12 Methods To Fix “Discord Stuck On Loading Screen” Error

Fix: Discord Stuck On Loading Screen - Easy Solution

3% of teenagers in the United States use the social media chat and calling app Discord.

Discord supports most major platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. It also supports various additional applications, which, once linked, can be used concurrently. All these features make it one of the best voice-over IP (VoIP) applications.

Few users claim that their Discord is stuck on the loading screen whenever they open it. You are in the right place if you are one of those users. Here we will discuss why it happens and how you can resolve it using simple step-by-step guides. So, without further ado, let’s start the discussion.

12 Best Methods To Fix “Discord Stuck On Loading Screen” Error

If you are looking for ways to cure the Discord stuck on loading screen disease, then you are reading the right article. Below, we have collected the 14 best methods with step-by-step guides to solve this issue. So, let’s check them one by one.

1. Internet Slow or Router Issue

Discord is a digital communication application, which is why it requires a high-speed, constant, and reliable internet connection. Without an internet connection, users cannot send and receive messages, join voice channels, or participate in any of the other features available on the platform.

So, check your internet speed using an online speed checker like Ookla or Fast speed test. If you feel that your internet speed is below average, then restart your router. If it doesn’t solve the problem, change the Wi-Fi password, as there are more users on your Wi-Fi connection.

Fix: Discord Stuck On Loading Screen - Easy Solution | integraudio.com

2. Add Discord to Windows Firewall 

Most digital communication apps require special permission from the Firewall to get a connection over the internet. Without Firewall permission, you won’t be able to even start the application. It could be the main reason your Discord is stuck on the loading screen. 

Add Discord to your Firewall’s allowed app list to avoid the issue. To add Discord, go to the “Start menu” and then type “Allow an app through the firewall” and hit enter. Now you are in a new window. Click on “Change settings” and search for Discord in the list. When you find Discord, select “Private” and “Public.”

Fix: Discord Stuck On Loading Screen - Easy Solution | integraudio.com

If you don’t find Discord in the list, click “Allow another app.” You will be redirected to your hard drive; here, go to the Discord folder and select the “Discord.exe” file from the list. It will add Discord to the list. Now allows it through the Firewall. 

Fix: Discord Stuck On Loading Screen - Easy Solution | integraudio.com

3. Run Discord As Administrator

Discord requires an internet connection on which it can communicate with the servers. Moreover, to connect to other servers and use computer resources like a camera and microphone, Discord requires special administrative permissions. If you don’t give these permissions, your Discord will not function properly. 

The best method to give Discord all permissions, run your Discord as an administrative app. To do that, go to the Discord folder. Right-click on Discord app and from the list, select “Run as administrator.” It will allow all administrative privileges to your Discord. 

Fix: Discord Stuck On Loading Screen - Easy Solution | integraudio.com

4. Make Some Disk Space

Like all other applications, Discord requires specific space so it may keep the data and temporary files to execute the application instantly. If you don’t have enough space on your hard drive, you might face this stuck loading screen issue on Discord. It will also lead to many other problems.

Therefore, always keep an eye on your hard drive space. If it is running low, delete unnecessary files and folders. You can also save a lot of space by deleting temporary files from the Windows drive where Discord is installed. 

To do that, press “Windows key + R” and then type “%temp%” and hit enter. You will be redirected to Windows temporary files folder. Press “Ctrl + A” to select all and then “Shift+Delete” to delete all files. It will delete all old temporary files created by your Windows and other programs.

Fix: Discord Stuck On Loading Screen - Easy Solution | integraudio.com

5. Correct System Time & Date Settings

Time and date are necessary to avoid stuck screen errors in Discord because the application relies on correct system time and date settings to ensure that it runs smoothly. If the system’s time and date are not set correctly, this can cause Discord to become stuck or unresponsive. 

Discord must be able to accurately determine when messages were sent and received to function properly. If the time and date settings are off, the application may become confused and unable to process data correctly. 

To set your time & date, right-click on time on the lower right side of the taskbar. Now select “Adjust date/time” from the file menu. Select “Set time automatically” and select your “Time zone” from the list. Your time will be automatically adjusted according to your region if you have a reliable internet connection.

