Is Discord Partner Worth It? In-Depth Review

Is Discord Partner Worth It? In-Depth Review |

Discord Partner is a program supplied through the famous communication platform Discord to recognize and assist communities and content creators who have enormously contributed to the platform.

The Discord Partner Program targets lively and influential groups. One element of Discord that has generated massive interest is its Partner Program. Discord has a Partner Program designed to offer reputation and further perks to selected people, groups, and corporations.

In this article, we will delve into the advantages and troubles associated with the Discord Partner application to help you determine whether or not pursuing a partnership is the proper choice for your community.

Is Discord Partner Worth It?

Yes, this is because you can get different advantages, like a verification badge, an increased server cap, a custom Discord invite URL, enhanced server discovery, early access to features, dedicated support, and networking opportunities. Moreover, it also offers channels with higher bit rates. 

Here are some benefits you will get after partnering with Discord;

Verification Badge

One of the most important advantages of becoming a Discord Partner is receiving the highly sought-after verification badge. This badge lends credibility and authenticity to your server by demonstrating that it is run by a professional organization and is supported by a network known as Discord. 

This emblem can attract consumers, make your server more popular, and set it apart. Potential members of your server may feel more comfortable joining after seeing the verification badge. It shows that your server has met certain requirements and is recommended by Discord.

Is Discord Partner Worth It? In-Depth Review |

Increased Server Capacity

Members of Discord Partner servers have a greater capacity, allowing them to welcome a wider variety of users. Although the suitable limit may also vary, this may be a major benefit if your network is large or you intend to amplify your server soon.

The increased server limit available to Discord Partners significantly benefits large communities or those anticipating rapid growth. 

Is Discord Partner Worth It? In-Depth Review |

Custom Discord Invite URL

Partners can customize their Discord invite URL to include their company or community names. Users will have an easier time finding and joining your server, particularly if it has a memorable or easily recognizable name. It will make it possible for more users to participate.

By utilizing a specialized invite URL for Discord, you can spruce up your server’s branding, increase its accessibility, and establish a more authoritative community.

Is Discord Partner Worth It? In-Depth Review |

Enhanced Server Discovery

Discord Partner servers will appear higher in the results when users search for a server. It increases the likelihood that your server will be seen by customers looking for new communities to join. This increased visibility can help you attract new members and grow your community.

The enhanced server discovery feature made available to Discord Partner servers increases visibility, targets marketing efforts, opens up network expansion options, plays an aggressive role, and improves discoverability for areas of niche communities. 

Is Discord Partner Worth It? In-Depth Review |

Early Access to Features

Discord Partners regularly receive early access to new features and updates before the general public can access them. It can give you a competitive edge and enable you to test and utilize new features before others.

Gaining early access to the features improves the enjoyment of using your network. The ability to leave comments, an improved network experience, various customization options, adaptability, and a higher level of participation from the community.

Is Discord Partner Worth It? In-Depth Review |

Dedicated Support

Discord’s customer service team gives support for partnered servers top priority. If you have any issues or inquiries, you can count on the dedicated support staff at Discord to respond more quickly and offer assistance. It might be especially useful if you depend on Discord for crucial operations or have complex service requirements.

Dedicated support might be useful for overseeing a sizable or complex Discord server. It can maximize Discord, handle issues quickly, and simplify the server.

Networking Opportunities

You can access a network of other partnered servers and creators as a Discord Partner. It opens up possibilities for collaboration, go-merchandising, and networking inside the Discord community. 

You can connect with like-minded people, share insights, and learn from others’ experiences. These possibilities can enhance your network’s growth, offer precious insights, and contribute to your general fulfillment as a community manager.

Is Discord Partner Worth It? In-Depth Review |

What are The Requirements to Become a Discord Partner?

The requirements include compliance with Discord’s community guidelines and terms of service, positive reputation and branding, regular Discord usage, influence and engagement, and community size and activity. Moreover, following privacy policies is also important.

Here are some key points regarding the requirements of the Discord Partner Program:

  • Community Size and Activity

Discord expects candidates to have an energetic and engaged community. Usually, many active members are required for a community to meet the criteria for community size. Discord seeks communities that always provide treasured content material and foster significant interactions among members.

