How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved

Windows audio services are so accurate that they can make no mistakes, even when working with various sound inputs and outputs. However, this may not always be the case because various technical issues can cause the audio output to be out of sync with the video view. 

It can be very frustrating when you are trying to watch a video, watching a movie, or editing your videos. Don’t worry, we have a list of all possible solutions that can assist you in a short amount of time. So let’s jump into the topic and try to resolve your problem. 

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved

You can fix this issue by installing a flash player, restarting audio services, restarting the computer, making space in your RAM memory, updating drivers, configuring windows power settings, changing minimum processor states, configuring the audio settings, troubleshooting audio drivers, checking hardware, and many other methods.

All these methods are verified and will resolve other audio issues as well. Audio and video synchronization errors can be caused by a wide range of issues, from technical to software related, as mentioned above. Here are the most common methods that you can use to solve this issue.

Restart Your Computer

One of the most important reasons to restart your computer is to clear its memory. When a computer is running, it is constantly accessing and using its memory. It can cause the computer to run slowly and have audio sync issues. 

Another reason to restart your computer is to refresh its software. When you’re working on your computer, you may have a lot of programs open at the same time. These programs can sometimes conflict with each other, causing the computer to run slowly or crash. When you restart your computer, all of these programs are closed, and you start with a clean slate. 

Restarting your computer is often a good troubleshooting technique for resolving various issues. So, if you’re experiencing problems with audio being out of sync, try restarting your computer first, as this may solve the issue.

Check Memory Usage (RAM module usage)

Windows audio and video services always require RAM memory to run applications and software. It is temporary cache memory that enables the smooth operation of applications. However, if your RAM is full, this can cause audio and video sync issues due to low memory resources.

To check the memory usage, go to the Task Manager. Select the “Performance” tab and take a look at your current RAM usage. If it’s more than 80%, then you will need to close some of your applications or services running in the background.

  • From the performance tab, switch to “Start ups.”
  • Here you will find all the applications that are running in the background and start just when your windows start. 

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved |

  • Here you will find some applications that you don’t often use but they are in the startup apps and always working in the background. 

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved |

  • Right-click on these apps and select “Disable” from the list. Disable all the apps one by one. It will clear your RAM’s cache memory. 

Try Restarting The App (Web Browser)

In the web browser, if you have opened many tabs, then close the tabs and start again. It will refresh your web browser’s memory and clear any temporary files causing audio sync issues.

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved |

You can also restart the whole browser. Open Settings and select “Restart and cleanup” from the list. It will close all the tabs and reset all the settings to defaults, thus resolving any audio sync issues.

Delete Browsing History and Cache

If you are facing this issue while watching videos on your internet browser, this might be due to your overloading browser history and cache. You must clean your browsing history and cache to avoid this issue. Here’s how to do that,

  • Click “CTRL+H” simultaneously to open the browser history. 
  • Here you will find the “Clear browser history” option. Click on the option. You will see another windows appear on the screen.

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved |

  • Select the “Clear Data” option.

Note: Select the options carefully while deleting your browser’s history. If you have stored any password in your browser, ensure you don’t select the clear password option while wiping out the history.

Delete Temporary Files (%Temp%)

In windows, there is a secret folder where each program creates its temporary files while working. This folder can be accessed by many cleaning apps, like CCleaner. But you can also manually open the folder and delete all the temporary files that are no longer in use. To do that,

  • Go to the start menu, type “RUN,” and open the application. You can also open Run by pressing “Windows key + R.”
  • Now type the “%temp%” command in the run search bar and hit enter. 

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved |

  • You will be redirected to a folder with hundreds of files. Select all files by pressing “CTRL+A.” Now permanently delete all these files by pressing the “Shift+Delete” key.

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved |

Update The Operating System

If you are using an outdated operating system and your Windows updates are pending, this is the first reason your audio is out of sync. Windows Update ensures your system has no bugs or security issues and that all the applications are running properly. To update your Windows operating system, 

  • Go to the start menu and type “System updates,” and hit enter.

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved |

  • Once you are in the system updates, Press “Check for new update.” If windows will have any updates, these will appear just below the update button in the form of a notification. Install the updates immediately to resolve the issue.

Update Audio and Video Drivers

Audio and video drivers are responsible for the audio and video sync. These drivers ensure that all your audio and video components are running properly. If these drivers are outdated, you might face audio sync issues while watching movies or editing videos. To update essential drivers,

  • Go to the Windows update section by searching Windows update in the search bar.
  • Now click on “View Optional Updates.” Here you will see a list of all drivers ready to be updated. 

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved |

  • Update all audio and video-related drivers. It will resolve the issue.

