Why Does Discord Not Have Voice Messages?

Why Does Discord Not Have Voice Messages?

Discord is popular messaging platform gamers, and other communities use for communication. Despite the fact that many people are familiar with Discord’s text-based chat features, the Discord app does not support voice messages. It might be surprising for some users considering its wide range of other features.

Making voice channels, chat channels, direct voice calls, video calls, group calls, screen sharing, and many other features are available in Discord. But why doesn’t it have a voice message feature? Let’s find out in this blog!

Why Does Discord Not Have Voice Messages?

Discord’s concept is voice chat via calls during gameplay. Most of the Discord’s features, such as access to private servers, custom voice channels, and text-based chat rooms, are intended to improve gaming experiences. Because voice messages are not considered a feature that would benefit gamers, Discord does not currently provide them.

Require Resources: The secondary reason is that voice messages are much more difficult to track than text-based messages. Because voice messages are frequently longer, archiving them would require more time and resources. Furthermore, they require more bandwidth and storage space to store, making the platform less reliable. 

Risk To Privacy: Moreover, voice messages can also pose a privacy risk for some users who may not want to have their conversations recorded. Given that gamers and other online communities primarily use Discord, it stands to reason that user safety and privacy would take precedence over providing voice messages. 

Purpose of Discord: Two things are more important in gaming than this voice message feature: reliable voice calls and smooth streaming. Discord prioritizes these two aspects to provide the best gaming experience possible. Other voice communication features available on Discord include automatic muting, push-to-talk, and noise cancellation. 

Voice messages can be a great feature for some chat platforms. Still, Discord’s goal of offering a dependable, secure, and safe place for gamers and other online communities to communicate simply does not fit with this. 

Platforms like WhatsApp or Skype might be better if you’re looking for a more traditional chat experience with voice messages. Discord is your best option if you’re looking for a dependable and secure platform for online community chat with gamers. 

How can I send Discord Voice Messages?

You can’t directly send voice messages to anyone on Discord, but there is a way to send audio. You have to record clips and send them as attachments. It’s easy to share voice messages with your Discord group using the built-in Windows Voice recorder. Here are the simple steps to do that,

  • Go to the windows search bar, write “Voice Recorder,” and open the app.
  • Now click on recording and record your voice. 

Why Does Discord Not Have Voice Messages? | integraudio.com

  • After recording, stop the recorder and click on the three dots at the lower right corner of the screen. 
  • Select “Open file location” from the file. Here you will find your audio. 
  • Now open Discord, select the plus + sign, and then select “Upload file.”

Why Does Discord Not Have Voice Messages? | integraudio.com

  • Go to the same location, mostly “This PC>Windows Drive>Users>Username>Documents>Sound recording,” and select the file and send.

How to Use Text-to-Speech on Discord

The Discord app includes a function called “Text to Speech” (TTS) that allows users to have their messages read aloud by the app. This feature may come in handy if you are visually impaired or don’t feel like reading through lengthy passages. 

To use this function, simply compose your message after typing ‘/tts’ and hitting the send button. An automated system will read your message to the recipient. Due to the high volume of players, this may be disabled on public servers. If other user have disabled this feature, then he won’t be able to listen to your TTS.

Many software and windows itself have the feature to convert text-to-speech. It might not be exactly like a voice message, but it’s a good alternative if you can’t send audio clips. You can also use third party applications to change the AI voice. 

Does TTS Works in DM?

Indeed, Discord DMs support Text to Speech as well. To use this feature, you must type ‘/tts’ before sending your message. It will trigger an artificial voice to read the message out loud. 

Why Does Discord Not Have Voice Messages? | integraudio.com


The other user’s preferences will also determine how this function works. The message won’t be read aloud if the recipient has turned off text-to-speech. Make sure you ask their permission first before using it. 

If you’d rather not use text or speech, you can also share a recording of yourself doing so. Mobile phones are not excluded from the devices that can use this function. Audio files from services like Soundcloud and YouTube can also be shared.

How to Send Voice Messages on Discord Using Voice Messages Chrome Extension?

Sending a voice message to a friend on Discord requires installing a chrome extension called Discord Voice message. It means you have to open your discord account on your chrome browser. The Chrome add-on allows you to easily send voice messages through DMs. Here’s the complete process,

  • Search for the Discord Voice Message chrome extension in the extension menu. You can also redirect to the extension page using the above link.
  • Now install the chrome extension to your chrome browser. Enable the extension from the “Manage extensions” settings.

Why Does Discord Not Have Voice Messages? | integraudio.com

  • Now login to your Discord on the browser using a password or a QR scan. 
  • Open your friend list and tap on the friend’s name to which you want to send the voice. 
  • You will see a microphone icon on the right side just beside the Emoji icon.

Why Does Discord Not Have Voice Messages? | integraudio.com

  • Tap on that microphone, and it will start recording automatically. Once you are done, tap it again. Discord will ask for your permission to send the file. Here you can remove, rename or add a spoiler to the audio. 


The best method is to install a Chrome extension To send voice messages on Discord. Any user can quickly and easily record and send voice messages with the Discord Voice message chrome extension. Audio files hosted on other services, such as Soundcloud and YouTube, can also be shared. The Windows Voice recorder can be used to save conversations for later transfer to Discord.

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