Why Discord Audio Cutting Out When Streaming?

Why Discord Audio Cutting Out When Streaming?

Discord is not only a software that allows you to communicate with your friends from around the world, but it is also a platform for making and increasing your fans if you are a gamer or a creative artist. On top of that, Discord is free, with most of the basic features that are more than enough for a person.

In this article, we are going to explain and solve why Discord audio cuts out when streaming. There can be several reasons for that. So we will address and solve each problem individually so you can enjoy using Discord.

Why Discord Audio Cutting Out When Streaming?

This issue is caused by your intermittent internet connection, Discord’s push-to-talk function, Krisp noise suppression, echo cancellation, enabled quality of service high packet priority, wrong and distant voice channel region, microphone’s loose connections, faulty input device, and outdated audio drivers.

  • Unstable Internet Connection
    The first problem that might be causing Discord audio to cut out is the internet connection. It is possible that it is not the Discord audio cutting again and again but the internet connection that disconnects and connects back again.
  • Push To Talk
    The Push to Talk feature in Discord is a function that restricts your ability to speak only when you press a particular key or button. When this feature is turned on, it may result in the randomly interrupted audio stream.
  • Krisp Noise Suppression
    When you are on a voice call, the Krisp noise suppression feature will help reduce any background noise that may be present. This function may be the primary reason your audio keeps cutting out while you’re live streaming.
  • Echo Cancellation
    Echo cancellation is a feature that can be used during a live stream to reduce the number of echo your microphone produces. Streaming audio may experience interruptions if this feature is turned on.
  • Quality Of Service High Packet Priority
    Quality of service high packet priority is a feature that helps reduce latency to ensure better quality sound during the stream. This feature can lead the Discord streaming to audio issues.
  • Wrong Voice Channel Region
    The voice channel region is an important setting that helps determine the quality of sound you receive and give during streaming. If your voice channel region is set to the wrong one, then it can cause Discord audio to cut out when streaming.
  • Faulty Input Device/Loose Connections
    If your microphone and speakers are connected to the computer via USB, then there may be a loose connection or faulty device. It can cause audio cutting out when streaming.

Switch from Push to Talk Function to Voice Activity in Discord

Push to talk function is very useful in some cases because you have to press a certain key to speak; otherwise, no one can hear you on the other side. But when you are busy playing a difficult game, this function can be irritating sometimes. A humble suggestion is to turn this function off, so you don’t have to worry about pushing the key again and again:

  • A settings icon will be on the bottom left corner of your Discord app’s user interface.
  • Pressing the settings icon, you will get an interface with a list of settings on the left side where you need to choose the title “Voice & Video.”

Why Discord Audio Cutting Out When Streaming? | integraudio.com

  • After that, you will see the “Push to talk” option selected under the title saying “Input Mode” on the right part of the interface. Just switch it back to the “Voice Activity” so you can eliminate the annoying method of pushing a key repeatedly.

Why Discord Audio Cutting Out When Streaming? | integraudio.com

  • I hope that your Discord audio is cutting out when streaming problems are solved after this.

Disable The Krisp Noise Suppression when Streaming

Krisp is an intelligent feature of the Discord app that allows you to suppress background noises automatically when streaming. For example, if the Krisp is on and there is a noise when you are speaking, then it will not only suppress the noise but also your voice will be cut during that time.

This is why gamers use silent rooms, mic covers, and pop filters instead of some noise suppressions. To turn off the Krisp, you can follow the following procedure:

  • Click on the settings icon on the bottom left corner of your Discord app’s user interface, where your profile name and image are displayed.
  • Choose the “Voice & Video” option from the listings on the left.
  • You will find the Noise Suppression section if you scroll down the properties on the right.

Why Discord Audio Cutting Out When Streaming? | integraudio.com

  • You can switch to “Standard” noise suppression or “None.” If you are using a noise suppression preamp, you’d better switch to “None.”
  • Hopefully, your audio will not cut out when there is noise around.

Turn Off Echo Cancellation when Streaming

Echo cancellation is a very intelligent function of Discord that allows you to remove the reverbs from your voice. This feature is used for an empty room with the echoing sounds of your speech. If this feature is on for no reason, then it can cause Discord audio to cut out when streaming. Follow these steps to turn off the echo cancellation:

  • Open the Discord settings by pressing the cog icon in the bottom left corner.
  • Select the “Voice & Video” option from the UI list on the left side.
  • Scroll down where the green off/on switches are, and the title is “Voice Processing.”

Why Discord Audio Cutting Out When Streaming? | integraudio.com

  • Here, switch off the “Echo Cancellation” function. Hopefully, the audio cutting during discord streaming will stop after this.

