Spotify Loading Slow on Android? – 10 Solutions

How to Fix Spotify Loading Slow on Android? |

Are you facing a long delay on Spotify Android? Are you stuck at most of the operations on the app? Well, that seems frustrating, but it is not. Keep calm and just read out this. 

Spotify is a digital music streaming service that allows users to listen to a vast collection of songs, podcasts, and other audio content. It offers support for millions of songs on its free and premium accounts. Moreover, support is available on various platforms, including Desktop, Android/iOS, etc.

Spotify Users can stream music and podcasts from different artists and playlists on Android. If there is too much load on the Android device or the application, the Spotify application may start lagging and thus load slowly.

The core reasons behind this issue are malfunctioning the device or the application. In today’s post, we will list the possible reasons that invoke this error and propose a solution against the reasons.

How to Fix Spotify Loading Slow on Android?

Whether in the foreground or the background, Spotify is one of the most used applications for Android users. As it can be used as a background application, thus most of the users keep using it in parallel with other tasks.
Sometimes, Spotify keeps on loading slowly, which causes time loss and frustration. There are several reasons behind this bug, some of which are listed below:

  • Network Connectivity: Mobile networks can be less reliable and slower than Wi-Fi networks. This can result in slower loading times for music tracks, playlists, and other content on Spotify.
  • Device Specifications: Older or less powerful mobile devices may have slower processors, less RAM, or less storage, impacting the app’s loading speed.
  • App Version: Outdated versions of the Spotify app may be slower and less responsive than newer versions optimized for performance.
  • Cache Size: Over time, the cache size of the Spotify app can grow and cause slow loading times. Clearing the cache may speed up the app.
  • Background Apps: Other apps running in the background of the device can also impact the loading speed of Spotify.
  • Server Load: Heavy server loads can also affect Spotify’s performance, particularly during peak usage hours when many users access the app simultaneously.

Solution 1: Restart/Fix the Internet Connection

Internet Connection is the primary ingredient even to launch Spotify. If Spotify is being tried to launch in the absence of stable internet, then you must expect a long lag until the problem is fixed. Thus, it is recommended to restart/fix the internet connection before digging into other solutions.

Restart the currently used connection, i.e., Wi-Fi, Cellular:

How to Fix Spotify Loading Slow on Android? |

If the restart has not fixed the connection, then you must switch the connection from WiFi to Cellular or vice versa:

How to Fix Spotify Loading Slow on Android? |

You can reset the network settings if none of the above two steps have worked. For this, you can search for the Reset Network Settings and follow the process as per your manufacturer:

How to Fix Spotify Loading Slow on Android? |

This will fix any problem related to the Network Connections.

Solution 2: Clear Cache

The cache is one of the key components of Spotify to keep running the application effective. If this cache is overloaded too much or the cache files are corrupted, then you will not be able to run the application smoothly.

Thus, you must clear the cache of the Spotify application on the particular platform you are using the application. Open the Spotify App and then click on the Settings icon:

How to Fix Spotify Loading Slow on Android? |

Inside it, scroll down, and you will see the Clear Cache button:

How to Fix Spotify Loading Slow on Android? |

Note: The cache is supposed to be trashed after a few days depending upon the usage of the Spotify application. It would be best if you did not wait for a bug/reason to clear the cache.

Solution 3: Optimize Device Storage

Storage is the potential reason behind this loading error most of the time. Spotify requires storage to keep the downloads and the cache/temporary files. Once you have optimized the Cache, it’s time for Device Storage. The optimization process may vary from device to device, but the core components of the optimization are the same.

The following are the key steps recommended to be followed:

  • Go through the applications installed (on the home screen or the applications menu) and remove the unnecessary ones.
  • Open the File Manager (by searching), then locate the unnecessary/unused files (photos, videos, music files, etc.) and remove them.

This two-step quick remedy will optimize most of the storage which Spotify needs.

Solution 4: Update the App

Whenever the application is updated, it adds/removes a few minor components from any feature, which makes that feature more effective than before. Thus, an outdated version of Spotify leads to many bugs, including the slow loading of the application.

