8 Ways To Fix Discord Randomly Logging Me Out 2023

Solved: Discord Randomly Log Me Out - Easy Fix

Discord was launched in 2015 as a voice-over IP application and is still at the top.

Discord is not just for gamers; many other business communities also use it. It allows you to set up separate servers and communication channels for your team. Furthermore, you can authenticate the channels that a specific audience can access. 

Some users report that their Discord is logging them out randomly. Why is this happening, and how can you resolve it? If you are one of those users, you are in the best place to know the answers. We’ve compiled a list of the top 9 solutions for Discord’s random logout problem. So, stay tuned to know more.

Why Does Discord Randomly Log Me Out?

The main causes of random logouts are a downed Discord server, interference from third-party apps, an enabled VPN, full storage space, low space for the Discord cache, deleting old cookies from the browser, and slow internet. These are the main reasons why your Discord keeps logging out randomly.

All these issues are software-related, and you can resolve them quickly. Sometimes Discord servers go down, preventing you from using Discord services and logging in. Furthermore, if you have linked your Discord account to other apps, such as Spotify, you may experience this logout issue for security reasons.

VPN is a virtual private network; it changes your virtual location. It may also prevent you from logging in because many regions are prohibited from using Discord services. Every application requires a cache to store temporary files. These files are needed to get instant access to features. If your Discord cache is full, you might be unable to use it. 

Keep the cookies if you use Discord in a web browser. Because you have deleted the previous data, deleting cookies will prevent you from logging in again. 

8 Ways To Fix Discord Randomly Log Me Out

You can stop your Discord app from randomly restarting by unlinking third-party apps, turning on two-factor authentication, turning off VPN, deleting Discord’s cache, saving browser cookies, keeping your internet speed up, and choosing the “Remember me” option when you log into your Discord app.

  • Check Discord Server Live Status

The Discord server is run from the company’s San Francisco, California headquarters. These servers save your information and make a copy of it so they can use it in any mishap. So, if you cannot log in to your Discord account, always check the status of these servers. 

Solved: Discord Randomly Log Me Out - Easy Fix | integraudio.com

To do that, go to Discordstatus.com, where you can see the live status. If all bars, including API, Media Proxy, Push Notifications, Search, Voice, and Third-Party, are green, your Discord servers function normally; the problem is with your Discord. But don’t worry; we have other solutions for you.

  • Remove All Access To Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps like Spotify can be interlinked with the Discord account for collaboration. These apps are frequently required to run in the background, and if they are not linked to Discord, Discord frequently restricts their processing. But these apps can also restrict or alter Discord’s functioning. 

You must remove access to these apps from your Discord account to avoid such an issue. To do that, open Discord and go to “User settings.” In user settings, navigate to “Authorized apps.” Once you are in the option, you can see all linked and authorized apps list. 

Solved: Discord Randomly Log Me Out - Easy Fix | integraudio.com

Here deauthorize the apps using the “Deauthorise” option. It will resolve your random logging-out issue for good.

  • Enable 2-Factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is necessary for Discord because it provides an extra layer of security to help protect your account from unauthorized access. Even if someone obtained your username and password, they would still need to access your phone or another two-factor authentication device to gain access to your account with two-factor authentication enabled

It helps to ensure that your personal information and messages remain secure. To enable two-factor authentication, open Discord’s “User settings” and go to “My account.” Scroll down to find the option to “Enable Two Factor Authentication.” Now enter your account password and follow the on-screen instructions.

Solved: Discord Randomly Log Me Out - Easy Fix | integraudio.com

  • Disable VPN

VPN (a virtual private network) creates a secure connection over a public network. It is mostly used to protect one’s online privacy and to gain access to regionally specific websites. VPN also easily bypasses most security authentications. However, some apps do not support VPN connections.

Discord sometimes gives region errors when you use a VPN. It ultimately leads to frequent logging-out issues. To resolve this issue, disable the VPN that you are using. It will not restrict Discord from processing, and you may be able to log in to your account. 