Fix: Discord Stuck On Loading Screen - Easy Solution | integraudio.com

6. Disable Conflicting Apps

Background apps are applications running on your computer in the background but not visible to the user. These apps can be used by the system to improve performance or can be used by the user to run specific tasks. 

The best way to disable conflicting apps’ stuck screen error in Discord is to close any other apps running in the background that may be causing the issue. It can be done by accessing the task manager on your computer and manually closing the apps.

To do that, press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” simultaneously and select “Task manager” from the list. Once you are in the Task manager, go to the “Processes” tab. Here, you will find the list of all running apps. If you find apps like Zoom, Skype, or any other VoIP app, then select it and press “End task” to close it. 

Fix: Discord Stuck On Loading Screen - Easy Solution | integraudio.com

7. Clear Discord Cache and Reloging 

Like all other apps, Discord does have a cache. It is used to store frequently accessed data so that it can be quickly retrieved without retrieving it from its original source. It helps improve the performance of the Discord application by reducing the amount of data that needs to be retrieved from its original source.

But if this cache keeps filling, Discord doesn’t have more space to store the fresh cache. As a result, your Discord freezes or gets stuck on the loading screen. To avoid this issuance, open the Windows Run application by pressing “Windows Key + R.” Now type “%appdata%” and hit enter. 

Fix: Discord Stuck On Loading Screen - Easy Solution | integraudio.com

Once in the app data folder, open “discord” and find all the cache folders. Open each folder one by one and delete all the data they contain. It will delete all Discord cache.

Fix: Discord Stuck On Loading Screen - Easy Solution | integraudio.com

8. Try Using VPN

VPN (Virtual private network) A virtual private network, or VPN, is a network that gives remote users secure access to the network of their organization by utilizing another public network, most commonly the Internet. 

Users are able to access the intranet, resources, and applications of their respective organizations just as if they were physically connected to the network when they use a virtual private network or VPN.

So, if you are facing a stuck screen issue, try to use VPN to change your virtual location. The United States is the best location to select when using VPN for Discord. It is because Discord is the most frequently used app in the US.

Fix: Discord Stuck On Loading Screen - Easy Solution | integraudio.com

9. Switch To Desktop App or Browser

Discord has two prominent versions, one is a desktop app, and the other is a direct browser extension. You can log in to Discord using any web browser by visiting Discord.com and selecting the login option. Here you just have to add your credentials and are ready to chat with your friends.

So, if your desktop version is not working or you keep stucking on the loading screen, try logging in via the web browser version. If the issue is the same in the web browser, you must contact the Discord online support team. Because this issue is unrelated to your app, it is related to your Discord account. 

Fix: Discord Stuck On Loading Screen - Easy Solution | integraudio.com

10. Update Graphics Drivers

Updating graphics drivers is important because it ensures your computer’s hardware runs optimally. If your Discord application is stuck on the loading screen, it could be due to an outdated or incompatible graphics driver. 

Updating your graphics driver will ensure that your computer is running the most recent version of the software, which can often fix compatibility issues and help your software run more smoothly.

11. Flush DNS Cache

DNS (Domain Name System) is a system computers use to map domain names to IP addresses. It is responsible for converting a domain name, such as www.example.com, into an IP address, such as 

It is necessary to flush DNS when a website’s IP address changes to associate the correct IP with the domain name. Flushing DNS also helps to clear up any cached information that may be causing a problem with the computer’s ability to connect to websites.

To flush DNS, go to Start Menu, type “cmd,” and run the command prompt as administrator. Now write “ipconfig /flushdns” and press enter. It will take a few minutes and you will receive the successful message. It means your DNS cache is deleted completely. Now open your Discord as an admin to enjoy the service.

Fix: Discord Stuck On Loading Screen - Easy Solution | integraudio.com

12. Remove Malware or Viruses on the Device

Malware can damage Discord files by corrupting them or deleting them. It can also steal information such as usernames and passwords and spread itself to other Discord users. Malware can also be used to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on the Discord servers, which can cause downtime and disruption of service.

