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About Author - Alex Soare |

I am Alex Soare, a musician, composer, and producer from Romania. My passion for music started at the age of 6 when my uncle introduced me to a 12-string acoustic guitar. Ever since then, I’ve been steadily building my musical identity through the sounds of Death Metal and Black Metal.

At 15, I joined Invader Romania (Melodic Death Metal), a band with members of the same age. Although I was a more experienced guitarist than on bassist, the band needed a bass player, so I immediately followed the requirements.

We started touring our home country with a band from the US called Solace Of Requiem, which was a real success. Shortly afterward, we made a name for ourselves and entered the studio to record an album that would bring us success.

About Author - Alex Soare |

The album “Sons Of A Dying Sun” was recorded in “Consonance Studio”, owned by members of the famous Romanian bands Negura Bunget and Dordeduh. We were financed from our pockets but distributed by “Universal Music Studios Romania.” This album helped us develop our identity as a band and allowed us to participate in numerous competitions in which we excelled.

We got many first places in national and international competitions with Invader Romania. We claimed 1st place at “OSTring- international,” “Posada Rock Festival – one of the biggest festivals/contests in Romania,” “Gurasada,” 3rd place at “GBOB Romania,” and 2nd place at “Wacken- national.”

With more than 200 concerts to my name, I had the opportunity to share the stage with many established bands from this genre, such as Kreator, Exploited, Beheaded, Rotting Christ Dragonforce, Coroner, Ektomorf, Nervosa, Evergrey, Soen, and many others.

About Author - Alex Soare |

Later, I was also part of the band Inbreed Aborted Divinity (Black Metal) as a guitarist for a short period of time. With them, I brought home the 1st prize at OSTring again and contributed to the release of the album “Gloria Incestorum Divinum Est.”

With the maturity I have gathered from experience in the Death Metal scene, I felt I could understand more about music and how it is made. Because of my passion for guitar tones and the mix/master part of a song, I had a strong affinity towards being a producer.

I assimilated much more information about music production and songwriting as the years passed. At 17, I joined URM Academy’s online courses that would teach me how to find my sound. Over the years, I’ve dabbled with the recording process and the mixing/mastering side because I had to learn more than just playing the guitar while constantly searching for my sound.

So I put his knowledge to use, and at the age of 20, alongside a bandmate from Invader, we started a new band, Rise Of The Fallen (Deathcore/DeathMetal), and managed to release a song called “Possessions.”

More recently, a big highlight was receiving a message from Integraudio to write for them. This opportunity united all the knowledge I gathered over the years and pushed me to reread and re-assimilate everything I knew. Shortly after, I had to write about plugins and do in-depth reviews for site collaborators (ShaperBox 3 by Cableguys, Beatmaker RICO by UJAM), but about our plugin (Cramit).

Viliam Šulek decided I could bring my expertise about hardware items closely related to what I have gathered all these years, like guitars, amps, headphones, audio interfaces, guitar effects pedals, etc.

At the moment, I have a mini home studio and a rehearsal room where I meet with my band. In my mini studio at home, I have some equipment that helps me do my job as a producer, musician, and writer for the website. I currently own four guitars (Ibanez, Solar Guitars, Dean Guitars) and a bass (Ibanez).

About Author - Alex Soare |

Being left-handed, I only have a few options for guitars, but the ones I own are some of the best. In terms of guitar amps, I own a modeler amp from Fractal Audio called the FM3, and in the past, I’ve used the Kemper without Power Amp.

On the production side, I have an interface from Focusrite (18i20) and a pair of Yamaha monitors (HS7), which I find the best for a home studio. Along with these, I also have a MIDI keyboard from Native Instruments (Komplete A61), which helps me compose orchestration and drums.

Over the years, I have noticed a penchant for Death Metal vocals, so I started playing with Invader Romania as a bassist and vocalist. Since I needed a microphone, I purchased a Shure SM7B, which helps me record vocal ideas but also helps me during rehearsals. This mic needed power, so I also purchased a FetHead, which boosts the mic.

About Author - Alex Soare |

In the future, you can find me with my colleagues at Integraudio, with whom we plan to help you with all things music and answer all the questions we ask ourselves daily.

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