Why Is My Discord Audio So Quiet? Reasons & Fix

Why Is My Discord Audio So Quiet?

Discord made gamers’ lives easier and more convenient. Discord has many features, including live streaming, voice, and text chats. However, one of the main problems reported by many users is that the audio quality on Discord is too low or quiet, which makes it difficult to communicate with other players. 

The good news is that some easy solutions exist to fix this issue and make your Discord audio louder. This article will discuss some of the best methods to resolve low or quiet audio in Discord. So, let’s explore the unexplored secrets.

Why Is My Discord Audio So Quiet?

If the output volume is too low, the wrong output device is selected, the incorrect Discord settings are applied, you are using a voice-modifying application, your window volume is low, or you have selected the incorrect default device, your Discord will be too quiet. 

  • Wrong Input and Output Device
    If you use more than one microphone source, like a headphone or an external microphone, and haven’t selected anyone as an output device, you might face these quiet Discord audio issues. Similarly, if you have more than one output device connected to your system and haven’t selected any default output device, this might be the main reason for low Discord audio.
  • Wrongly Configured Discord Settings
    Any changes in Discord’s audio settings can lead to this audio issue. So, if you have accidentally applied or misconfigured any audio settings, you must correct them to get louder audio. 
  • Use of Voice-Modifying Applications and Plugins
    If you are using voice-modifying applications or plugins, then it might be the main reason for a too-quiet or low Discord audio issue. In most cases, these applications or plugins are used to change your voice which can lead to low audio.
  • Hardware Issues
    You will hear low audio if your headphones or speaker wires are broken or damaged. You will hear low audio if your sound card is not working properly. Finally, if your microphone is damaged, your audio will be low and too quiet.
  • Low Input and Output Volume
    One of the major issues is the Discord input or output volume, which is your speakers’ and microphone volumes. This issue is generally caused by a conflict between the input and output devices you are using. It can also be caused by low output volume from Windows or Discord settings. We often don’t focus on the input or output volumes of the operating system. If your input volume is low, your friends will hear a low or too quiet voice; if your output volume is low, you will hear their voices too low.

Discord Input and Output Volume Too Low 

You may have decreased the input and output volume and forgot to return it to their normal values. It is a valid and common reason behind the quiet discord audio.

Thankfully, you can adjust the input and output volume back again by following these easy steps mentioned below:

  •  Click on the settings icon in the bottom left corner with your profile picture. A listing will appear on the left where you must select “Voice & Audio.”
  • On the right side of the UI, you will see “Input Volume” and “Output Volume” options right below the Input Device and Output Device lists.

Why Is My Discord Audio So Quiet? | integraudio.com

  • Here you can increase the input volume even to 100%. It will increase the volume of your microphone so that others can hear you clearly when you speak, even in a normal voice.

Change Discord Input and Output Device

Installing Discord will automatically choose the default devices for you to communicate with others using this outstanding software. Sometimes you unplug an audio input or output device and plug in another to add a new device or something else. It might be the wrong device causing the audio to be so quiet.

In the case mentioned above, your default device may not be set to what you recently added or want to choose for current use. Discord provides you an opportunity to choose among whatever audio input device you want to use when using Discord:

  • Click on the settings icon in the bottom left corner.
  • A UI will appear with a list on the left side where you must choose “Voice & Video.”
  • On the top, you will see two drop-down lists, one named Input Devices and the other named Output Devices.

Why Is My Discord Audio So Quiet? | integraudio.com

  • You can choose your current device and adjust its volume intensity using the bars below. I hope it will solve your issue of quiet audio. 

Reset Discord Audio Settings 

Sometimes we mess up the settings by changing certain values or turning off and on different features for testing purposes. As a result, we can experience different problems, and quiet audio is one of them.

Resetting the discord audio settings will set all the values to default then you can change some of the values that you know the functions of. I am providing you with the easiest solution as follows:

  • Go to the discord settings by clicking the settings icon in the left corner.
  • Now, select the “Voice & Video” option from the list on the left.
  • Scroll down until you find a button saying “Reset Voice Settings.”

