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Within the content of this site, users will find helpful tips, tricks, and techniques about music production but also the latest plugins, tools, hardware equipment, guides, tutorials, reviews, interviews & free downloads!

Hi, I’m Viliam, founder and author of the Integraudio website. I’m a passionate Drum & Bass music producer also known as Sulex. I’ve been supported on many YouTube channels and worked with various artists. You can also find all my music here.

I’m a big fan and user of FL Studio 20 where I do pretty much everything. Here are my most favorite plugins that  I use often in the mix: FabFilter Pro-Q 3, Melda MRingModulator, and Output Portal. 

My purpose is to share my own and unique approach to music production and bring something new to that! So hopefully, you will benefit from it and use my advice in practice.

What MusicGearo is All About

  • Integraudio is a blog site for music producers who wants to build a home studio or purchase various music or production gear. It also addresses those who already own home studios but need to learn how to get the most out of the gear they already own.
  • We aim to provide this class of musicians with highly valuable resources that they can refer to continually. These resources will come in the form of buyer guides, product reviews, how-to articles, and other informational content.

How MusicGearo Helps You Find What You Need

  • We understand that there are so many different sites that provide or claim to provide useful information on these same topics. To this end, we strive to ensure that you do not only get quality content but also enjoy your time reading this content. We try to achieve this by focusing on presenting our content in a manner that is both informative and refreshing.
  • We help them deliver content that is simply loaded to the hilt with useful and relevant information.

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