-install or force update your Discord. Updating your Windows Defender is also crucial to avoid more complications while re-installing the new version of Discord. Follow these easy steps to re-install:

  • Open the Windows “Control Panel” from the Taskbar’s search. Locate “Programs” and click the text “Uninstall a program” mentioned below.
  • Now select the “Discord” application from the program list and click the “Uninstall” text mentioned above the bar.

Why Do My Discord Messages Disappear? | integraudio.com


  • After uninstallation, open the Windows “Settings” from the Taskbar or by pressing “Win + I” shortcut keys. Locate and open the “Update & Security” tab.
  • From the “Windows Update” tab, click the “Check for updates” button. Windows will automatically download and install the required Defender updates to prevent virus and malware inflictions.

Why Do My Discord Messages Disappear? | integraudio.com


  • To forcefully update your Discord application, go to the Discord folder by navigating the directory “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Discord” or pressing the “Win + R” key to open the “Run Command.”
  • Type “%appdata%” into the dialogue box and press “Enter.” From the Local folder, open Discord’s folder and run the “Update.exe” command. It will start installing the updates using the internet in the background.

Why Do My Discord Messages Disappear? | integraudio.com


Contact The Server Moderators

If you have been banned from the server by the admin or moderators, it is best to contact them to understand the following reasons. Sometimes, some bans can be errors or mistakes, and moderators can help you access your old messages and server, as getting banned causes your messages to disappear.

Reading the server’s rules and restrictions is crucial to avoid these bans that can delete your previous messages. Users with server permissions are called admins or moderators, and you can easily locate them from the members tab because most of them have their roles and names located above all other members.

Why Do My Discord Messages Disappear? | integraudio.com


Change Account Password

Suppose your account is hacked or used by various users. In that case, it’s best to change the password to secure and avoid such privacy errors because other users can easily delete your messages and servers, which can be harmful. You can easily change your Discord password using your old password without mail verification.

  • Run your Discord application and open theUser Settings from the gears icon beside your username in the lower-left corner.
  • It will open the My Account tab, scroll, and click the “Change Password” button located below Password and Authentication.”
  • It will open a dialogue box, type yourCurrent Password and New Password with Confirm New Password confirmation, and click Done after surety.
  • Hopefully, it will automatically log out your Discord accounts from all the other devices. You can also turn on the 2-step verification from the same settings, preventing the hackers from logging into your account using just the username and password.

Why Do My Discord Messages Disappear? | integraudio.com


Bots and Integrations

Verify the bot’s permissions if it participates in a conversation where vanishing messages are not functioning as intended. Verify that the bot has the authorizations required to send and handle messages on the designated channel. The best solution is to remove such bots from the channel. 

How To See Deleted Messages On Discord?

You can see by using Discord bots like Dyno and MEE6 that are configured to save all chat history, including messages that have since been deleted. However, such records’ availability depends on the bot’s presence and configuration. Third-party apps and browser add-ons should be used sparingly when available. 

Use a Bot 

Certain Discord bots, such as Dyno or MEE6, can record messages, even ones that have been erased. You might be able to view the logs if a bot of that type is running on your server and set up to record messages that have been erased. That being said, this depends on whether the bot is present and configured.

Why Do My Discord Messages Disappear? | integraudio.com


Third-Party Applications

Some browser extensions and third-party programs claim they can retrieve deleted Discord communications. Use caution while using these techniques since they may provide security issues and are not officially endorsed by Discord. They could also not function consistently or be against Discord’s terms of service.


It can be frustrating when your Discord messages disappear, but it’s not impossible to fix. This problem could have more than one cause. Figuring out these causes is the first step to finding an answer.

It could be because of bugs in Discord’s servers or apps, using old versions, getting kicked from a server, logging in to multiple accounts, message retention limits, damaged files, slow internet, or Discord bots interfering.

You can deal with these problems in several ways. Check for Discord server failures to make sure your messages are saved correctly. If you’re having software issues, reinstall or force-update Discord. 

If you’ve been banned, contact the server admins to know why. So, if you think someone else has entered your account without your permission, you must change your password immediately. Also, knowing about message limits and editing can help keep your server running smoothly.

Discord tools like Dyno and MEE6 may keep removed messages depending on how they are set up. Third-party apps may claim to be able to get back deleted messages, but they may pose security risks and breach terms of service.

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