Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook? Do This

Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook? | integraudio.com

One of the top services in this space, Apple Music, has grown in popularity because of its enormous collection and easy compatibility with Apple products.

However, consumers have noticed a perplexing problem: when they open the well-known social media program Facebook, their Apple Music streaming ends suddenly. Many people are perplexed by this strange interruption and are unsure of its root cause or best course of action.

This article will examine the likely causes of this unexpected behavior in this introduction note and offer workable strategies to guarantee uninterrupted music pleasure while using Facebook.

Before we jump into the topic, consider reading our other guides about Apple Music.

Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook?

Here are the reasons why it’s happening:

  1. Audio Focus
  2. Resource Conflict
  3. Background App Refresh
  4. Notification Sounds
  5. Audio Settings
  6. Software Bugs
  7. Content Loading
  8. Background Audio Processing
  9. App Integration
  10. Privacy and Data Concerns

You can read more about this part after the following section.

How Do I Keep Apple Music Playing When I Open Facebook?

You can do it by employing multitasking gestures (on an iPad), activating Background App Refresh, controlling audio settings, switching to Facebook Lite if available, removing unnecessary mobile applications, upgrading apps, or restarting the device.

Here are the steps you can follow to keep Apple Music playing when you open Facebook:

Enable Background App Refresh

Mobile devices include a function called Background App Refresh that enables apps to refresh their content even while you are not actively using them. Go to Settings on your smartphone, scroll down to “Facebook,” and choose it from the list of apps to activate Background App Refresh for Facebook.

Ensure that Background App Refresh is turned on once you’ve accessed Facebook’s settings. By doing this, Facebook may update its material in the background without interfering with other applications you could use simultaneously, like Apple Music.

Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook? | integraudio.com

Manage Audio Settings

Some smartphones let users prioritize the sound from particular applications, which might cause Apple Music playback to be interrupted if Facebook is assigned a greater audio priority.

Find the area that controls sound or audio settings in your device’s Settings to handle this. Any choices for audio priority or app-specific sound settings should be searched for. Verify that no app, not even Facebook, has been given precedence over any other app.

You may stop Facebook from halting Apple Music when it opens by maintaining an equitable audio distribution among applications. Adjusting these audio settings allows you to enjoy uninterrupted music playback while using the Facebook app, giving you a smoother and uninterrupted listening experience.

Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook? | integraudio.com

Use Facebook Lite (If Available)

Facebook Lite is a lighter, better-optimized version of the normal Facebook software to use fewer resources and operate more effectively, especially on devices with constrained processing power or slower internet connections.

Facebook Lite has a simplified user experience and concentrates on the key functions of the social networking site, such as surfing the news feed, updating statuses, and chatting with friends.

You may lessen the overall load on your device’s resources by utilizing this condensed version of Facebook, which lowers the risk of interruptions for background programs like Apple Music.

Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook? | integraudio.com

Close Unused Apps

Closing any unneeded background apps is an efficient way to keep Apple Music playing while you access Facebook. Your smartphone divides its limited resources, including processing speed and RAM, among the various programs it runs simultaneously.

Opening Facebook may result in a resource conflict if other resource-demanding applications are also open. If this happens, the device’s operating system may prefer Facebook and temporarily disable other background programs, such as Apple Music.

Access the multitasking menu on your smartphone (usually by swiping up or twice touching the home button) and slide away the applications you aren’t using to shut down background apps. By taking this easy step, you can guarantee that Apple Music will have enough resources to play uninterruptedly while you browse Facebook.

Update Apps

Updates frequently contain changes from developers to address particular problems with resource management or app interactions, which can improve the smooth operation of both Apple Music and Facebook.

Access the appropriate app stores (such as the App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices) to update apps on your mobile device. Look for available Facebook and Apple Music updates, then start the updating process by hitting the “Update” button next to the names of the applications.

Alternatively, you may set your smartphone to automatically update applications, guaranteeing they are constantly kept current without your help.

Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook? | integraudio.com

Use Multitasking Gestures (iPad)

You can keep Apple Music playing using multitasking gestures when using the Facebook app on an iPad. To transition between programs without completely shutting down or suspending the one you were using, multitasking gestures are a helpful option.

Before using iPad multitasking gestures, turn on the function in the device settings. Once enabled, a four-finger swipe from the bottom of the screen opens the app switcher. The app switcher shows recent apps like Apple Music and Facebook.

Facebook can be opened in split-screen mode from the app switcher to run alongside Apple Music. Apple Music plays while you browse Facebook in this mode. This function lets you play music on your iPad while using social media.

Restart Your Device

A quick but effective fix to perhaps keep Apple Music playing when you access Facebook is to restart your iPhone. Temporary bugs and difficulties may appear when you use your smartphone for lengthy periods or run numerous apps, which can affect the smooth operation of many operations, including audio playing.

Restarting your device can resolve these little hitches, giving it a new start. When you restart your device, the operating system terminates all open apps and clears the system’s temporary memory (RAM). It is ensured by this step that any background tasks or conflicts that may have interfered with Apple Music’s playback are ended.

Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook? | integraudio.com

Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook?

Audio Focus

The Facebook app may want to temporarily control your device’s audio focus when you launch it. Mobile operating systems employ audio focus to dynamically adjust audio priority among various apps.

Facebook has asked for audio emphasis to ensure that audio, such as that from movies or advertisements within the app, plays uninterrupted. Social networking applications, where popular video material demands uninterrupted playback, are particularly prone to this tendency.

Apple Music pauses momentarily when the Facebook app takes control of the audio attention to play sounds uninterrupted.

Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook? | integraudio.com

Resource Conflict

Resource conflict is one of the main causes of Apple Music stopping to play when consumers open the Facebook app. Facebook and Apple Music are feature-rich programs requiring much processing power and RAM to run efficiently.

Opening Facebook may cause competition for limited resources on a device multitasking with other programs or has limited resources. To free up resources in certain situations, the device’s operating system may prioritize the currently open app, in this case, Facebook, and temporarily suspend or kill background programs, like Apple Music.

Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook? | integraudio.com

Background App Refresh

Most contemporary mobile operating systems include Background App Refresh, which enables applications to obtain new data and refresh their content even when users are not actively using them.

The Facebook app uses this function when you launch it to keep its content current by receiving new posts, messages, and alerts without having you actively reload the app.

The resources the device uses, such as processing power and network bandwidth, are used by this ongoing background processing. As a result, when Facebook updates its background app, it could momentarily interfere with other background programs, such as Apple Music.

Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook? | integraudio.com

Notification Sounds

Through noise and pop-up alerts, Facebook’s notification system informs users of new messages, friend requests, comments, and other significant developments. The mobile operating system pauses Apple Music playback to notify you of an incoming notification when one is received while you are listening to it.

Thanks to this behavior, Users who engage with the social media platform will not miss important information. However, people who enjoy continuous listening sessions may find the interruption in music playback a hassle.

Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook? | integraudio.com

Audio Settings

Some mobile devices let users set the audio priority of individual apps, giving some apps a greater audio priority than others. If users have set Facebook to have a higher audio priority, any incoming sound from the app, including alerts or videos, may momentarily interrupt Apple Music playback to ensure the user’s attention is focused on the higher-priority audio material.

This feature is intended to enhance the user’s interaction with various apps, particularly when listening to Facebook audio components or getting alerts takes precedence over background music.

Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook? | integraudio.com

Software Bugs

Unintentional flaws or malfunctions known as software bugs may appear in any sophisticated software application, including Facebook and Apple Music. These flaws may result in unexpected interactions and behaviors between the two programs, disrupting regular functioning.

For instance, a flaw in the Facebook app might unintentionally interfere with Apple Music’s audio processing, causing playback to halt or pause. Similarly, a problem with Apple Music’s background processing may conflict with Facebook’s resource needs, causing momentary freezes.

Despite the dedicated efforts of software developers to find and fix such defects through updates and patches, certain problems could continue until the following program release.

Content Loading

To provide you with a dynamic and interesting experience, the Facebook app begins loading several sorts of information as you open it, including photographs, videos, and auto-playing advertising. Facebook needs more resources to process and show the material smoothly during this loading phase.

The operating system may prioritize allocating resources to Facebook over other background programs to maintain a smooth user experience and prevent performance difficulties inside the Facebook app.

As a result, Apple Music, now playing in the background, could take a brief break to make room for Facebook’s content-loading processes. This brief pause in Apple Music listening enables Facebook to quickly load and show its material, ensuring no noticeable lag or slowness as you explore your feed.

Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook? | integraudio.com

Background Audio Processing

Background audio processing is frequently blamed for Apple Music being paused when the Facebook app is opened. Facebook is a dynamic social media network with features that need ongoing audio processing, even while the program is open in the background, such as live videos and voice calls.

When participating in audio-related activities, the operating system gives real-time chat and video playback inside Facebook priority when allocating audio resources. Apple Music may briefly halt when you transition to the Facebook app so that it may devote these resources to Facebook’s audio-intensive duties.

This brief break guarantees that consumers using the platform for live video streaming or voice calls have a smooth and uninterrupted experience.

Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook? | integraudio.com

App Integration

Another effect of “App Integration” is the problem where Apple Music stops playing when you open Facebook. Although Apple Music and Facebook are stand-alone programs, they depend on the underlying operating system for efficient resource sharing and communication.

Running these two applications concurrently might result in problems due to the intricacy of app interaction. Such conflicts may result in unanticipated pauses in Apple Music playback while you use Facebook, among other unexpected disruptions.

Issues with app integration can arise for several reasons, from different resource allocation priorities to possible software incompatibilities. As a result, the seamless integration of Facebook and Apple Music on some devices might not always be at its best.

Privacy and Data Concerns

Mobile devices and operating systems have included tougher privacy settings to protect user data as people have grown more aware of their digital privacy. In some circumstances, these settings limit background app activity, especially for apps the user isn’t actively using.

Therefore, when Facebook captures focus, it could obstruct other background programs, such as Apple Music, forcing the latter to halt momentarily. Per privacy-conscious procedures, this pause ensures that Facebook is restricted in accessing resources and data while not actively in use.

Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook? | integraudio.com


Several things, including audio focus, resource conflicts, background app refresh, notification sounds, audio settings, software bugs, content loading, background audio processing, app integration issues, and privacy settings, can cause Apple Music playback to be interrupted when opening Facebook.

The intricacy of app interactions and the struggle for scarce device resources cause these tensions. Users can employ several ways to guarantee uninterrupted music pleasure while surfing Facebook. If background app refresh is enabled, Facebook may update material without interfering with other applications, like Apple Music.

Fair audio distribution across programs may be maintained by controlling audio settings and ensuring no app has a greater audio priority. Using Facebook Lite will save resources and prevent disruptions if it is available.

Using multitasking gestures on iPads, removing unnecessary applications, upgrading both Apple Music and Facebook, and sometimes rebooting the device can improve speed and reduce conflicts. By taking these actions, customers may have a seamless experience that combines their enjoyment of listening to Apple Music with their interaction with Facebook.

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