Why Does Apple Music Keep Asking For Verification?

Why Does Apple Music Keep Asking For Verification? | integraudio.com

If you use Apple Music, you may have encountered a persistent and annoying problem: the requirement for authentication all the time.

Verification requests pop up whenever you attempt to do anything in the app, making it difficult to access your favorite playlists, listen to new albums, or even just go around.

In this article, we will examine the main causes of Apple Music’s keep asking for verification and will also guide you to resolve this annoying issue. So, stay tuned.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Asking For Verification?

It is mainly because of account authentication issues. Sometimes your account authentication is removed due to unexpected restart or issues with the Apple Music server. Therefore, Apple Music asks you to verify your account again. App glitches and bugs are the second most important reason for this issue.

That is why it is necessary to update your Apple Music whenever a new update is available. Additionally, suppose you have an unstable network connection. In that case, the Apple servers may detect it as a bot activity and ask you to log in and verify each time you open the app. 

Moreover, keep an eye on your subscription. If your subscription has ended, then you will need to re-subscribe and verify your account again. Users may successfully fix the verification loop issue and have a flawless Apple Music experience by comprehending and resolving these underlying causes.

  • Account Authentication Issue
    Any subscription-based service must have account authentication as a critical component. The Apple Music app connects to Apple’s servers when users enter their Apple ID credentials and subscription status. The app may fail to detect the user’s identification, resulting in repeated verification questions, if there is a delay or disturbance in this communication process because of server problems or transient malfunctions.
  • Software Glitches and Bugs
    Even with thorough testing, software programs are complicated systems, and occasionally flaws may get past the development process. Unexpected behavior might result from a code defect in the Apple Music app, such as becoming caught in a verification loop. These issues might be caused by how the app handles authentication tokens, locally maintains user credentials, or communicates with third-party services.
  • Outdated App Version
    Apple upgrades its applications to solve issues in the current version and improve the user experience. The most recent server setups and APIs might not work when you use an old version of Apple Music. Due to this, there will be a communication problem between the App and the Apple Music Server.
  • Apple ID Password Change
    An Apple ID password change is a common security procedure to safeguard user accounts. Apple Music might not immediately recognize the update after changing the password, especially if the app is open in the background. To make sure the user puts in the most recent password for authentication, the app may periodically prompt for confirmation.
  • Network Connectivity Problems
    For Apple Music to work properly, there must be a reliable internet connection. The app may need help connecting to Apple’s servers if there are network access problems, such as a sluggish or unreliable internet connection. As a result, it can consider this a verification issue and keep asking the user to confirm their account.
  • Failures in Subscription Renewal
    The verification procedure for consumers with premium subscription plans also entails reviewing their membership status. Suppose there is a problem with the renewal process, such as payment processing difficulties or an expired payment method. In that case, the app may be unable to validate if the membership is current. The app will constantly request verification until the subscription status is clear to prevent unwanted access.
  • Interference from Third-Party Apps
    Sometimes, Apple Music may not work as intended due to third-party apps or installed software. These apps may affect authentication, creating a verification loop. In these circumstances, locating the conflicting program and momentarily blocking or deleting it might aid problem-solving.

How To Fix Apple Music Keep Asking For Verification

If you are experiencing issues with Apple Music, ensure your device has a reliable internet connection by checking the network connectivity settings on your device. If the problem still exists, consider forcibly closing and reopening the Apple Music app to fix any glitches.

Regular program updates from the App Store can potentially include enhancements and bug fixes that could remedy verification loop issues. Additionally, you can establish a new connection to Apple’s servers by manually signing out and signing back in with your Apple ID.

You may avoid additional authentication requests by checking your membership status and ensuring your payment information is current. You may troubleshoot and resolve the problem of Apple Music continuously requesting verification by following these instructions, and you can then enjoy uninterrupted access to your music.

Check Network Connectivity and Apple Servers Communication

Start by examining your network connectivity if Apple Music keeps requesting verification. Ensure your device has a steady internet connection, whether cellular data or Wi-Fi. Slow or patchy internet connectivity might disrupt communication between the app and Apple’s servers, which can cause authentication issues.

  • Try joining an alternative Wi-Fi network if there are network problems, or restart your Wi-Fi router/modem. To reset the connection for cellular data users, turn Airplane mode on and off.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Asking For Verification? | integraudio.com

 Relaunch the App

If Apple Music keeps requesting verification even after you’ve verified that your network connection is solid, consider forcing the program to close and then relaunching it. This process will help you resolve the temporary bugs.

