Pedro Nascente

Pedro Nascente |

Pedro Nascente is an artist, record producer, and mix engineer, currently operating his own studio and working with his band, Yellow Boulevard. Believing that music should convey experiences and feelings, Pedro is known for applying design thinking to his workflow to achieve different sounds and deliver the right messages.


Marco Sebastiano Alessi

Marco Alessi |

Marco Sebastiano Alessi is an Italian music producer, composer, and writer. He’s the founder of Naviar Records, a music community and record label exploring the connection between experimental electronic music and traditional Japanese poetry.

Kieron Brown

Kieron Brown |

Kieron Brown is a writer and musician from Cape Town South Africa. He has over a decade of experience working as a producer, engineer, and session musician. He currently runs the Garden of Arcadia arts and events collective that focuses on both live and electronic music curation.



Tyler Connaghan

Tyler Connaghan |

Tyler Connaghan is a producer, composer, and engineer based in Los Angeles, CA. He studied music for two years at the University of Southern California before landing a job at Killingsworth Recording Company, where he currently produces music for television and film.


Monji Omer

Monji Omer |

Started as a rapper and songwriter back in 2015 then quickly and gradually developed his skills to become a beatmaker, music producer, sound designer, and audio engineer. He currently works in a local underground record label called KOKADAIMON that has a number of very talented artists and producers.


Christopher Hill

Christopher Hill |

Chris is a musician, musicologist, and music journalist. He did his BA in music at the University of Oxford and is currently doing a PhD in music performance practice at the University of Birmingham. He writes on all kinds of musical matters, both contemporary and classical, in addition to writing about games and the way music interacts with them.

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