Discord Account Disabled? Here is How To Recover It

Why my Discord Account got Disabled? Solved | Integraudio.com

If the Discord account gets disabled, you can easily recover it by following the simple methods mentioned in this article, and this article will also cover some preventions to follow to avoid permanent bans.

The Discord application is one of the most popular communication platforms because it provides gamers with a close community to stay connected while creating new servers or channels. It has its own guidelines and rules to follow to avoid permanent bans from the moderators.

In this article, we are going to discuss the possible reasons for a Discord account being disabled by the user or moderators. We will also provide simple methods to easily recover your disabled Discord account to stay connected with your friends. So, let’s start.

How Do I Recover My Disabled Discord Account?

If the end user is not following the community guidelines of Discord, it could be the reason for the disabled account. Discord’s community guidelines are updated frequently and comprise the following major clauses:

  • Respect the Discord Community: While using Discord, the users are bound to avoid harassmenthate speechesviolent extremismchild sexual abuse, and much more.
  • Honesty: Be Honest about what you are sharing or doing on Discord. Discord observes the acts of sharing misleading info, misrepresenting yourself, using Discord for financial scams, and compromising the security of anyone’s account.
  • Respect Discord: Discord users are bound to respect Discord, and failing to do one of the activities leads to violating the community guidelines. Abusing Discord products, using self/user botsditching Discord support staff, organizing/promoting illegal acts/behaviorartificially increasing the server’s membership.

Note: Navigate to the link to stay updated with the current community guidelines of Discord.

Fix 1: Submit an Appeal to Discord

Contact Discord’s support team from their Official Website to get back your Discord account or enable it. This can be done by following the steps:

Step 1: The first step is to know why your account was disabled. For this, you need to go to the email inbox associated with Discord. Find the email of Discord. That email from Discord will contain all the reasons alongside their explanation of why your account was banned.

Step 2: Go to the official support page of Discord through the link and click on the “Submit a request” option:

Why my Discord Account got Disabled? Solved | integraudio.com

Step 3: Here, you will get a drop-down under an option, “What can we help you with?“. Choose “Trust & Safety“:

Why my Discord Account got Disabled? Solved | integraudio.com

Step 4: Enter your email address (which is registered with Discord) and choose the last option, i.e., “Appeals, age update, other questions” from the drop-down menu, “How can we help?“:

Why my Discord Account got Disabled? Solved | integraudio.com

Step 5: When you opt for appeal, the other options will appear to narrow down the category of your appeal. Choose “Appeal an action taken on my account or bot” and the “An action taken on my account” options as shown below:

Why my Discord Account got Disabled? Solved | integraudio.com

Step 6: Now, select all the following checkboxes. After the checkboxes, there is an option of “{Phone Number,” which needs to be filled in if you registered the Discord account through your phone number, else it is optional:

Why my Discord Account got Disabled? Solved | integraudio.com

Step 7: Choose the appropriate Subject and Description. After doing so, click on the Submit button.

Why my Discord Account got Disabled? Solved | integraudio.com

This is how you submit a proper request to recover a disabled account.

Let’s have a look at the second fix.

Fix 2: Directly Email the Discord Support Team

You can also email the Discord team directly to discuss disabling your account. For this, you need to send an email (from the account which is registered with Discord) to the address “support@discordapp.com.” The following aspects need to be addressed in the email:

  • Choose a subject that must show what you are up to. That could be “Request to Enable my Account” or “My Account was Disabled.”
  • Write the reason for which your account was disabled (you can get it from the email that Discord sent you while disabling your account).
  • Tell Discord you are not too young and well aware of the community guidelines.

If the time has exceeded 14 days, then Discord may not listen to your direct email or appeal.

Fix 3: Contact the Discord’s Social Media Platforms

Discord support can be contacted through their Social Media platforms. It is available on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit.


  • You can go to the“Discord Support” Facebook Page under the dropdown option “More”.
  • Or Message them directly and talk to the support team.Why my Discord Account got Disabled? Solved | integraudio.com


Go to the Official page of Discord, and click on the Message icon to reach out to the support team and initiate a request.

Why my Discord Account got Disabled? Solved | integraudio.com


Visit Discord’s official page and click on the “Message” option to talk to the support team for the recovery of your account.

Why my Discord Account got Disabled? Solved | integraudio.com


At the Official App page of Discord on Reddit, click on the “Need help?” drop-down and choose the “Contact Support” option:

Why my Discord Account got Disabled? Solved | integraudio.com

Doing so, Reddit will navigate you to the “Submit a request” page, where you can launch a request to enable the account.

That’s how you can quickly reach out to Discord support on social media.

How Long does Discord Account get Disabled For?

Discord disables the account for 14 days and then deletes the account. The disabled account can be recovered by following the fixes provided here. However, if the account has been deleted, then it is not possible to get back to it. So, it’s recommended to get back your account within 14 days.

Want to know the difference between a disabled account and a deleted account? Let’s check out:

What is the Difference Between a Disabled and Deleted Account?

A disabled Discord account is temporarily suspended for violating Discord’s terms of service, while a deleted account is permanently removed from the platform. The account can be disabled/deleted by the user itself or by Discord.

  • Account Disabled or Deleted by Discord: If the Discord community guidelines are being violated frequently, it will disable your account. If that disabled account has not been recovered in 14 days, it will delete the account permanently.
  • Deleting or Disabling the Account Yourself: The users have the choice to delete or disable the account themselves. For this, click on the “Settings” gear icon (User Settings):
    Why my Discord Account got Disabled? Solved | integraudio.com

Inside the “User Settings”, choose My Account Scroll down where you will see two options, “Disable Account” and “Delete Account”, to disable or delete the account.

Why my Discord Account got Disabled? Solved | integraudio.com

That’s how you can disable or delete the account. Keep in mind that the disabled account is recoverable, whereas if the account is deleted, it is irreversible. 

Can you get Your Discord Account Back After Disabling it?

Yes, you can surely get your disabled account back. You need to log in back to your account with the correct credentials. When you enter the login credentials, you will get the following prompt “Account Disabled.” From the prompt, choose the option “Restore Account” to get back your account.

Why my Discord Account got Disabled? Solved | integraudio.com

After doing so, your self-disabled account will be enabled with all the settings and configurations as they were at the time of disabling the account.

Why Was My Discord Account Disabled?

If any Discord account keeps doing acts like spamming, harassment, impersonation, using VPN/Proxy, sharing inappropriate content, hacking, multiple accounts creation, etc. Frequent attempts of any of these acts lead to disabling and even the deletion of the Discord account.

Wrap Up

Being a Discord user, you are aware of the community guidelines and terms of service. If you violate the terms of the agreement or community guidelines, Discord will disable your account. Furtherly, if you do not recover your disabled account within 14 days, it will be deleted permanently.

The disabled account can be fixed by reaching out to the support team on the official Website or any of the social media platforms. The best way to fix this is to submit a proper request to the Discord team.

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