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About Author - Marcos Brandoles |

Music has been a constant presence in his life since childhood, and he began playing both acoustic and electric guitar at an early age, quickly developing his skills and exploring different styles of music. His love for heavy music led him to eventually transition to playing bass for a thrash metal band named Hell Hostel, where he would later also become the lead vocalist.

After several years with the band, they parted ways, and he shifted his focus to the study of sound textures and tone-sculpting by venturing into the Doom metal scene with his own personal project named Voidnaut, where he recorded and produced an EP, composing all harmonies and lyrics for the songs and playing all the instruments himself, and also designing the project’s visual identity.

Music is a passion that has always remained at the forefront of his life, and in addition to his experience as a performer, Marcos has also worked in sales at Brazil’s largest instruments retailer, where he gained valuable insights into the industry and technical knowledge of many of the industries latest instruments and audio equipment.

This allowed him to closely interact with not only the rig itself but learn what’s needed to set up a studio and the equipment necessary for many audio demands.

About Author - Marcos Brandoles |

Marcos has drawn inspiration from a wide range of genres and artists throughout his musical journey.

He was initially influenced by thrash metal bands like Sepultura and Lamb of God, and he also developed an appreciation for doom metal bands like Sleep and YOB, whose album Sleep’s Holy Mountain has been a like a mantra throughout the years, where he learned how to add depth and ambiance to heavy guitar riffs and discovers something new about mixing and mastering skills with each hearing.

His musical tastes expanded beyond metal to encompass jazz, which led him to explore the music of Hermeto Pascoal, Herbie Hancock, Eumir Deodato, Idris Muhammad, and Azymuth.

The latter is a major influence on his current project, which focuses on creating a modern, elegant take on traditional Brazilian rhythms, combining flow and improvisation. Other names that have inspired his work include Gilberto Gil, Dom Salvador, Cesar Camargo Pinheiro, and more.

In addition to his love for metal and jazz, our subject has also drawn inspiration from electronic music. He admires the work of groups like International Music System, Kraftwerk, SunPalace, and The Art of Noise, whose mastery of sound synthesis and rhythm study has inspired him to push his creative boundaries.

About Author - Marcos Brandoles |

Marcos is focusing on drums in his jazz-funk instrumental project. His goal is to express the richness of Brazil’s traditional rhythms through a modern and elegant approach that highlights his virtuosic drumming skills and funky expression. Through his work, he hopes to inspire a new generation of musicians to embrace the diverse sounds and rhythms of Brazil’s musical heritage.

He currently acts as a session musician, producer, and content creator, with a passion for sharing his knowledge and experience with others in the music community by either directly lending his playing skills to a variety of projects and artists, bringing his unique style to each project or helping other musicians shape their sound and bring their creative visions to life as well as sharing his knowledge and insights by combining his skills as a musician and producer to create helpful, engaging content.

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