The solution to this is very straightforward. You must update your Spotify application; if you are a frequent updater, you must still have a check. Open the App Store and search for Spotify:

How to Fix Spotify Loading Slow on Android? |

If there is an Update button, tap on it to update, and if there is an Open button (as in our case), you already have the latest version.

Solution 5: Choose a Compatible Device

If the update has not fixed it for you, there might be a chance that the device you are using is not compatible with the Spotify version. If that is the case, you won’t be able to run the updated version of Spotify. To fix it, log in to your Spotify on another phone to check if it works.

Solution 6: Enable Data Saver

The Data Saver feature in Spotify for Android helps reduce your data usage while streaming music on mobile networks. When enabled, the Data Saver feature reduces the audio quality of songs to 24kbps. Hence, Spotiy loads faster on your Android device.

To enable Data Saver on Android, open the Settings of Spotify:

How to Fix Spotify Loading Slow on Android? |

Navigate to the Data Saver section, where you will see the Audio Quality button. You need to turn ON this toggle button:

How to Fix Spotify Loading Slow on Android? |

Note: If this has not worked for you, you must turn it off, as it slightly decreases the sound quality of the music.

Solution 7: Re-Install Spotify

If the above solutions are ineffective for you, then the whole Spotify app is buggy. Reinstalling the application is the most effective and recommended way to fix this. To do so, perform the following two-step quick remedy.

First, locate Spotify and long press on its icon. Then, choose Uninstall to remove the app:

How to Fix Spotify Loading Slow on Android? |

Once the application is removed, you can install a fresh copy from the App Store.

Solution 8: Sign out From All Devices

Spotify premium support offers a variety of distinctive features. However, each premium plan has a device limit to be allowed on that account. If you violate the device limit, Spotify will not allow you to perform operations at all or not in a smooth manner.

To fix it, signing out from all the devices is recommended. For this, open the Account’s Settings from the Spotify Desktop App:

How to Fix Spotify Loading Slow on Android? |

This will navigate you to a link, scroll down the pages and then click on the Sign out everywhere button:

How to Fix Spotify Loading Slow on Android? |

Now, you need to log into the devices individually but keep in mind the device limit on your subscription.

Solution 9: Upgrade the Premium Plan

If the signout from everywhere has not worked or you do not want to log out from the other devices. Then, you must change the plan to keep using Spotify premium services. First, go to the Account’s settings to look at your current plan:

How to Fix Spotify Loading Slow on Android? |

Scroll inside, and you will see the plan. Right now, we are using Invidual Premium Individual. It may be changed in your case. Now, click on the Change Plan to proceed with the other plans:

How to Fix Spotify Loading Slow on Android? |

A new window will appear, where you can find all the available plans under the Available Plan option:

How to Fix Spotify Loading Slow on Android? |

Note: You can view the Premium Plans from the Link and decide which Spotify Premium plan will work for you. The plans are as follows:

How to Fix Spotify Loading Slow on Android? |

Solution 10: Contact Spotify Support

The last yet effective solution is to contact the Spotify support team. This solution is effective when you have tried all the solutions and need help. Spotify support team can be reached through multiple platforms, which are given as follows:

  • Reach out to Spotify Community and brief them about your problem. They are all ready to address your queries.
  • You can contact the Spotify Cares Twitter account and send them a direct message. Spotify cares Twitter is an Offical Support of Spotify on Twitter.
  • Contact them through their Facebook Page.

All the above-stated sources are official and serve the best customer care. While approaching them, ensure that you have briefly conveyed your problem.

Bottom Line

Spotify is a widely used application that is being updated periodically to serve the community with the best. Sometimes, android users of Spotify often encounter a slow loading problem.

So, if you are experiencing slow loading times with Spotify on your Android device, there are several potential reasons, including network connectivity issues, outdated app versions, cache size, and device storage.

To address these issues, you can clear the cache, optimize device storage, restart or fix your internet connection, update the app, choose a compatible device, or reinstall the app. All these solutions are practically demonstrated in this guide.

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