Author – Ivan Nedic

I was born on January 31, 1998, and I’m a professional audio engineer from Serbia. I obtained my degree from the SAE Institute in Belgrade in 2019, where I honed my skills and knowledge in the field.

My musical journey started with the saxophone. I learned to play the instrument as a child and continued to develop my skills throughout my teenage years. My experience with the saxophone gave me a solid foundation in music theory and instrumental technique, which has proved invaluable in my work as an audio engineer and music producer.

About Author - Ivan Nedic |

In addition to the saxophone, I’m also proficient in playing the piano, guitar, and drums. My versatility as a musician allows me to approach my work from different angles, whether I’m creating a new track or recording a live performance.

About Author - Ivan Nedic |

Throughout my studies, I developed a passion for sound recording, mixing, and mastering. I have worked on numerous projects ranging from music production to film sound, and have been recognized for my technical proficiency and attention to detail. I had the opportunity to record and mix on big consoles such as SSL.

About Author - Ivan Nedic |

In addition to my audio engineering work, I am also an accomplished music producer and DJ. Under the name Dicne (Ditchne in English), I have created a unique style of psytrance music since I like to experiment with audio synthesis. My attention to detail and technical expertise has allowed me to create dynamic, engaging tracks for festivals.

In recent years, I have expanded my expertise in podcast production. I have produced over 100 episodes of various podcasts, which can be found on all major platforms. My ability to capture and enhance the nuances of the human voice has allowed me to create engaging and immersive podcasts that keep listeners coming back for more. One of the podcasts that I have worked on is Bopcast and Boundless love.

About Author - Ivan Nedic |

Also I have contributed my skills and knowledge to various events and organizations, including volunteering as a stage technician at the EXIT festival and the Belgrade Jazz Festival. My contribution to the festival was ensuring a successful and memorable experience for attendees and performers alike.

I have also found a passion for recording traditional Serbian folk music. I believe that preserving and promoting traditional cultural music is an important part of maintaining a sense of cultural identity and heritage. My work has also helped to raise awareness of the importance of cultural preservation and has inspired others to get engaged with it in various ways.

You can listen to my collaboration with Big Jazz Bend “MING” 

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