So, always use Windows Defender while using any app. To ensure it is turned on, go to the start menu, type “Virus & threat protection,” and open it. Go to “manage settings” below the virus protection option. If all options are enabled, then it means Windows Defender protects your computer.

Fix: Discord Stuck On Loading Screen - Easy Solution | integraudio.com

Why is Discord Stuck On the Loading Screen?

Mainly, your Discord screen is stuck on loading due to a slow internet connection, Windows firewall blockage, no administrative privileges to Discord, malware, no or low disk space, incorrect time and date, conflicting apps, VPN, Discord version, graphics drivers, your hardware, and DNS cache.

A fast and reliable internet connection is necessary to run Discord properly, as all its services are operated from a different server. The Windows Firewall may also be blocking Discord by considering it an unknown app. Moreover, if your PC is under attack by any malware, that might also be why your Discord gets stuck on the loading screen.

Each application you install requires some specific space to keep data and temporary cache files. These files help them to run and perform tasks. But if you don’t have that specific space, such loading, and crashing issues will occur with that application. 

Discord operates according to region and time and indicates the messaging time, so your device’s time and date must be current. Some apps, like Skype and Zoom, can be considered conflicting. These apps might restrict Discord’s functionality. 

The cache is the temporary files that help to relaunch Discord instantly. But overloaded cache files may cause old files to launch again and again, causing freezing or loading screen stuck issues. 

VPN is used to change the geographical location of your device virtually. But sometimes, a VPN can lead you to a region where Discord services are not properly functioning, which may ultimately lead to the “stuck loading screen” issue. 

Moreover, your app might also be causing the problem; you have to test it by logging into the browser version of Discord. Sometimes your graphic drivers get old and need an upgrade; if you have an updating option, update them without thinking for a second.

That is why you always have to keep an eye on your hardware. Most of the time, it is your fault that your application gets stuck. For example, a faulty hard drive will lead to more loading time than usual.

How Do I Force Quit Discord When It Stuck On the Loading Screen?

The best thing to do when any app gets stuck on your Windows screen is to force quit the app. It will lessen the burden on your CPU and allow you to restart the app. Moreover, it will eliminate the stuck screen error immediately. So, how can you do it?

There are two methods to force quit your Discord: one from the taskbar and the second from the task manager. The task manager’s method is more effective than the taskbar method. A task manager controls all the running processes and can eliminate any task instantly using administrative privileges.

In the task bat method, right-click your Discord icon on your Taskbar and select “quit” from the opened file. It will take a few seconds and will quit your Discord stuck screen. You might have to repeat the same steps two to three times if Discord is not quitting. 

Fix: Discord Stuck On Loading Screen - Easy Solution | integraudio.com

In the task manager method, press “Ctrl+Ali+Del” to open Windows drop-down menu. Select “Task manager” from the menu. Once it is open, select the “Processes” tab and navigate to Discord. Select Discord and press the “End task” button. Your Discord’s stuck screen will be eliminated.

Fix: Discord Stuck On Loading Screen - Easy Solution | integraudio.com


In conclusion, having Discord stuck on the loading screen is a very frustrating experience for users. Fortunately, there are several solutions to this problem, ranging from simple solutions, such as ensuring that the system time and date are correct and the internet connection is stable, to more complex solutions, such as adding Discord to the Windows Firewall and updating graphics drivers. 

Not all solutions will work for every user, and some solutions may even require additional steps to ensure that they are properly implemented. For example, suppose malware is causing the issue. In that case, it may be necessary to perform a full computer scan using an antivirus program to remove any malicious or potentially malicious files. 

Furthermore, suppose the issue persists even after all the solutions have been implemented. In that case, it may be necessary to contact the Discord support team to determine the issue’s root cause.

No matter what the cause of the issue is, the best course of action is to take the time to troubleshoot and try each of the solutions listed in this article, and hopefully, the problem can be resolved in no time. With the right solutions, you can easily get your Discord back on track and start enjoying its features again.

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