How To Listen To Spotify While In A Zoom Call? – Do This

How To Listen To Spotify While In A Zoom Call? - Do This |

Balancing efficiency with a little enjoyment has become the new standard in the digital age. Zoom and Spotify stand out among the various technologies we regularly use for their practicality and level of fun. 

Spotify, a hugely popular music streaming service, seamlessly interacts with Zoom, an amazing tool for online meetings, webinars, and seminars. But how can we avoid interaction between these two apps while enjoying our favorite music? 

This post will walk you through the necessary steps to accomplish that goal of actively participating in a Zoom meeting while listening to your favorite music in the background. This straightforward how-to manual promises to make multitasking easier and more productive.

How To Listen To Spotify While In A Zoom Call?

You do it using virtual audio cables, routing, or two devices. Zoom, as a meeting application, prioritizes its audio inputs and outputs. As a result, it causes conflict with other apps like Spotify, which leads to audio driver issues that prevent the user from hearing Spotify. 

Here are a few methods you can use to listen to Spotify while on a Zoom call:

Using Virtual Audio Cables (Windows)

Install a virtual audio cable program like “VB-Cable” or “Voicemeeter Banana” on your Windows machine. Select the “Audio” tab in your Zoom settings and switch the microphone and speaker settings to the virtual audio wire.

Start the music by launching the Spotify app on your PC. Direct the audio from Spotify to the virtual audio cable using the software. To ensure a balanced audio experience, ensure the volume levels are properly adjusted in both Zoom and Spotify.

How To Listen To Spotify While In A Zoom Call? - Do This |

Try Using the Web Player or the Mobile App

If you don’t want to use the desktop program for Spotify, you can use the web player on a web browser or the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Using this approach, you may have the Zoom call on your computer while listening to music. 

Additionally, the web app has its unique user interface and backend settings, enabling you to listen to Spotify without interference from the programs and applications installed on your computer. 

How To Listen To Spotify While In A Zoom Call? - Do This |

Using Two Devices

Ensure you have two devices on hand, such as a PC, a smartphone, a tablet, and a computer. Start the Zoom call and enroll as a participant on one device, such as a PC. Open the Spotify app on the second device (such as a smartphone).

Decide the song, album, or playlist you want to listen to. To prevent auditory feedback problems, attach a set of headphones or earbuds to the second device. Change the volume on both devices to balance the Spotify music and the Zoom call.

How To Listen To Spotify While Screen Sharing on Zoom?

You can listen by adjusting the Zoom settings. Launch Spotify and begin playing the music of your choice. Make sure the volume on your system is loud enough to be heard. Open the Zoom desktop client and begin a new conference. Enter the meeting ID or link if you’re joining a meeting.

After joining the Zoom conference, select “Share Screen” from the menu at the bottom of the window. Click the “Advanced” option at the top of the “Share Screen” pop-up.

How To Listen To Spotify While In A Zoom Call? - Do This |

Choose “Music or Computer Sound Only” from the menu options under “Advanced.” Then select “Share” from the menu in the bottom right.

Be aware that if you share computer sound, your Spotify music will be heard, but the other participants will see nothing else on your computer. Select “Screen” or “Window” if you want to offer a visual in addition to your music rather than “Music or Computer Sound Only.”

You are now allowing the meeting attendees to hear Spotify on your computer. If you’re conversing while listening to music on Spotify, reduce the volume. Click “Stop Share” at the top of your screen to stop sharing the sound.

It is how Spotify music is often shared during Zoom calls. However, remember that playing Spotify music to a group using Zoom can be against Spotify’s terms of service unless used for personal and private enjoyment. Always abide by the licensing terms and copyright restrictions of any work you distribute.

How To Listen To Spotify While In A Zoom Call? - Do This |

Why Does Spotify Sound Bad When Play with Zoom?

From hardware limits on your device to software interface issues, internet bandwidth constraints, audio settings, and possibly server-side problems, all contribute to Spotify sounding poor playing with Zoom. Audio compression and streaming quality also affect the sound.

Device Hardware Limitations 

If you’re using Zoom, Spotify may not sound as good as it should because of hardware restrictions on your smartphone. All gadgets, including PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, have a set amount of processing power, memory, and other resources that they may use. 

Running many programs simultaneously, especially with high demands like Spotify and Zoom, may burden these resources, resulting in decreased performance and bad sound quality. 

Your device might be unable to sustain sound fidelity when multitasking if it has a weak sound card or audio processor. Upgrading your gadget, or its audio hardware, could be a solution.

How To Listen To Spotify While In A Zoom Call? - Do This |

Software Interaction Issues

Sometimes, the interaction between several pieces of software rather than the device’s hardware causes issues. There is a chance that Spotify and Zoom won’t work seamlessly together because of mismatched software or a lack of cooperation.

It is more probable to use an out-of-date version of either application. Zoom may prioritize system resources when active, which might degrade Spotify’s audio quality. By regularly upgrading your programs, you can take advantage of the most recent bug fixes and compatibility enhancements.

How To Listen To Spotify While In A Zoom Call? - Do This |

Internet Bandwidth Constraints

Zoom and Spotify both use a lot of internet bandwidth. Your network may need help if you listen to Spotify while participating in a Zoom conference, especially if your connection could be more active and consistent. Buffering, deteriorating sound quality, and other disruptions may result from this. 

It is especially common in locations with poor internet infrastructure or when many users use the network concurrently. The issue might be lessened by utilizing a faster internet connection or lowering the quality settings on Spotify or Zoom to reduce bandwidth use.

How To Listen To Spotify While In A Zoom Call? - Do This |

Audio Settings

The audio settings on your device also impact how well Spotify sounds when you’re in a Zoom conference. When communication software is engaged, certain devices automatically lower the level or quality of extraneous noises to aid with call focus. 

If this setting is turned on, you could hear a difference in Spotify’s sound quality during a Zoom conference. Reviewing and modifying your audio settings can be helpful.

Additionally, Zoom contains audio preferences that might impact other programs. If enabled, the “Suppress Background Noise” function may interfere with your Spotify stream.

How To Listen To Spotify While In A Zoom Call? - Do This |

Server-Side Issues

Sometimes, the issue could not even be with you. Both Spotify and Zoom use server-based business strategies. Your experience can be harmed by any issues with their servers, such as heavy traffic or technical difficulties. It’s possible that Zoom is having trouble keeping up with its performance or that Spotify cannot produce high-quality audio streams. 

Even while these issues are typically swiftly fixed by the service providers, they can still be upsetting when they do. You may stay current on persistent server-side difficulties by watching the official Spotify and Zoom channels.

How To Listen To Spotify While In A Zoom Call? - Do This |


Our ability to multitask can be improved, and our online meetings can be more pleasurable if we can listen to Spotify while on a Zoom call. This article offered several strategies to do this. One method involves running Zoom and Spotify concurrently while controlling the volume on two devices, such as a PC and a smartphone. 

Another approach entailed directing the audio from Spotify to the Zoom call using virtual audio wires or routing software. The blog also included instructions on using Zoom’s screen-sharing feature while playing Spotify music, with the option to include or exclude graphics.

It’s crucial to remember that, unless for personal and private enjoyment, sharing Spotify music during a Zoom chat can be against Spotify’s terms of service. Users should always abide by the licensing conditions and copyright limitations when sharing content. 

The article also discussed various difficulties when combining Spotify with Zoom, including hardware constraints, software compatibility problems, internet connectivity restrictions, and audio settings. 

These issues can be lessened by upgrading hardware, updating software, maintaining a dependable internet connection, and modifying audio settings.

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