How Many Devices Can AirPods Connect To At Once?

How Many Devices Can AirPods Connect To At Once?

One of the questions people often ask is how many devices AirPods can connect to simultaneously. AirPods do have multiple features, but multiple connections are a bit complicated. 

You can connect and pair AirPods with multiple devices but can’t hear from all the devices simultaneously. AirPods will only connect to one device at a time. Consequently, if you use AirPods with your iPhone and switch to your iPad, the AirPods will be disconnected from the iPhone and connected to the latter device.

Airpods can be paired with many devices, but only one can be connected simultaneously. Simply disconnect from the current device and reconnect to the desired device to switch between paired devices.

In addition, you can use Apple’s Handoff feature, which enables you to switch between devices easily and seamlessly. Because of this, you can begin playing music on your iPhone and seamlessly switch to doing so on your iPad or your computer. 

You can connect your AirPods to various devices, including your computer, iPod, iPad, and iPhone. You only need an iOS or macOS operating system with at least the most recent version and a compatible device to pair AirPods with a device. 

How To Connect AirPods With PC or Laptop

Computer and laptop devices, including AirPods, support all Bluetooth speakers and audio devices. Whether you are using a Mac or Windows operating system doesn’t matter. You need a valid and strong Bluetooth connection to connect both devices. 

The process of pairing AirPods with a laptop or desktop computer is simple. All you have to do is open the Bluetooth settings on your laptop and turn it on. After that, press and hold the button on the back of your AirPods case until you see a white light. The laptop should be able to find the AirPods independently, and the pairing process shouldn’t take long.

  • Open the Bluetooth settings of your computer.

How Many Devices Can AirPods Connect To At Once? |

  • Select add a new device, then go to the new Bluetooth device section and start the search.
  • Once your AirPods appear on the list, select them to connect.

How Many Devices Can AirPods Connect To At Once? |

Once you’ve synced your AirPods with your personal computer, you can use them to watch movies or listen. The AirPods are a fantastic accessory for listening to music and keeping in touch with loved ones and friends simultaneously. They offer high sound quality and simple connectivity with various devices. 

Can You Connect AirPods to Android Devices

The AirPods can be synced with your phone via Bluetooth. They are compatible with any device that can output audio via Bluetooth because they use Bluetooth for their audio output. It includes Android phones. Pairing AirPods with an Android device is similar to pairing them with an Apple device. 

  • Open the Bluetooth settings on your Android and turn it on, then press and hold the button on the back of the AirPods case until you see a white light flashing.
  • Select the AirPods from the available Bluetooth devices on your Android list, and wait for them to connect.
  • After they have been successfully connected to your Android device, you can use the AirPods on your Android mobile device.

How Many Devices Can AirPod Pro Connect To At Once?

AirPods Pro, like the AirPods, has the option to connect and pair to multiple devices but can only give the output from one device at a time. However, you can use the device switching feature of iPhone, iPad, or other Apple products to switch the AirPods Pro to different devices. 

No doubt, the AirPods are designed to be used with multiple devices but not at once. It doesn’t make sense that one wants to connect two devices and hear sound from both devices simultaneously. You can connect multiple AirPods to a single audio output device but not a single AirPod to multiple audio output devices

It means you can connect two, three, or four AirPods with one laptop, but you can’t connect two or more laptops with one AirPod. 

How To Connect Two AirPods With One iPhone

It works at least on iOS 13 or newer devices. iPhone and other Apple devices have many amazing features, and multiple AirPods connectivities are one of them. It allows you to enjoy music and movies with your friends without interruption. Simply connect one AirPod and then the second. 

  • Go to the settings of your iPhone, go to Bluetooth, and turn on the Bluetooth.
  • Here, a list of all available Bluetooth devices will appear. Select your Bluetooth AirPods from the list. 
  • Open the app you want to play music from, like Spotify
  • Here, search for “Devices Widgets” and tap on it. 
  • Then select “AirPlay or Bluetooth” from the list.
  • Now, connect the same device by tapping its name from the list. 
  • Once you are connected, you will see a “Share audio” option. 
  •  Take the second AirPods and press the connection button until the white light flashes. Remember that both AirPods must be in the case while doing this step. 
  • Vola! The second AirPods are connected to your iPhone successfully, and now you can enjoy music with your friends.


The AirPods Pro is an excellent accessory for any device, providing superior sound quality and simple connectivity with Apple devices. Pairing AirPods with an Android phone is also very simple. You can pair multiple AirPods to a single device, not vice versa. As a result, they are ideal for use in various settings and with various devices.

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