FIXED: Discord Keep Pausing Spotify While Streaming

Solved: Why Does Discord Pause Spotify While Streaming?

There are various issues why this can happen, so today we will help you to solve your issue with Discord and Spotify.

Why Does Discord Keep Pausing Spotify While Streaming?

Spotify will automatically stop if you use your mic for over 30 seconds while streaming or chatting on Discord. It is because Discord’s terms and policies say that Spotify will be paused if you use your microphone for more than 30 seconds, which is pretty annoying. 

The best thing about Spotify is its compatibility with other apps and devices. But no doubt, there are certain issues with using Spotify with apps. It makes no sense, especially when live streaming, chatting, and listening to your favorite music simultaneously. 

It also happens because of microphone interference, as many apps don’t allow speakers and microphones to work simultaneously with any other third-party app like Spotify. But there are a few ways to listen to Spotify music while streaming on Discord. Let’s see these step-by-step guides. 

How To Fix Discord Pausing Spotify While Streaming

  • Unlink Spotify From Discord

Discord App Linking is a feature that allows users to connect their Discord accounts to other platforms and services, such as Twitch, Xbox, Spotify, and more. That allows users to access these services directly from within Discord, making sharing and collaborating with friends easier.

But this feature could be the one causing the pause issue. If you have linked your Spotify account with Discord, then you have to remove it from the linked applications list. Here are the simple steps. First, open the Discord app and go to “User Settings” by pressing the gear icon near the profile icon. 

Solved: Why Does Discord Pause Spotify While Streaming? |

Go to the “Connections” tab from the left side panel. Here you will see the list of all the connected applications. Navigate to Spotify, click the cross (exit), and select “Disconnect” from the popup. You have successfully disconnected Spotify from your Discord. Now it won’t interfere with your live stream. 

Solved: Why Does Discord Pause Spotify While Streaming? |

You can also remove access to Discord from Spotify. To do this, open the Spotify app and select “Account” from your profile file. Once you are in the web browser, go to “Apps” from the left menu. Here you will find the list of apps with access to your Spotify. Click on the “Remove Access” button near the Discord app.  

Solved: Why Does Discord Pause Spotify While Streaming? |

  • Enable Push To Talk

Push to Talk is a feature that allows users to quickly share their voice with other members of their Discord server. It sends audio from a user’s microphone to other channel members without constantly pressing the “talk” button (Customized push-to-talk button). 

This feature turns off the microphone when you stop talking and release the talk button. This way, you are not violating any Discord 30-second policy, and your Spotify keeps running. 

To turn on push-to-talk, go to your user settings in Discord and click “Voice & Video” from the list of options. Now scroll a bit down until you see “Input modes.” Select “Push to Talk” instead of “Voice Activity.” 

Solved: Why Does Discord Pause Spotify While Streaming? |

  • Disable Attenuation From Discord

Discord’s Attenuation feature is a tool that allows users to control the volume of other users in a voice or video chat. It allows users to mute or reduce the volume of other participants so that their audio does not overpower others. When someone else speaks, it also reduces the volume of your background application, such as Spotify.

This feature has a different percentage of operations. 0% means it is disabled, and 100% means your background audio will be muted or paused whenever someone talks. This feature can make Spotify pause if you are using it. You can disable attenuation from the Discord user settings. 

Open “User Settings” and click “Voice & Video.” Scroll down until you find the attenuation scrolling bar. Slide the bar to the left side to make the attenuation 0%. It will disable the feature. 

Solved: Why Does Discord Pause Spotify While Streaming? |

  • Disable Legacy Audio Subsystem

It is a legacy audio system for Discord that allows for the playback of audio and video files on the platform. It is designed to provide an improved audio experience compared to the previous version of Discord’s audio system. The legacy audio system offers better audio fidelity, latency, and sound quality.

The legacy audio subsystem can also disable other third-party audio apps like Spotify to enhance the live streams’ audio quality. Due to this factor, you have to disable it. Go to user settings and then go to “Voice & Video.” 

Scroll down to “Audio Subsystem” and open the list. Select “Standard” from the file. It will change the audio system from legacy to standard.

Solved: Why Does Discord Pause Spotify While Streaming? |

  • Add JavaScript (.js) Plugin 

JavaScript is a powerful language mostly used to develop in-app plugins. In our situation, we will use the Better Discord app to control the audio enhancements. Download and install the app from the link. 

Right after completing the installation, open Discord for confirmation. You will receive a popup about the Better Discord after opening Discord. You can also confirm the installation in the settings. The next step is to disable the Windows firewall, as it will prevent you from installing the JS plugin.

Open the Control Panel and then go to “System and Security.” Here, select “Turn Windows Defender on or off” and turn it off. Now go to C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\betterdiscord\plugins. Create a simple text document file. Now open the text file, paste this command in the link, then save the file. Rename it “plugin.js.” 

Solved: Why Does Discord Pause Spotify While Streaming? |

It will disable the 30-second rule in Discord. But you have to be careful while using this plugin. We don’t recommend you use it with the Nitro version, as it is a third-party plugin and may cause serious account issues. So, always recommended to use default app settings.

  • Restart Spotify To Logout All Users

Sometimes Spotify is at fault. If you have a family account and more than limited users are using it, you may face this pause issue while streaming on Discord, as Spotify will consider your account an extra one. Restart and log out of your Spotify account from all other devices to resolve this issue. 

To restart your Spotify account, open Spotify and open “Account” from your profile file. You will be redirected to the web browser. Here, scroll down, and you will find the option to “Sign out everywhere.” Click on the option. You can also change your Spotify account password to ensure no one else can enter. 

Solved: Why Does Discord Pause Spotify While Streaming? |

Why Can’t I Stream Spotify on Discord?

Spotify’s crossfade feature is an amazing feature that allows you to fade in the next song with the ending song to merge both songs and play music without any pause. However, this feature can also prevent Spotify from streaming with Discord, causing the song to pause after only one song. 

You have to disable Spotify crossfading to enjoy hassle-free music. To disable the crossfading feature, open Spotify settings by pressing the gear icon from the user menu list. Scroll down to the “Playback” option. Here you will find the “Crossfade Song” option. Turn this option off. 

Solved: Why Does Discord Pause Spotify While Streaming? |

Now you can stream Spotify on Discord by linking it with the service. You can use Spotify even while streaming without any pause issues. Spotify supports vast types of applications and devices. This feature makes it one of the most used music apps globally. 

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