Why Is My AirPods Case Loose?

Why Is My AirPods Case Loose? | integraudio.com

Apple is famous for providing premium quality to its customers.

The meticulously designed AirPods are enjoyed by their users and are deemed one of the finest earbuds. Similarly, the AirPods case plays a vital role in protecting your AirPods from any damage and increasing their lifespan. You can use the case confidently with a guarantee that your AirPods will be secured, free from scratches, and preserved inside it. 

The size of the case is ideal for carrying with comfort, and the AirPods fit in it perfectly. If you are using an AirPods Pro case, you may have noticed it is a bit loose. You shouldn’t worry too much about this because the case was intentionally made a little loose to add flexibility. But if you notice that your case is looser than when it came, you might have a problem. If you’re curious about how to fix it, this article details all the information you’ll need.

Why Is My AirPods Case Loose?

Airpods cases are slightly loose to add flexibility. The case has two joints on either side, and you may even notice small spaces between the top lid and bottom area when you close it. This is normal and nothing to worry about. If you feel it is looser than usual, you can replace the case with a new one.

You must also note that they bobble, so the lid falls into its place, securing the seal when closed. If the case is loose, this does not affect the performance of the AirPods, but if the case gets looser than normal, dust and dirt can cause defects or decrease the sound quality of the AirPods.

Since the seal does not allow any water to pass, you might have to replace it if it gets loose or broken so that your AirPods stay protected. You can always make your AirPods fit more perfectly inside the case by adjusting the ear tips creating a more airtight seal.

If the seal is more secure, the AirPods won’t come out even if you drop the case. You can always choose the type of material you want for your AirPods case through third-party vendors and even change the design if you want. Furthermore, you can also smoothen your AirPods case making it more glossy.

Why Is My AirPods Case Loose & How to Fix It | integraudio.com

Do AirPods Cases Have Bobbling Like Feature?

The case has been designed in such a manner that it moves a little bit when you close it. The movement is considered very short and gives a little bobble-like effect. This movement helps the lid to close more securely and assures that the seal is intact.

The seal helps prevent the AirPods from dust, debris, or even water, improving their health and decreasing the chances of defects.  Furthermore, the top lid of the case is slightly loose so that it can open and close more efficiently, without the need for additional force.

Do AirPods Cases Wiggle?

The answer is NO. You may feel a slight movement rather than wiggling. Over time you may notice that your AirPods case has gotten looser than before and has started to wiggle more than usual when you open and close the case. These are the signs that the strength of your case has decreased.

Replacing the case is the most reliable solution in this scenario. Getting a better, newer case for your AirPods will allow you to experience its main purpose: to protect them and keep their health to a maximum. You can visit the nearest Apple shop for more assistance in this regard.

Silicone vs. Plastic Case Covers

AirPods cases are generally considered strong and reliable, but still, a cover is recommended for guaranteed peace of mind. Silicone and plastic case covers are being widely used nowadays to increase the strength of the case. The magnets in these cases keep the case closed and the AirPods intact, allowing them to charge without interruptions. 

Silicone cases are much more durable and last longer than plastic cases. They also provide an extra layer of protection. An extra layer provides more security while decreasing the risk of the case being cracked open if it is accidentally dropped. The silicone particles can be contracted, shrinking the size of the case. This means that they can be tightened back if they ever get loose. 

Why Is My AirPods Case Loose & How to Fix It | integraudio.com

Contracting Your AirPods Silicone Case

The goal of any AirPods case or cover is to protect your AirPods inside, and that cannot happen if the case is loose or it keeps slipping off your case. Fixing this issue will be extremely straightforward if it is made out of silicone or any other rubber material similar to silicone.

Silicone cases can easily be contracted without any problems making them fit more perfectly and securely. All you will need will be some ice cubes and a pot of boiling water. You can follow these steps and easily contract it to your feasibility, making it fit more perfectly to your case:

  • Put the water in a pot and boil it on the stove.
  • Gently put the silicone case inside the boiling water.
  • Move the case inside the boiling water for 30 to 45 seconds. 
  • This will result in softening of the case or slight shrinking.
  • Take it out of the boiling water and place it on ice for some time. 
  • After icing, wipe it and place it on a towel to dry.
  • Once it’s completely dry, keep your AirPods back in their case.

You should not use tissues or a hair dryer when drying the case. If the above process does not work, try repeating it, increasing the time duration for the case inside the boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes. Nowadays, people are switching from silicone Cases to polycarbonate plastic (PC) Cases as they are tired of repeatedly contracting silicone cases. 

Polycarbonate Plastic Cases

Polycarbonate plastic is a great alternative to silicone, and users have given raving reviews. It comes with different designs, is more rigid, and is a harder form of plastic. Polycarbonate cases are proving to be the best option for guarding AirPods cases as they are more reliable in terms of impact resistance. They are more resistant to shocks and help protect your AirPods more efficiently, providing a better grip and minimizing the risks of the case slipping from your hands. 

These are easily customizable and available in numerous colors and modified designs. While PC cases come with the benefit of being strong, flexible, and affordable, they are considerably less durable than silicone cases. These are also not entirely scratch resistant, but you can apply a coating on them to prevent them from minor scratches. 

Why Is My AirPods Case Loose & How to Fix It | integraudio.com

Recommended AirPods Case Design

You can design the case in either a disconnect-design or a one-piece design. The disconnect-design allows you to choose the color for the top and bottom, but the flaw is that the lid falls off. In contrast, the one-piece design reduces the trouble of the falling lid but causes some problems. For example, the lid closes by itself when opened, preventing you from taking out the AirPods easily. 

It is recommended to use a one-piece, non-protruding silicone case, which will be easy to open, and the eco-friendly silicone material will help reduce impact when the case falls. 

Make Your AirPods Case Smoother

To Smooth your AirPods case, you can follow these steps:

  • A P2000 sandpaper can be used on the scratches of the case. This allows the surface to be polished with a clear coat, removing the scratches and restoring its shine.
  • Slightly wet a cloth with alcohol and use it to clean the case removing the dust particles. Make sure not to use it near the connectors.
  • Polish the case again with a microfiber cloth to make it shinier.

Concluding Thoughts

It is necessary to have the best AirPods case to protect your AirPods and keep them in mint condition. The small bobble-like movement from left to right is normal, as it is deliberately added to ensure the seal is intact. However, you must watch out for the wiggling-like movement. Provided your case opens and closes easily, you can enjoy your AirPods without worrying about any possible defects.

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