  • Content Quality and Originality

The Discord Partner Program seeks people who make good, real content. Discord seems to be for people who consistently create unique and compelling content that resonates with their audience, whether they are streamers, YouTubers, artists, or other content creators.

Is Discord Partner Worth It? In-Depth Review |

  • Compliance with Discord’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service

To become a Discord Partner, it is important to maintain compliance with Discord’s network recommendations and terms of service. It includes creating secure and inclusive surroundings for your community, respecting the platform’s rules, and ensuring that your content aligns with Discord’s rules.

  • Positive Reputation and Branding

Discord considers the popularity and branding of applicants while comparing their eligibility for the Partner Program. Maintaining a consistent brand identity, positive Discord popularity, and professionalism in your conversations and material are crucial.

  • Regular Discord Usage

Candidates are expected to be active users of the Discord platform. Regularly using Discord and appealing to your network demonstrates your commitment to the platform and its network-focused values. It also enables efficient utilization of Discord’s features and tools for network construction and management.

  • Influence and Engagement

The Discord Partner Program values creators who impact and interact actively with their community. It includes regularly interacting with your target audience, responding to messages, and actively participating in discussions. Discord appears for creators who can impact their community and contribute to the general enjoyment of Discord.

Is Discord Partner Worth It? In-Depth Review |

Are Discord Partners Paid?

Yes, Discord Partners can get paid for using the program; however, it’s crucial to remember that different Partners are paid in different ways, and not all of them get paid directly. Some Discord Partners are eligible to take part in revenue-sharing schemes.

With this strategy, they can receive a share of the money made through Nitro subscriptions, server boosts, or various monetization options. 

Character agreements between Discord and the Partner may also affect the precise terms and language of such revenue-sharing arrangements.

Sponsorships and promotions with financial compensation may be available to Discord ecosystem partners. Selling their goods or services on the servers of the business in question or within the content they create may entail collaborating with businesses, game developers, or other enterprises. 

These partnerships might bring monetary rewards or other advantages, including gifts or special admission to a place or event. 

Discord has facilities for authors, such as the Creator Fund, where eligible Partners can request funds or offer assistance with their artistic endeavors. We designed these programs to provide resources and financial aid to Discord community builders.

Even though Discord Partners will not be compensated financially by the company, the reputation they develop using the platform may enable them to earn more money in other contexts. 

They may gain more reputation, appeal to sponsors and advertisers, and have options to monetize their content on other channels or platforms due to being a recognized Discord Partner.

Is Discord Partner Worth It? In-Depth Review |

Do You Get Free Nitro With a Discord Partner?

Unfortunately, becoming a Discord partner does not automatically make you eligible for free Nitro. Even though the Discord Partner program provides its members with a variety of perks and benefits, such as the verification badge, an increased server cap, and dedicated support, free Nitro is not one of those features included in the program.

A specialized subscription service offered by Discord is called Discord Nitro. It offers customers further features and advantages like more emoji choices, better display sharing, and the capacity to simultaneously use personalized emojis across many servers. 

Nitro costs monthly or annually and is not tied to Discord Partner status. It’s possible, though, that being a Discord Partner won’t immediately benefit your server or network in terms of better visibility, networking opportunities, and access to other resources that can enhance your overall experience. 

Becoming a Discord Partner offers various advantages to help your server grow and succeed, even though it does not include free Nitro.

Is Discord Partner Worth It? In-Depth Review |


The Discord Partner program has several advantages and drawbacks that server owners and creators should know. Benefits of the application include early access to features, dedicated support, networking possibilities, and a verification badge. 

Additional advantages include a higher server cap, a longer server cap, a personalized invite URL, improved server finding, and more. These advantages can aid in the expansion and success of your server and community.

 Remember that this system has extremely strict conditions, such as community size and activity, amazing content and originality, adherence to rules, incredible reputation and branding, regular Discord usage, and the impact and involvement of the user. 

Discord Partners get access to many materials, some of which may aid their servers. Discord Partner’s value depends on your server’s and community management goals.

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