Is Loopmasters Worth It/Legit? In-Depth Review

Is Loopmasters Legit? In-Depth Review |


This article will discuss if Loopmasters is a legit marketplace for sample packs, loops, and preset packs.

Loopmasters have a huge collection of loops packs, sample packs, Kontakt instruments, preset packs for Serum, Massive, and various other software synthesizers, courses, loop bundles, and more. It works as a marketplace business, wherein customers can buy these digital products on its website and pay for the same.

It’s a popular company and marketplace and has been in the trade for years. It has a good reputation and name amongst music producers, sound designers, audio engineers, etc. We will review Loopmasters and discuss its legitimacy, content, sound quality, and more. So let’s dive right in.

Is Loopmasters legit?

Loopmasters is a legitimate and trustworthy website for buying sample packs, loops packs, song starters, and other sound kits for your music production needs. It has an expansive library of sounds where you can find almost anything you’re looking for.

The company has a 4.7/5 rating on Trustpilot with 15,000+ reviews and a <24 hours of responding rate on bad reviews. They are verified by Trustpilot and have a #7 ranking on Trustpilot in the list of companies in the same category. Also, it has 83% five stars ratings and just 2% one-star ratings.

The company has been active in the business since 2008, has partner companies like Loopcloud and Plugin Boutique, and has its head office in Eastbourne, BN20 7AB, United Kingdom. According to Linkedin, it’s a private limited company with 51 employees and was founded in 1993.


You can browse through the entire collection on the website and filter the products by categories like Genres, Formats, and Labels. You can also search for a product using the search bar on the website’s home page. Overall, the interface is simple, browsable, and attractive.

The most interesting part of the website is the music player on top of the main window, on which you can preview sample packs. You can preview each sound pack displayed on the website by clicking the play button. That gives you an idea of the quality and type of sounds you can expect from the sample pack.

The packs are displayed in a stream-lined and orderly fashion, with their visual art and preview buttons. However, the collection looks a bit cluttered to me visually. There’s an additional yellow area on the website, which links to its partner company Loopcloud, a subscription-based samples aggregator.

Lastly, apart from the generic sign-up and log-in pages, there’s an FAQ/support page for any queries/issues that the customers have. Additionally, you can add products to a Wishlist and a cart if you purchase them on the go.


The genres on the website include Bass House, Complextro, Dubstep, Future Bass, Grime, Moombah, Blues, Break style samples/loops, Country, Disco, Drum and Bass, Funk, Rock, Pop, Reggae, Trap, Trance, World, and many more. In addition, the genres section also has sounds of various styles like Cinematic, Ambient, Filmscore, Horror, Sci-fi, Orchestral, D.J. Tools, etc.

In terms of genre, you can find almost every sound you’re looking for, whether organically recorded strings, horns, guitars, etc., or digitally synthesized electronic sounds for futuristic pop, hip-hop, and EDM songs. And not just that, there are plenty of sounds for games, film scoring, foley, trailers SFX, and more.

The type of sounds included is vocal loops, instrument (guitar, piano, violin, trumpet, etc.) loops, synth loops, bass samples, drums one-shots and loops, vocal chops, and more. In addition, there are sample packs for Native Instruments synthesizers and instruments (Battery, Kontakt, Maschine, Massive, etc.) and content for MPC, Acid, RMX, Serum, Sylenth, Halion, Diva, Vital, etc.

You can also filter sounds and content by Format. You can find anything from Loops, one-shot samples, sampler patches, Synth presets, DAW templates, MIDI packs, construction kits, etc., to Apple Loops, EXS presets, Garage Band, and Logic Pro templates and presets, to content (templates, patches, construction kits) for Ableton and Reason.

Moreover, there are sounds from labels and sound designers/curators like Wave Alchemy, Producertech, Loopcloud, HY2ROGEN, etc. Lastly, purchasing bundles can find a good quantity of sounds at a reasonable price. There are plenty of sound bundles available on the website.

You can filter the bundles by Content type, Format, genre, and label and sort them by popularity, release date, and rating. There are also webpages for Synth presets, courses/educational material, and SALES, on which you can find the content at heavy discounts.

Once you open the product description of a sound pack, you will see multiple loops or audio clips that you can monitor before making your purchase. You can also download a Taster Pack to test or preview the content for some products.

Regarding pricing, you can find products as cheap as $1 and even free products. However, the general range is $1-$60. In addition, you can take advantage of occasional sales and discounts to get these products at even more affordable rates.

Alternatives to Loopmasters

Many music production tools and marketplaces exist for selling Synth presets, samples, loops, etc. Some of the biggest direct competitors of Loopmasters are Producer Loops, W.A. Productions, Cymatics, and Big Fish Audio. All of these websites have a great collection at great pricing.

Note that the business model of Loopmasters is sample aggregation and curation and not sample recording, production, or creation. However, some other aggregators have a subscription-based model rather than a marketplace one. Companies like Landr and Splice are the biggest subscription-based sample marketplaces.

In addition, they also offer extra services like real-time music creation and collaborative tools, free plugins, DAW integration, networking tools, and other services at very competitive rates. Loopcloud is Loopmaster’s subscription-based sample aggregator that you can also integrate with a DAW so that one can monitor loops and samples in real time within the session.

Payments and Customer Services

Payments on Loopmasters are quite secure, and you can make the payments in Euros, Yen, Dollars, and Pounds. To make a transaction or buy a sample pack, you must have or create an account with the company. Once you make the payment, you get your digital products delivered over the mail.

The official website has a prompt that says “support.” You can click on that if you have any issues with the services. That takes you to another website, Loopmasters, for help and support. Over there, you can search for your issues or select one out of four categories of problems.

That will take you to FAQs, guides, blogs, and other content material that may help you with your problem. However, there’s no dedicated customer support contact. There’s no direct way to communicate with the company via mail, chat, or phone. However, if you face any problems, you can post a review on Trustpilot. The company is quite responsive to negative reviews.

Alternatively, you can contact the company by going to their contact page, which can be found at the end of the main page, and clicking on Contact. That will allow you to fill out a form concerning your problem, along with your mail I.D., on which someone from Loopmasters could get in touch with you and submit the query.

I am unsure how responsive they are to the mail, so the customer support/service seems a bit lazy. Another alternative is to reach out to them on the mail I.D. and phone number provided by the company on their About page. You can also contact them via Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media profiles.


Overall, the range of the collection is huge, and you can find anything from generic pop sounds to exotic regional sounds to out-of-the-box experimental rhythms to underground electronic and hip-hop samples. You’ll probably find what you’re looking for in this ocean of samples.

The quality control also seems tight, as the sound packs are high-grade. The company also deserves appreciation for its flexibility and versatility, by which you can find the right sounds for the right use from the right genre and a suitable category.

Customer service is not the strong point for Loopmasters; otherwise, it’s reliable and trustworthy. However, be careful about the legal aspect of the samples and terms of use. Ensure that you have the correct licenses for the legal use of the sounds you buy. Hope the article was of help. Thank you for reading.

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