Run Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is always considered best to resolve such audio and video sync problems. With troubleshooting, you can easily diagnose the issue and fix it as soon as possible. To run troubleshooting,

  • Go to the start menu, search “Troubleshooting settings,” and press enter. 
  • In the newly appeared windows, go to the “Troubleshooter” and “Additional Troubleshooter” settings.

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved |

  • Here troubleshooting, Playing Audio, Recording audio, Speech, and Video Playback.
  • You just have to click on each one by one and run troubleshooting. Wait for the results; if you find any error, use the suggestion to resolve it.

Configure Windows Power Management (Change Power plan)

This audio, not sync error occurs in laptops due to your laptop’s power management feature. This feature is enabled by default in laptops to save battery power, but sometimes it causes problems with audio and video sync. 

  • To modify power management settings, Go to the start menu, search “Choose power plan,” and hit enter.
  • Select “Change Plan Settings.”

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved |

  • Go to “Advanced power settings” and here select the “High-Performance Mode” or “Maximum Performance Mode.”

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved |

Change Minimum Processor State Percentage

Minimum processor states are the options that can be used to manually change the power plan settings of your laptop. This setting is used in reducing power output and saving battery life. But unfortunately, this option also restricts the processor from performing at its peak. Therefore, it is a must to change it in this case.

  • Search “Choose power plan” in the start menu and hit enter.
  • You can change your plan settings by selecting “Change Plan Settings.”
  • Now scroll down to “Processor power management” and expand the list.

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved |

  • Here expand the “Minimum power state.”
  • You will see both battery and plug-in power (5%).
  • If it is more than 5%, reduce it to 5%. But if it is already 5%, reduce it to 2%.

Note: If you see a negative change in the processor’s performance or your battery power starts to consume quickly, turn it to 5%.

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Browser

Hardware acceleration in the browser helps speed up certain tasks’ performance. But in some cases, this feature can cause audio and video sync issues while streaming movies or videos. We suggest you disable this feature in the browser and check if it solves the problem.

  • Open your Web browser and go to the three dots in the upper right corner. 
  • Access “Settings” from these options.
  • Once in the settings, search for “Use hardware acceleration when available.”

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved |

  • If this option is enabled, then disable it by turning it off.

Disable Exclusive Playback Mode on Windows

The exclusive mode in Windows allows applications to take control of audio devices and prevent other applications from using them. It might be controlling your other devices or might be causing this audio sync issue. Here’s how you can disable it,

  • Open sound settings to access the option. Go to the windows search bar and type “Sound Settings.”
  • Open the settings and then go to “Sound Control Panel.”
  • Now navigate to “Playback devices.” Right-click on your default output device and select “Properties” from the file menu.

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved |

  • From the properties, go to “Advanced.” Here you will find two options ticked, “Allow the application to take exclusive control of this device” and second, “Give exclusive mode application priority.”

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved |

Default Windows Playback Settings

Playback settings in Windows are the settings that allow different devices to run and manage the audio input and output. If any of these playback devices are causing issues or conflicting with each other, you might face this audio issue. 

  • Go to the sound settings Sound icon>Right-Click>Select Sound>Playback.
  • Click on your device and then select “Set Default.”

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved |

  • Now your playback settings are set to default.

Check for System’s IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

The system’s IDT high-definition audio CODEC is the system’s audio driver that deals with all high-definition audio having high hertz and bit-rate. If this driver is outdated or missing, you will face this audio sync issue. To check and update the driver, follow these steps,

  • Go to “Device manager” via the windows search bar.
  • Now expand “Audio, video and game control.” Right-click on “Intel(R) Display Audio” and select update from the list. 

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved |

  • Now select “Search automatically for drivers.” It will automatically download and install all the updates to that driver.

Note: You must have fast internet to download the required updated version of Inter(R) Display Driver.

Install Flash Player

Flash Player is a software application that enables users to view multimedia content on their system or on the internet. It supports a wide range of video formats and allows users to experience rich interactive media on their computers. Flash Player also enables users to view videos and other multimedia content offline.

  • Go to the official website of Flash Player and download the software. 
  • Install the application into your computer, and you are ready to view videos. It will surely resolve the sync audio issue.

Install Realtek Audio Manager

If none of the above methods help, then your system needs additional audio managing support. It can be done by installing the Realtek audio manager in your system. The Realtek audio manager helps to control and manage all settings related to audio input and output. 

How To Fix When Audio Is Out Of Sync? Solved |

You can install Realtek audio manager by visiting their official website. Here you will find the list of all audio drivers for Windows and Linux operating systems. Scroll down to the Windows section and find the exact driver that matches your Windows description. Download the driver and install it on your PC.


Audio sync is a very common issue that we face while streaming movies or videos. Most of the time, this issue is caused due to hardware acceleration, exclusive playback modes, outdated codecs, and incorrect playback settings. We have listed some possible solutions that should help you fix the problem. We hope this article will resolve your issue for good.

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