Do You Need A Record Label? Delta9 Recordings About Their Journey

Do You Need A Record Label? Is It Worth It ? -

This post will be about an electronic music label from Italy. They are consistent with releasing new DnB music, as well as organizing events.

Tell us more about your beginnings and Delta9 Recordings.

So we started as crew back in 2003, when in our hometown there was a big rise of illegal parties. Honestly, I (Diego) was not part of the initial crew. At that time, I was just a raver following the Delta9 raves, supporting the community, and loving that new kind of sound which was unusual in a nation where at that time, music as Techno, Hardcore, and House were rocking the place.

I’ve started as a promoter with another crew, and after a few years of events, I started to work with the Delta9 guys bringing to our city some big DNB acts.

When born the first idea of starting your own label?

The original Delta9 crew always had in mind that one day they would create their own imprint, and finally, in 2012, they launched Delta9 Recordings. For the first year, they ran it pretty well, but after that, it was looking a bit abandoned, but I saw a big potential in it. My passion for DNB was strong, so I’ve asked them if I could help to manage the label. They were happy to have me on board, so my adventure on the label began in November 2014.

What would you say is the biggest challenge when running a label? Is it worth it?

There are loads of things to keep under control simultaneously, and that is not for all people. You must have a multitasking attitude or a good team focused on the label’s mission. I am pretty organized in my personal stuff, so I moved my organizational skills on the label during these years, creating a sort of process for everything on Delta9.

I manage all the selection of music on the label directly and have control over other activities like promotion, mastering, artworks, and events.

Do you think it has potential in the long term?

The big labels out there have been in the game since 2000 or earlier, and now they are businesses. Everything has potential in the long term if you believe in the project you work on. And not only in music. Second thing if you run a label, you must care first about the output and don’t care about the monetary incomes of the first years. I work on Delta9 mainly because I like DNB, and I want to improve my label as much as I can.

What’s your habits and routine to keep the label maintained?

I always want pretty long-term planning. That allows me to focus on the organization of the label and keep trends under control. 

What was the most iconic party that you will never forget?

There are loads to remember. The ones I liked more were Insideinfo and Gerra & Stone in our hometown a few years back, but I’ve had incredible memories of our London debut or Zagreb label night. We’re working on two new parties which will take place in the UK in 2022 🙂

What do you like the most about running a label? 

That we are staying in touch with people across the world, it is impressive how much people can learn from each other not only in DNB but also in real life.

I mean, I love DNB, but if I look back, I get in touch with incredible people during the years whose I would not meet if I wasn’t running Delta9.

[D9REC101] Jestah & Creatures - Emulsifier (Black Barrel Remix)

What’s the goal, and where do you want to get with your label?

Honestly, I don’t have a specific goal except to have a continuous professional output to our fans. I want to see people approaching the music on our label like: “There’s a new release on Delta9, so that must be interesting”! :]

What’re your goals in the next years?

Now, I am still in the phase where I want to consolidate the sound output of the label, but events are coming 🙂

Would you encourage other people to run their own label? And if yes, when & how to start it?

I come from the generation of people who started a label when it was not so easy to have a label. Nowadays, running a label is very easy. A label, apart from the distribution, is a mixture of different things, and people must understand they are starting something they have to keep active and under control (or it will look stuck, and fans will notice it).

Otherwise, don’t start a label and find another way to support the scene!

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