How To Fix Headphone Jack Is Not Working on Laptop

Headphone Jack Not Working on Laptop Windows 10 - SOLVED

There are many reasons why your headpohne jack isn’t working well on laptop. Today, we will solve it.

Headphones are designed to work for hours and hours, and most of us don’t unplug them after using them.

That is why manufacturers are making more reliable headphones. But the headphone jack is the most sensitive part of the headphones, and it often gets damaged if it is not handled properly.

Most laptop users have claimed the headphone jack doesn’t work on laptops with Windows 10.

How To Fix Headphone Jack on Laptop (Windows 10)

1. Check Headphone Cable / Wire

No matter how flexible or braided the cable a headphone has, the wires inside this protective layer will break one day because of overuse. The reason is that small clusters of conducting metal wires are inside the cable for better sound and less resistance. 

Moreover, occasionally, the coiling and uncoiling of the headphone cable break each wire inside one by one until all of the wires are broken and there is no sound. So plug in your headphones and play some sound to determine where the cable is damaged, or the wires are broken

Usually, there will be a visible bend on the cable, and after pressing this bend, you should be able to hear the sound through your headphone speakers. You can also check the headphone cable by connecting it to any other device. If it’s not working there, the problem is the same.

2. Check For Physical Damage (Headphones and Pin)

Physical damage is not uncommon in headphones. Physical damage could occur to the wire or the headphone jack itself. These damages may cause the headphone jack on a Windows 10 laptop to stop working. 

To see if the headphones are physically damaged, look at the pin and the slot on your laptop. If you find any physical damage, replace or repair the damaged componentRepairing must be done by a professional to avoid further problems. To confirm the physical damage:

  • Check headphones on other devices.
  • Examine the cable thoroughly.
  • Check the headphone jack thoroughly.
  • Clean the headphone jack.
  • Look for any damages in the laptop headphone slot.

3. Change Audio Format (Hertz)

It is possible that you connected a communication device to your laptop that changed the default audio format, and now you cannot hear the sounds using your headphones. To check or solve this issue, you should follow these steps:

  • Open the “Start menu” and click the cog icon to open the settings.
  • A window will pop up; choose the “System” option here.
  • Afterward, select the “Sound” option from the listing on the left.
  • Next, select “Device Properties,” written in blue color and has an underlined text.
  • Click on the blue underlined text saying “Additional device properties.”

Headphone Jack Not Working on Laptop Windows 10 - SOLVED |

  • A small dialogue box with multiple tabs will appear with the title “Speakers Properties.”
  • You should select the ” Advanced ” tab and change the audio format according to your headphone format. It should solve the audio format problem and make the sound clear.

4. Make Headphone as Default Device

Multiple devices with audio output are usually connected to our laptop, and the Windows 10 operating system prioritizes them in the order of connection. Simply, the first audio device becomes the default device. As a result, some audio devices attached afterward do not even work. You can perform the following steps to make your headphones your default device so you can use them properly, fixing their sound and recording issues:

  • Open the Windows “Control Panel App” and select “Hardware and Sound.”
  • A new listing will appear where you should select “Manage Audio Devices” under the “Sound” option.
  • A small dialogue box with a small list will appear, and the device with a green correction mark will be your default device.

Headphone Jack Not Working on Laptop Windows 10 - SOLVED |

  • Select your headphones here and press the button below saying “Set Default.” Congratulations, you have set your headphones as the audio input/output device.

5. Clean Headphone Jack Using Sandpaper

Headphone jacks often get covered with carbon. Connecting your headphones will be difficult because this carbon does not allow current or electronic signals to pass through. These connections are often unstable or completely dead. 

To avoid this, you have to clean the headphone jack thoroughly. After cleaning the headphones, use sandpaper to rub the headphone jack. Don’t rub it too hard. It may lead to physical damage. 

6. Plugin Headphone and Restart PC

Sometimes, the headphone cables are not flexible enough and don’t stretch when pulled out accidentally. In this case, the plug is half inside the socket, but it is not plugged in properly; hence, it seems like the headphone jack is not working.

Headphone Jack Not Working on Laptop Windows 10 - SOLVED |

Moreover, some driver and firmware bugs may cause these issues; you can restart your PC while headphones are plugged in. It will restart the drivers and refresh the firmware, enabling you to listen to your laptop’s audio.

7. Update Sound Driver

Sometimes, the fault is not inside the hardware but inside your laptop’s operating system, which might be missing the sound drivers or updates. You can solve this issue by following these easy steps:

  • Right-click on the Start menu icon and choose “Device Manager” from the menu.
  • A window will pop up with a list of all your installed drivers.
  • Drop the title “Audio, Input, and Output Devices.”

Headphone Jack Not Working on Laptop Windows 10 - SOLVED |

  • Select the “Speakers” driver and click the update device drive icon in the toolbar.
  • A window will pop up where you can select to search automatically for drivers. Hopefully, your drivers will be updated.

8. Run Audio Troubleshoot

Windows Troubleshooter is another portal to fix broken headphone that does not produce sound. It is usually used when there is a problem with the sound drivers. To solve your issue, you can follow these easy steps:

  • Open the control panel by pressing Windows+R and typing “control panel” or by opening the Start Menu and selecting the “Control Panel App.”
  • Here, select “System And Security.”
  • A new Listing will appear when you select “Troubleshoot common computer problems.”

Headphone Jack Not Working on Laptop Windows 10 - SOLVED |

  • A window will appear. If it says “No recommended troubleshooters right now,” you do not need to troubleshoot; otherwise, select troubleshoot the problem.

9. Increase Headphone Volume

Sometimes, the headphones have neither the driver’s issue nor the hardware fault, but the headphone volume is at its minimum value, making it look like the headphones are not working on a laptop. 

It is very easy to adjust the headphone volume, especially when using Windows 10 on your laptop. For this, you must click on the speaker’s icon in the bottom right corner of your taskbar. Soon, a small menu will appear with a small scrollbar in the same corner. First, you need to choose your headphones from the list and then adjust their volume. 


The issue of headphones not working issue can be solved in many ways. For example, you can use troubleshooting tools, update the driver, make your headphones the default device, and adjust their volume. It is also possible to change the audio format, which may help if you cannot hear any sound from your headphones. Here, we have provided a step-by-step guide for resolving the headphone jack not working error.

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