Why Is My Audio Not Working On Skype For Business? Solved

Why Is My Audio Not Working On Skype For Business? Solved

Skype is an amazing meeting app, but Skype Basic only allows a small group to conduct meetings and webinars. But Skype Business allows you to add up to 250 participants without limitation issues. Of course, to manage this amount of participants, you must have good hardware resources.

Skype for Business uses audio devices such as speakers, microphones, and headsets to ensure that users can communicate with each other. However, sometimes, the audio might not be working properly due to certain issues. Here we will discuss the causes and how you can solve this issue with step-by-step guides.

Why Is My Audio Not Working On Skype For Business?

The main reasons for audio not working on skype have wrongly configured microphone settings, no default output device, network error, outdated audio drivers, outdated skype version, or hardware issues. These could be resolved by using a few troubleshooting methods. 

Incorrect Microphone Settings: If you have connected a new microphone, the audio settings will often be incorrect. You have to check for the proper Skype settings.

Default Audio Device: If you haven’t selected any default audio devices, you won’t be able to hear anything on Skype. The default devices are the speakers or headphones you want to use with Skype. So, make sure you have selected the correct one.

Network Error:  If your internet connection is not fast and reliable, you will get an audio issue in Skype. Make sure you have a good stable connection, and then try again.

Outdated Audio Drivers: Outdated drivers can also cause your audio to not work. You must update the drivers for your sound card and then restart Skype and check if it is working.

Outdated Skype Version: If you are using an outdated version of Skype, you might get audio-related issues. So, update the app and check if the issue is resolved.

Hardware Issues: If none of the above methods work, your microphone or speaker might have a hardware issue. Try using another device and check if it is working.

Select Default Audio Devices

This error occurs if you use more than one device for audio input and output. All of these devices cause audio conflicts in applications, so you won’t be able to hear any audio. You must select the default device from your computer’s audio settings to fix this issue.

  • First, open the start menu, search “Sound settings,” and press enter.
  • Select “Sound control panel” from the newly opened windows.

Why Is My Audio Not Working On Skype For Business? Solved | integraudio.com

  • Now you are in sound settings. Go to the “Playback” tab, and you will see all your output devices here. Select the device you want to make default and then click on “Set Default.”

Why Is My Audio Not Working On Skype For Business? Solved | integraudio.com

  • Go to the “Recording” tab, select the microphone, and then click “Set Default.” Now both the output and input default devices are set. 

Update Audio Drivers

Audio drivers are the backbone of communication on Skype. Audio drivers bridge the audio signals from the hardware to the application and vice versa. If there is a minor fault in your windows or audio drivers, you will have to face the consequences like no audio on Skype.

  • Right-click on the start menu and select “Device Manager” from the menu.
  • Now navigate to “Audio input and output” and expand.
  • Select each device one by one, right-click on them and select “Update” from the file menu. 

Why Is My Audio Not Working On Skype For Business? Solved | integraudio.com

  • Now scroll down and expand the “Audio video and gamer controller.”
  • Repeat the process to update all these drivers too.

Sometimes we have additional windows updates. Our system does not consider these updates essential, but in some cases, they are essential for other applications like Skype Business. Here’s how you can update these optional updates:

  • Search “Check for updates” in the windows start menu and select open it.
  • Just below the “Check for updates” button, you will find the “Optional updates” option. 

Why Is My Audio Not Working On Skype For Business? Solved | integraudio.com

  • Click on the option and scroll down to the Windows section. Here look for any additional audio driver and update it.

Check Your Microphone and Speaker Connection

Sometimes the fault is related to our hardware, not the software. Therefore always check your microphone and speaker connections are firmly attached to your system, whether there is any wire or pin damage, whether they are connected in the right port etc. 

The most common hardware issue is the headphone, speaker, or microphone’s audio jack. Always check your audio jack and then try restarting Skype.

Check Skype Volume Level

Windows 10 has an amazing feature in which you can control the volume level of different devices. For example, you can individually adjust the volume level of your audio devices, and it’s very useful, especially when you are working on more than one application, and all of them need audio access.

  • Right-click on the speaker icon on your windows taskbar.
  • Now select “Open volume mixer” from the file.

Why Is My Audio Not Working On Skype For Business? Solved | integraudio.com

  • In the menu, you can see all the applications using audio resources. Look for skype and see the volume level. If it’s too low, increase the volume.

Look For Skype Update

Skype offers updates to resolve previous audio bugs, which can be installed via Skype’s official website. In addition, you can check for updates and update your Skype if any new version is available. 

Skype updates often appear in the notification bar when you open the app. So if there is any update available, install it immediately. It will resolve the issue like this no audio in skype business as all your drivers and Skype business settings will be reset and configured according to your current audio devices.

Look For Mute Button

The mute feature in Skype Business helps the host mute all the microphones simultaneously. The mute button is available in the right-bottom corner of the Skype window. It is a toggle switch, so always look for it.

Sometimes we don’t notice that the mute button on Skype Business is active, which is why you can’t hear any audio from Skype Business. So first, look for the mute button; if it is active, click on it to unmute. The host also has access to this mute button; if you are not a host, you can contact the host to unmute your microphone.


You can do several things to try and resolve the no audio on Skype issue. The first thing you should do is check your microphone and speaker connections and volume levels. If that doesn’t work, try updating your Skype software or drivers. You can also try looking for a mute button in the Skype window. We hope this article resolves your audio not working on skype for business issues.

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