  • Double-click the Home button on an iOS device, and you will be in the app switcher. To access the Apple Music app, slide left or right; swipe up or off the screen to force the app to close.
  • If the verification questions persist after forcing a quit, try relaunching the Apple Music app from your device’s home screen or app drawer.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Asking For Verification? | integraudio.com

Update the Apple Music App

Install the most recent version of Apple Music after looking for any updates in the App Store. By regularly updating your Apple Music App, you will get new features and enjoy the Apple Music App without facing any obstruction.

    • Open App Store on iOS. Enter “Apple Music” into the app store’s search field.
    • The “Update” button will appear in the app’s menu.
    • Relaunch the app after finishing the update to check if we have fixed the issue with the repeated verification prompts.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Asking For Verification? | integraudio.com

Manually Sign Out and Sign Back In

After upgrading the app, if the issue still exists, you can manually sign out of your Apple ID and then sign back in. This will reconnect to Apple Music and renew authentication tokens. 

  • Go to “Settings” from the menu. On iOS, scroll down and tap “iTunes & App Store“; on some Android devices, tap “Accounts & Passwords.”

Why Does Apple Music Keep Asking For Verification? | integraudio.com

  • After tapping on your Apple ID, choose “Sign Out.” Sign back in with your Apple ID login information and password after exiting.
  • Check whether the authentication prompts remain after opening the Apple Music app.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Asking For Verification? | integraudio.com

Check Subscription Status

You may verify whether your Apple Music membership is current and working properly by looking up your subscription status in the device’s settings. Verification requests frequently arise when there are problems with membership renewal or payment processing. 

  • Go to your phone’s “Settings” menu. The appropriate Android settings may be in the “Accounts & Passwords” menu.
  • On iOS devices, locate the “iTunes & App Store” option. Select the Apple ID, then navigate to the “Subscriptions” option.
  • Please verify the status and validity of your Apple Music subscription. If you encounter any complications, we advise you to follow the prescribed procedures for renewing or enhancing your membership through the App Store or iTunes platform.
    Why Does Apple Music Keep Asking For Verification? | integraudio.com

Identify and Remove Conflicting Apps

Try deactivating or removing each program one at a time to see if any recently installed or updated applications are the source of the issue. You should watch out for apps with access to your Apple Music or Apple ID settings, as they might be the source of the interference.

  • Start by locating any recently installed or updated applications on your smartphone.
  • Disable or remove each program one at a time, and after doing so, see if the verification prompts continue to show.
  • Apps with access to your Apple Music or Apple ID settings should receive special attention since they might interfere.
  • If you discover a conflicting app, you should consider contacting the developer or checking for updates to see if they have fixed the problem.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Asking For Verification? | integraudio.com

How Do I Verify My Apple Music Subscription?

You can only verify by logging into your Apple Music and opening the subscription section. Once you are in the system, it will automatically validate your Apple Music membership and subscription. Moreover, you won’t be able to use the premium features if you don’t have a subscription.

However, let’s walk through the procedures to confirm your Apple Music membership on various devices to give a complete guide.

  • Open the “Apple Music” app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. 
  • You can find the “For You” tab at the bottom of your screen. You may get personalized music recommendations and customized playlists of songs that fit your particular listening preferences in this area.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Asking For Verification? | integraudio.com

  • The banner at the top of your “For You” page, which displays your subscription status, may be seen. You’ll notice two different kinds of messages.
  • If you see “Your Subscription,” your Apple Music membership has been validated and is active.
  • If you see “Get Apple Music,” it means that your Apple ID does not have a subscription to Apple Music. Tap “Get Apple Music” to sign up for a membership.
  • Select “Get Apple Music” to access the different plans. Confirm your membership, choose an individual or family plan, and enter your Apple ID password. Once you successfully enroll, we will verify and activate your Apple Music subscription.

Why Does Apple Music Keep Asking For Verification? | integraudio.com


Several factors, including difficulties with account authentication, software bugs, outdated application versions, changes to the Apple ID password, issues with community connectivity, errors with subscription renewal, and interference from third-party applications, may be responsible for the persistence of verification activities experienced in Apple Music.

Customers may take various actions to address these issues and guarantee ongoing access to Apple Music. We advise customers to check network connections and create a dependable internet connection to resolve any issues. Additionally, you can quickly fix issues by abruptly shutting down and reopening the utility. Updating the Apple Music app to the most recent version is also recommended.

Last but not least, users may recall manually logging out of their Apple ID and then signing back in to create a new reference to the server. Customers should also check their membership status and payment details and handle any problems with their internet access. Also, find and delete any incompatible third-party apps that could be to blame for the verification loop.

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