Fix: Discord Crashes After Clicking On The Screen Share Button

Fix: Discord Crashes After Clicking On The Screen Share Button

Discord offers up to 50 people the chance to watch a person’s live stream or screen share.

Discord has multiple uses, including voice calls, video calls, streaming, and screen sharing. It helps gamers and streamers live-stream their gameplay with their fans and audience. Discord is also famous in the gaming community, as you can voice chat with your team members while gaming. 

Live streaming and screen sharing are two of Discord’s best features. But few users claimed that their Discord crashed after clicking the screen share button. Why it happens and how you can resolve the issue. Here we will discuss the best solutions for this problem.

Why Do Discord Crashes After Clicking On The Screen Share Button?

It is mainly because of hardware acceleration, disabled legacy mode, the latest tech mode in Discord, Discord cache, outdated Discord versions, outdated Windows, outdated graphics drivers, enabled streamer mode in Discord, admin privileges for Discord, and your internet connection. 

Most of these are software- or app-related issues. These issues can be resolved with simple steps. But if your Discord is freezing or crashing whenever you click the share button, then more than one factor is causing this issue. Moreover, using the right methods will always work.

Hardware acceleration should be disabled whenever you are sharing a screen. You must also turn on legacy mode to enhance the performance while streaming. All the latest apps need updating, so always keep your Discord current. Not only the Discord but your Windows also need to be updated.

Moreover, if you use any other third-party app like OBS or Zoom for screen sharing, you must turn it off before streaming on Discord. If you share the gameplay, always add the game before sharing the screen. Lastly, your internet connection must be fast and reliable to share a screen with your friends. 

How To Fix Discord Crashing After Clicking On The Screen Share Button?

Now you know why your Discord crashes when you click the share button. But how can you solve this issue? Here we have collected the solutions to the above-described problems. So. without further ado, let’s start the step-by-step tutorials.

  • Disable Hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration is a feature in Discord that lets the program use the computer’s hardware to speed things up. It can result in smoother video and audio streams, better graphics, and improved overall performance. 

Discord can use the computer’s GPU, CPU, and RAM to improve the application’s overall performance. But sometimes, it consumes more than the required hardware resources, which leads to crashing issues like these. You have to disable hardware acceleration in such cases.

To disable it, open Discord, go to “User settings,” and navigate to the “Voice & Video” tab from the left-hand side panel. In the voice & video options, you will find the “Hardware acceleration option.” If the hardware acceleration is enabled (green), then disable it and try to share your screen now.

Fix: Discord Crashes After Clicking On The Screen Share Button |

  • Turn on Legacy Mode

Legacy in Discord refers to the original version of the popular chat app. The first version of Discord, released in 2015, is known as Legacy. Newer, more feature-rich versions have since replaced this app version.

Sometimes, you use an old operating system or hardware (PC) that doesn’t support the latest apps. In such a case, you must turn on the Discord Legacy mode. This mode will shift your Discord to the old classic format, allowing you to share your screen. 

To turn on the Legacy mode, open Discord user settings and navigate to “Voice & Video.” Now scroll down to the “Audio Subsystem” and click on it to open the file. Here select “Legacy” from the list.

Fix: Discord Crashes After Clicking On The Screen Share Button |

  • Disable Use Our Latest Technology To Capture Screen Option

Discord uses the latest technology to make it easy for users to share what’s on their screens with others. It allows users to capture still images or record videos on their screens. This feature is very helpful when working together on projects, streaming video games, or fixing technical problems. to 

It also allows users to easily take screenshots of their favorite moments to share with friends or save for later. But this option is not for you if you use an old system. It requires more hardware resources to process the tasks. That is why it causes crashing issues when you share your screen.

Open Discord, “User Settings,” and then navigate to “Voice & Video.” Here, scroll down until you see the option “Use Our Latest Technology To Capture Screen.” If the option is enabled, disable it and try to share your screen again. 

Fix: Discord Crashes After Clicking On The Screen Share Button |

  • Disable Streamer mode

Streamer mode is a feature in Discord that hides sensitive information from the user’s screen when streaming games or other content. It prevents viewers from seeing notifications, private messages, or other confidential information. 

It helps make sure that the streamer can focus on their content without worrying about accidentally revealing private information. This mode can sometimes restrict streaming and cause screen-sharing crashes. To avoid the situation, we recommend you disable the streamer mode.