Solved: Discord Randomly Log Me Out - Easy Fix | integraudio.com

  • Make Space In Your PC

Discord needs space because it requires a certain amount of storage to save user data and store server files. Discord cannot run properly or store all necessary information without enough space. Moreover, space is required to save the cache from performing tasks without delay.

So, ensure your hard drive has enough space to store Discord’s cache and other data files. Also, the folder where Discord is installed minimum has 1 GB of free space. Delete unnecessary applications and files that you don’t use anymore. It will create free space.

Solved: Discord Randomly Log Me Out - Easy Fix | integraudio.com

  • Delete Discord Cache

You may need to delete the Discord cache if your Discord application malfunctions. It can help to clear out any corrupted data or files that could be causing the issue. Deleting the cache can also help free up some of your device’s memory and improve the application’s performance.

To delete the Discord cache, open the run by pressing “Windows key + R,” type “%appdata%” and hit enter. Once you are in the app data folder, navigate to the “discord” folder and open it. Now, open each cache folder one by one and delete the files contained within them. It will delete all Discord caches.

Solved: Discord Randomly Log Me Out - Easy Fix | integraudio.com

  • Avoid Browser Cookie Clearing on Exit

Web browser cookies are small text files stored in a user’s web browser. They help websites remember user information, such as preferences, login information, and shopping cart contents. This information is then used to provide the user with a more personalized experience on the website.

If you use Discord on the web browser, avoid deleting the cookies. It will delete the stored data like login details and autofill data. Also, you will be logged out of all apps. That is why, whenever closing the web browser, avoid deleting cookies.

Solved: Discord Randomly Log Me Out - Easy Fix | integraudio.com

  • Select Remember Me Option

The Remember Me option in Discord allows you to stay logged into your account even after closing the app. It means you don’t have to log in whenever you use Discord. However, it is important to note that this feature is not as secure as entering your password every time you log in.

So, whenever you log in to your Discord account from your smartphone or PC, select the Remember Me option to stay logged in. 

Solved: Discord Randomly Log Me Out - Easy Fix | integraudio.com

Is Disabling Your Discord The Same As Logging Out?

No, disabling your Discord is not the same as logging out. Disabling out completely removes (permanently deletes) your account from the Discord server; while logging out, your Discord account keeps your account present on the server but renders it inactive.

When you log out of Discord, you will be logged out of all servers you have previously logged into. Your account, however, will still be on the server, but no one can see it. You can log back in at any time but must re-enter your username and password.

Solved: Discord Randomly Log Me Out - Easy Fix | integraudio.com

When you disable your Discord account, you can still view the server, but you cannot send messages or participate in chats. Your profile will be hidden from other users, and you cannot access private messages or channels. You can still access your account anytime, but you will need to re-enable it before you can use it again.

Logging out of Discord is not the same as disabling your Discord account. Disabling out completely removes your account from Discord, while disabling your account keeps your account present on the server but makes it inactive.


Discord is a popular communication platform for gamers, businesses, and other organizations. It provides many advantages, like separate servers, channels, and authentication for different audiences. Unfortunately, some users have reported random logouts while using Discord. 

This issue arises for various reasons, like downed Discord servers, interference from third-party apps, enabled VPN, full storage space, low space for the Discord cache, deleting old cookies from the browser, and slow internet.

To resolve this issue, there are some easy solutions. To begin, check the live status of Discord servers. If the servers are down, you can wait until they return online. Second, you must remove access to all third-party apps from your Discord account. 

Third, you can enable two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security. Fourth, disable any active VPN (virtual private network). Fifth, you must ensure enough space on your hard drive to store Discord files.

Sixth, you have to delete the Discord cache. Seventh, you have to save your browser cookies. Eighth, you have to make sure that your internet speed is up. Select the “Remember me” option when logging into your Discord app.

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