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What Is Integraudio?

Integraudio is a blog focused on audio recording and music production. We know that creativity and technology will shape the future of music. So, we’re here to help producers and engineers by delivering the latest information on music production. By keeping up to speed with the times and technology, we strive to bring you helpful tips (software and hardware), reviews, interviews, guides, and “best of” lists to expand your knowledge as a producer. Also, we’ll keep updating the old content and make it fresh as well.

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About Founder

Hey, I’m Viliam, founder of the Integraudio blog. I founded this audio website with the purpose to build the greatest source of information so you would find everything in one place. 

About me: I’m a passionate Drum & Bass music producer also known as Sulex. I’ve been featured on many great  YouTube channels and worked with various artists. I just love to make new exciting projects! You can also find all my music here.

I’m a big fan and user of FL Studio 20 where I do pretty much everything. My most favorite plugins are Edison, Rough Rider 3, and NI Absynth 5 which can generate pretty unique sounds.

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