10 Ways To Fix Discord Randomly Disconnecting

10 Ways To Fix Discord Randomly Disconnecting | integraudio.com

Let’s talk about how to fix your issue with Discord when it randomly disconnects.

On Discord, you can create voice channels to chat with your friends. Discord works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, so it can be used on various devices. It also gives you amazing robust security while in chats with friends. 

But most of the users are claiming that their Discord randomly disconnects. Why is it happening, and how can you fix it? Fortunately, we know why it is happening and how to resolve it. 

10 Ways To Fix Discord Randomly Disconnecting

Discord’s random disconnecting issue is only because of software-related or internet issues like consent disconnection. That is why you can resolve it easily. Here we have collected the methods and added the best step-by-step guides. So, let’s discuss.

1. Check Discord’s Server Status

Discord servers are highly reliable and rarely go down. However, if a server goes down, it is typically due to a technical issue or a problem with its hosting provider. In this situation, you won’t be able to connect to your channel, server, or any calls. It could be frustrating. 

That is why you always check the Discord server if facing a random disconnecting issue. Is it online or not? To do that, go to Discordstatus.Com. If all the bars are green, it means it is working fine. But if any bar is red, Discord is not working, and the servers are down.

10 Ways To Fix Discord Randomly Disconnecting | integraudio.com

2. Clear the DNS Cache

A DNS cache is a temporary database that stores DNS lookup information, such as the IP addresses of websites that have been recently visited. When a user attempts to access a website, the DNS cache is consulted to see if the IP address of the requested website is stored in the cache. 

You have to flush the DNS cache to resolve the issue. To do that, open the command prompt by typing cmd in the Windows start menu. Now type “ipconfig /flushdns” and hit enter. Wait a few seconds, and you will be notified that your DNS has been successfully flushed.

10 Ways To Fix Discord Randomly Disconnecting | integraudio.com

3. Delete the Discord Cache

By clearing the Discord cache, you can get rid of old data that might be causing disconnecting problems. It can help improve performance and prevent issues like disconnecting. Additionally, it may help with issues like lagging or slow loading times.

To delete the Discord cache, open Run by pressing “Windows Key+R.” Now type “%appdata%” and hit enter. Once you are in the app data folder, double-click on “Discord” to open the folder. Here you will find two folders, “GPU cache” and “Cache.” Open each folder one by one and delete all files in the folders. 

10 Ways To Fix Discord Randomly Disconnecting | integraudio.com

4. Pause Antivirus Protection

Antivirus software is designed to detect and block malicious activity, including traffic from malicious programs or sources. In some cases, it may mistakenly identify traffic coming from Discord as malicious and block it. 

To avoid this, just pause your antivirus application. It will stop blocking the virtual traffic, and you can connect to servers without any disconnecting error.

5. Check Your Internet Connection

If Discord is randomly disconnecting, it may be due to your problematic internet connection. Checking the status of your network connection can help identify the issue and allow you to determine if it is the cause of the disconnections. 

10 Ways To Fix Discord Randomly Disconnecting | integraudio.com

It can be done by running a speed test to ensure your connection is up to speed, checking for any potential issues with your internet router, or running a traceroute to test the connection between your computer and the Discord server.

6. Change Server Region

Changing the Discord channel region can help reduce the likelihood of disconnecting due to network congestion, especially if the current region is experiencing high traffic. Discord routes traffic through different regions, so users can avoid disconnecting by selecting a region not experiencing high traffic. 

It is important to note that this will not always solve the issue. But it can often help reduce the occurrence of disconnects. So, open your Discord and then go to your channel. Right-click on the channel, and now select “Server settings.” Once you are in Server settings, select “Overview.” In the overview section, you will find the “Region” option below the server details.

10 Ways To Fix Discord Randomly Disconnecting | integraudio.com

7. Relaunch Discord After Quitting

When you force quit and relaunch Discord, it refreshes the app, restarting any processes that may have been interrupted and erasing any saved data. It can help fix disconnecting problems. 

Suppose a user is experiencing problems with that connection. It can be a simple way to reset the connection, allowing Discord to reconnect to the server. Also, relaunching Discord can help identify any potential software or hardware issues causing the disconnection issue.

8. Run Discord as an Administrator

You might face this issue without using Discord with administrative privileges. Admin privileges are essential while you are using Discord. It needs permission to use your camera and microphone, which is impossible without administrative privileges.

To run Discord as an admin application, right-click the Discord icon and select “Run as administrator.” It will resolve the admin privilege issue of your Discord. 

10 Ways To Fix Discord Randomly Disconnecting | integraudio.com

9. Disable Quality of Service High Packet Priority

Disable QoS High Packet Priority in Discord is a setting that allows Discord to prioritize specific types of network traffic and make high-priority calls. This setting reduces the number of lost packets when bandwidth is limited or unstable. 

It may be necessary to disable this setting if you experience issues with Discord, such as audio cutting out, lag, or constant disconnecting. To disable it, open Discord and go to “User settings.” Now navigate to “Voice & Video” settings from the left options panel. The “Quality of Service High Packet Priority” option is here. Disable this option. 

10 Ways To Fix Discord Randomly Disconnecting | integraudio.com

10. Bypass Discord App Through Windows Firewall

A firewall often treats the new application as an intruder, which may restrict its ability to connect to the internet. It blocks the application from running general processes, so you face the disconnecting issue.

To resolve this issue, you must ensure that your firewall settings allow the port or IP address Discord uses to connect. You can also add Discord to bypass the app list in Firewall. If this doesn’t work, you may need to contact your internet service provider or router manufacturer and ask them to enable the port or IP address that Discord uses.

To add Discord, open the firewall app list by typing “Allow an app through Windows firewall.” Once you are in the settings, click on “Change settings.” Now look for Discord in the app list. If you find it, click “Private” and “Public” to allow it.

10 Ways To Fix Discord Randomly Disconnecting | integraudio.com


To avoid any random disconnecting issues, users should always make sure their network connection is up to speed, check for any potential issues with their router or modem, run a traceroute to test the connection between their computer and the Discord server, change their Discord channel region, and force-quit and relaunch Discord. 

Users should also run Discord as an administrator, turn off QoS High Packet Priority, clear the Discord cache, and let Discord through the Windows Firewall. Discord is a great way to stay connected with friends and family, but like any other software, it needs to be updated occasionally. 

Fortunately, you can determine whether it needs any updates. The Discord app often prompts users to update when a new version is available. Users can also check the version number of the latest version of the app on the Discord website. Following these steps should help users resolve any Discord issues involving random disconnecting.

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