How Do I Fix Audacity Not Recording?

How Do I Fix Audacity Not Recording? |

Audacity made it easy to record voiceovers and recordings for your podcast. It is a very popular software with content creators. When it comes to recording and mixing audio, Audacity is by far the superior option. It is an open-source project and completely free to use.

Some people who use Audacity, the popular open-source audio recording and editing software, have reported that it’s not working for them. The main issue is that Audacity is not recording the audio. In this post, we’ll discuss ways to try and fix the problem. Let’s get started!

How Do I Fix Audacity Not Recording?

Audacity not recording issues could be caused by incompatible audio drivers, incorrect setting configurations, hertz, microphone settings, or audio host settings. Audacity supports the vast majority of input devices; however, some settings or hardware issues may hinder the recording. 

Incompatible Audio Drivers: Before downloading Audacity, you should always check your operating system to ensure that your audio drivers are compatible, as each version of Audacity is compatible with its respective version. When you install other versions, it’s possible that the audio drivers will not work correctly. 

Incorrect Setting Configuration: Your input Audacity settings must be with respect to the input device (the microphone). If the settings are inaccurate, you won’t be able to record anything.

Incorrect Microphone Settings: Microphone settings, including the hertz, are important. 

Incorrect Hertz: Hertz is the frequency of digital signals. If the hertz are not matching, it might not be able to record properly. Additionally, it will also create issues during editing.

Hardware Issues: If you’re using an external microphone, it’s possible that the hardware isn’t set up correctly. 

Update Audio Drivers

The first thing you must try is to update your current audio drivers. These drivers might be outdated and not work with the latest version of Audacity. Outdated drivers won’t be able to detect the sound signals from your mic and deliver them to Audacity. Here’s how to update them quickly. 

  • Open Device Manager by typing “devmgmt.msc” into the Run program. 
  • Once in the device manager, click on your audio drivers in the “Sound, video, and game controller.”
  • Here find your audio driver and click on it. Now open right-click file and press “Update driver.”

How Do I Fix Audacity Not Recording? |

  • Now select “search automatically for drivers.” It will automatically check for new drivers and install them from the internet.

Note: Strong and high-speed internet is a must to try this automatic driver update method. 

Audacity Settings

After you have updated your drivers, it’s time to adjust some settings in Audacity. Launch the program and go to the “Edit” tab. Click on “Preferences” and then choose the “Audio I/O” tab from the left sidebar. 

Confirm that the settings are according to your need. Here you can change various settings related to the input and output devices, recording quality, recording level, and effects. Moreover, Some of these settings are critical. If you change these settings, your Audacity may stop recording. 

  • You can restart the wrong settings by going to the “Tools” section and pressing “Reset Configuration.” It will restart all your settings to default.  

How Do I Fix Audacity Not Recording? |

Microphone Settings

In Audacity, the microphone is the main input device to record. If your microphone isn’t set up correctly, it will create recording problems. You can set up your microphone settings manually in Audacity. Here’s how,

  • If you want to adjust the microphone settings manually, go to the “Edit” tab and click on “Preferences.” 
  • Now choose the “Devices” tab from the left sidebar. Here you will see all the recording devices currently plugged into your computer.

How Do I Fix Audacity Not Recording? |

  • Choose the microphone you currently use from the list and press the “OK” button. 

Note: If you are using a laptop, then there might be two microphone options available. One will be your external mic; the other will be your laptop’s microphone. Select the input device carefully. 

Set Input Device Hertz

Hertz is the frequency of digital signals. Your microphone’s digital signals must match your Audacity’s digital signals. If the hertz are not matching, it might not be able to record properly. To change these settings, 

  • Go to the “Edit” tab and click on “Preferences.”
  • Now choose the “Quality” tab from the left sidebar. Here you will see the default sample rate. 

How Do I Fix Audacity Not Recording? |

  • Match these sample rates with the recommended mic hertz. 
  • You can also access this option directly from the bottom left corner. 

Check Hardware

If your hardware, like a mic or sound card, is faulty, you will face the issue of Audacity not recording. The hardware may not be set up correctly if you are using an external microphone. In this case, unplugging and replugging the mic might fix the issue.

To test the microphone, connect it to any other recording device and try to record. If it’s not working, it’s time to buy a new one. Moreover, If the wire or pin of your microphone is damaged, it can be replaced with a new wire.

Soundcards are devices that translate the digital signals of your computer to sound. If you are using an external sound card, then it might be the root cause of the problem. To test your soundcard, connect it to any other computing device and try to record. If the Audacity is not recording, it is a sound card causing the issue. 

Update Audacity

Last but not least, if your Audacity is out of date, it might create some recording problems. Most previous bugs are fixed in new versions, and new versions have the least number of bugs. Check for the latest version of Audacity and update it to fix this issue.

  • You can check for updates manually by going to the “Help” section and clicking “Check for Updates Now.” However, if there is an update available, then install it.

How Do I Fix Audacity Not Recording? |

You can also keep the updates on automatic from the preferences. Press CTRL+P to open preferences menu and navigate to “Applications.” Here you will find the “check for update” box. Check the box by clicking on it. 

Note: Additionally, if you are using the Audacity Beta version, you will automatically get the update. But we recommend you download the full version from the official Audacity website.


These were some of the quick methods to fix Audacity not recording. The described basic reasons are usually the cause of this problem. We hope that one of these methods might have worked for you. However, if the issue still persists, contact the customer support of Audacity.

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