Tyler Connaghan 

Tyler Connaghan is a producer, composer, and engineer based in Los Angeles, CA. He studied music for two years at the University of Southern California before landing a job at Killingsworth Recording Company, where he currently produces music for television and film.



Monji Omer 

Monji Omer | Integraudio

Started as a rapper and songwriter back in 2015 then quickly and gradually developed his skills to become a beatmaker, music producer, sound designer, and audio engineer. He currently works in a local underground record label called KOKADAIMON that has a number of very talented artists and producers.



Karl Milward

Karl Milward - Integraudio

I have been helping others understand music production, mixdowns, and mastering for a number of years. I have always found it rewarding to see people progress within this field – making the information digestible and engaging. With some interesting topics to cover, I will guide you through the processes of music production with my knowledge and the latest tips and tricks.