Calvin Edwards

I hold a Bachelor's degree in English Language Arts, and I have been working as a High School English Teacher for 8 years now. I've also been working as a Linguistics professor at Notting Hill College for Teacher Training for 6 years. I also have a wide experience in the music field thanks to being a guitarist, which I have been playing since I was 9. Over the time, I have developed enough skills to start my own band, SAQAR - a Technical Death Metal band from Egypt - in which I am the lead guitarist. Throughout the years of playing guitar, I learned a lot about how to shape your guitar tone and sound. This lead to the necessity to learn recording and mixing. All that helped me record and mix my band's first EP -The Reckoning. This, in turn, gave me the chance to work as an audio mixer and editor, which I have been doing on a freelance basis for 6 years.

4 Best Analog Saturation Pedals 2022 (Tone Shapers & Tape Saturators)

4 Best Saturation Effect Pedals (Tone Shapers & Tape Saturators) |

In this post, we will discuss the 4 best saturation pedals available.  The concept of saturation itself dates back to the 50s and 60s when tape recorders were used in studios to record music. Saturation was more of a naturally occurring phenomenon that took place when too much volume was inserted into the tape recorder …

4 Best Analog Saturation Pedals 2022 (Tone Shapers & Tape Saturators) Read More »

Top 6 Chorus Guitar Pedals 2022 (On Any Budget)

Top 6 Chorus Guitar Pedals (On Any Budget) |

From 80s Glam Metal bands to Chuck Schuldiner’s exotic guitar sound solo sound, there is one thing in common – Chorus. Before choosing your chorus pedal, you must first decide what you’re looking for in a pedal. Some guitarists like an overwhelming chorus like the one 80s metal bands used, while others prefer to preserve their natural tone when …

Top 6 Chorus Guitar Pedals 2022 (On Any Budget) Read More »

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