Disable Quality of Service High Packet Priority

This unique feature of Discord provides you with the best latency. But the narrow-hearted ISPs (Internet Service Providers) hate this feature as your voice data becomes of high priority when streaming over the internet. As a result, they might misbehave, putting your internet connection at a low priority and causing your audio to be cut out when streaming.

If you disable the high packet priority function in Discord, you can get smooth speech when streaming. Just follow the easy steps mentioned below to fix your cutting-out audio:

  • In Discord, open up “Settings” by clicking on the settings icon in the bottom left corner.
  • After that, select the “Voice & Video” option from the listings on the left side.
  • Scroll down in the middle of the UI on the right side and disable the feature entitled “Quality of Service Haigh Packet Priority.”

Why Discord Audio Cutting Out When Streaming? | integraudio.com

  • Now, your audience should be able to experience a smooth voice without any cutting-ups.

Wrong and Distant Voice Channel Region

Discord is a universal application software that is widely used around the world. Voice channel region is a system to accommodate your communication when connected and speaking to your friends or Discord groups.

Discord chooses the best voice channel region for you when you install it. But if you are experiencing audio cutting out when streaming, then you can follow the steps below to change the voice channel region to solve the issue manually:

  • Select your Discord server that is causing the audio to cut out during streaming.
  • There might be different or single voice channels depending on your server type.
  • Hover your mouse pointer on the voice channel you use the most when streaming and press the settings icon to open the voice channel settings.

Why Discord Audio Cutting Out When Streaming? | integraudio.com

  • Click on the title saying “Overview” in the left list if it is not selected by default.
  • Scroll down the right UI until you find the “Region Override.”

Why Discord Audio Cutting Out When Streaming? | integraudio.com

  • Now, click on the drop-down list and select a server the most near to your country or inside your continent. 

Check Your Microphones Connections

A loose and disturbed microphone connection can be a cause of Discord audio cutting out when streaming. Therefore, I recommend you check your microphone’s jack, USB, or XLR cables to see if they are connected properly.

Sometimes, the cables shake with the computer desk or continuously move with you on your chair. These can cause the loose connections to cut up your voice during streaming. To fix this issue, you only need to survey or physically inspect the latter things by checking each cable connected to your input devices.

Test Your Input Device

It is possible that your input device, such as the microphone, either inside your headphone or a separate one, has a fault. This faulty hardware device can cause your audio to cut out when streaming on Discord.

Why Discord Audio Cutting Out When Streaming? | integraudio.com

A simple and easy solution is to replace your microphone with a working one and check if the issue is still present. If doing so resolves the problem, either get your microphone fixed or buy a new one from a store selling computer accessories.

Update Your Audio Drivers

It is possible that it’s been a while since you installed your audio drivers, and now they are not working properly as they used to work before. The only solution to this issue is to update your audio drivers. For this, you can follow the following steps:

  • Right-click on the “Start Menu” windows icon and select the “Device Manager” option.
  • A window will pop up with all the device drivers installed on your computer or laptop. You must drop the “Audio Inputs and Outputs” and select a driver you want to update.

Why Discord Audio Cutting Out When Streaming? | integraudio.com

  • Finally, click on the “update device driver” option on the toolbar.
  • A small window will pop up where you can select “Search automatically for drivers” or “Browse my computer for drivers.”

Why Discord Audio Cutting Out When Streaming? | integraudio.com

  • The second option must be selected when you have downloaded the latest release of your audio input-output drivers from a valid site.
  • After updating your computer or laptop’s drivers, I hope the issue will be resolved.

Check Your Internet Connection

Open your browser and start making different random searches on your search engine. If there appears a page saying “No Internet,” your internet connection is cutting out your voice when streaming. If you check the messages of another chat or friend on Discord, then they will not appear until the internet is back again.

Most important is to check the internet cable connections. Because a loose connection can cause such interruptions. Secondly, perform the Troubleshooting as Windows can solve this issue if there is a problem of software level:

  • On the bottom right of the taskbar, there will be a monitor or globe icon. If these icons are changing from monitor to globe and vice versa. Then your internet is problematic.
  • Click on the icon and select “Network and Internet Settings.”
  • A window will pop up saying, “Not connected.” Press the “Troubleshoot” button there to fix the internet connection.
  • After troubleshooting this problem will surly resolved.

Why Discord Audio Cutting Out When Streaming? | integraudio.com

  • Another small Window will pop up describing the problem. So you can solve it or get more technical help from an experienced person.


Discord is a great application that allows users to communicate with each other without any hassle. It also provides several features. However, some people might experience audio cutting out when streaming on Discord. Which can be due to many reasons, such as wrong voice channel region, faulty input devices, or old audio drivers. You can use the above discussed methods to resolve the issue.  We hope these methods will resolve you issue.

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