To disable it, open Discord user settings and go to the “Streamer mode” option from the left-hand side panel. Here you will find the “enable streamer mode” option. If the option is enabled, then disable it. Now try to share your screen with friends. 

Fix: Discord Crashes After Clicking On The Screen Share Button |

  • Delete Discord app data

Each app has its temporary files, called cache. Discord Cache is a storage area that stores temporary files created by Discord, a popular chat and voice application. The cache stores data related to Discord’s features, such as user avatars, emojis, and other media files. 

It is stored in the user’s app data folder and is usually cleared when the application is closed. But, if this storage gets full, it causes crashing and freezing issues. To make more resources for your Discord, delete the temporary files front the Discord directory. 

To do that, open “Run” by pressing “Windows key + R” and then type “%appdata%” and hit enter. Once you are in the app data folder, open “Discord.”

Fix: Discord Crashes After Clicking On The Screen Share Button |

You will find two main cache folders in this Discord folder: “GPU Cache” and “Cache.” Open each folder individually, press “Ctrl+A,” and then “Delete.” It will delete all the cache, and your Discord will have more resources. It will resolve all the crashing and freezing issues.

Fix: Discord Crashes After Clicking On The Screen Share Button |

  • Run Discord as an administrator

Admin privileges in Discord allow Admins to manage the server, create and manage channels, mute and kick out users who aren’t following the rules, and maintain order. It also allows you to communicate with others using hardware like a webcam and microphone. 

That is why you always have to open Discord in admin mode. Go to the Discord folder and right-click the Discord icon to do that. Here you will find the option of “Run as administrator.” Click it to open Discord in administrator mode.

Fix: Discord Crashes After Clicking On The Screen Share Button |

  • Outdated Graphics Drivers

Graphics drivers are necessary for Discord because they enable the software to run smoothly and perform better. These drivers help improve the performance of Discord by making it run faster, eliminating graphical glitches, and providing better support for high-resolution images. 

Graphics drivers also help improve Discord’s audio and video quality, allowing users a better experience. But if your graphic card drivers are outdated, they won’t be able to render or run the on-screen image properly. That is why you need to check for updates periodically.

Right-click the Windows start menu icon and select “Device Manager” from the opened file. Once in the device manager, navigate to your graphics card and click on it. Now press “update” to check for the updates. Your Windows system will automatically install the new drivers if they are available. 

Fix: Discord Crashes After Clicking On The Screen Share Button |

  • Bad Internet Connection

Fast internet is necessary to share a screen on Discord to ensure that the connection is stable and the image is high quality. The faster the internet connection, the better the image quality, and the more smoothly the screen sharing will run. 

A slow connection can cause problems such as lagging, stuttering, or buffering, making the experience of sharing screens on Discord very frustrating. 

What Is The Minimum PC Requirement To Share Screen On Discord?

Screen sharing requires more resources than the average app to process and broadcast the image. That is why the minimum requirement to share your screen on Discord PC is a dual-core processor with a minimum of 2.0 GHz, 4 GB of RAM, and Windows 7. 

But these are not the ideal conditions for screen sharing on DiscordYou must have a minimum i3 5th generation processor with 3.0 GHz and 8 GB of RAM with Windows 11. This system will moderately share your screen. 

You will also need a graphics card to render and share the display quickly. Moreover, you will need a minimum of 5 Mbps of internet connection to stream and share a screen smoothly. A stable internet connection is key to video streaming on Discord. 


The screen-sharing feature in Discord is a great way to interact with friends and colleagues. But, to make it work properly, you must keep all the necessary settings up to date and ensure you have a fast and reliable internet connection.

Discord is an amazing way to communicate, stream, and share screens. It offers so many features to make it easier for users to interact with each other. But, if you are experiencing Discord crashes while trying to share your screen, several factors can cause this issue. 

To fix the Discord crashing issue, you must disable hardware acceleration, turn on legacy mode, disable the use of the latest technology to capture the screen, delete Discord app data, run Discord as an administrator, check for outdated graphics drivers, and make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Moreover, the minimum PC requirement to share-screen on Discord is a dual-core processor with a minimum of 2.0 GHz, 4 GB of RAM, and Windows 7. But for smooth streaming, you must have a minimum i3 5th generation processor with 3.0 GHz and 8 GB of RAM with Windows 11. You must also have a minimum of 5 Mbps of internet connection.

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