Why Is My Discord Audio So Quiet? | integraudio.com

  • After pressing the “Okay” button from a small pop-up message box, your discord audio setting will be reset and set to the default ones, and the problem you are facing will be gone.

Why Is My Discord Audio So Quiet? | integraudio.com

Select Legacy Audio Subsystem 

Discord has a unique compatibility function called Audio Subsystem. It makes the older computer, laptops, or mobile devices with older hardware compatible with the new versions of Discord software. For example, it might be the case that your device cannot cope with Discord resulting in quiet audio. To solve this issue, you can follow the following easy steps:

  • Open the discord settings and select the “Voice & Video” option from the listings on the left.
  • If you scroll down almost to the bottom, you will find the “Audio Subsystem” option.

Why Is My Discord Audio So Quiet? | integraudio.com

  • There will be a drop-down list. The Standard is default selected, but you can change it to “Legacy” with a single mouse click or touch.
  • Hopefully, it will solve your problem after this.

Windows Volume is Too Low 

Sometimes it is not Discord’s fault for having quiet audio, but your operating system’s sound driver’s volume is set to a low value causing the quiet audio problem. You can easily increase the Windows volume by following one of these steps:

  • Press the key on the top with a speaker icon if you use a multimedia keyboard. It will increase the Windows volume with a small pop-up on the top right corner of your computer or laptop screen.

Why Is My Discord Audio So Quiet? | integraudio.com

  • The other method is to click on the speaker icon on the bottom right part of your taskbar and increase the volume according to your need.

Select Right Default Microphone 

If it is hard for your audience or friend to hear your voice, there is a solution in the Windows sound settings. You only need to follow these steps to get things right:

  • Open the famous Windows “Control Panel” application and select “Hardware and Sound.”
  • A list with different icons will appear where you must select “Change system sounds.”

Why Is My Discord Audio So Quiet? | integraudio.com

  • A small dialog box having multiple tabs will appear. Select the “Recordings” tab, where you will have a list of all input/output communication devices attached to your PC or laptop.

Why Is My Discord Audio So Quiet? | integraudio.com

  • Click on a device you want to make default and press the button saying “Set Default.” 

Disable Voice Modifying Applications

There might be tuners and voice changers running in the background for no reason. For example, the audio might be so quiet because the values from this software are so low or decreased.

To solve this issue, adjust and raise the audio from those voice-modifying application software. Or close those apps affecting the audio of Discord. The same apps affecting audio simultaneously can cause such audio problems.

Try To Log in and Communicate Through The Web Version

It is not necessary to use a single discord application for video and audio streaming simultaneously. It is not impossible, but there is a chance that this phenomenon may cause the problem of quiet audio.

Why Is My Discord Audio So Quiet? | integraudio.com

To figure out and fix this issue, log in to the web version of Discord and use it to observe any changes. If the problem is still present, then check out the other solutions. But if the problem is gone, set your Discord App’s settings according to the settings of the web version.

Restart Discord and Run As Administrator

Sometimes, Discord is not a high-priority app for your operating system but useless music or a random app playing in the background. It mostly happens when many apps are already running, and you just double-click the Discord icon to open it.

You can solve this issue by disconnecting from Discord for a while and opening it properly as an administrator application software:

  • Right-click on the Discord icon to open the menu.
  • Here, select “Run as administrator.” If you are trying to run Discord from the Start Menu, this option is in the “More” option.

Why Is My Discord Audio So Quiet? | integraudio.com

  • Hopefully, now your Discord will run as high-priority application software.

Hardware Issues

The communication hardware you are using can be faulty or damaged, causing the audio to be quiet. To solve this issue, you should borrow a headset or device from someone and check if the problem is gone. Do not forget to unplug the device with quiet audio during this test.

If your hardware is the culprit, try fixing it or replacing it with a new one. Make sure that the new hardware you purchase must have some sort of guarantee or warranty to change it in case of such problems. 


The problem of quiet audio in the Discord app is not a huge issue and can be easily fixed with some easy solutions discussed above. Always remember that taking preventive measures is better than running after a cure. Here we have covered almost all the solutions that can help solve this issue. We hope this article will help you to resolve discord audio issues. 

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