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My passion for composing music and understanding the tech behind it comes from my family. From the age of four, I was introduced to my dad’s hardware music sequencers, effect plugins, and PCB circuits from his projects.

Learning to play instruments like the piano, flute, and guitar and experimenting with resistors, coils, and capacitors to change how the speaker sounds became a pastime.
Hence, when faced with the vast wealth of opportunities that is digital audio workstations, I couldn’t resist diving further into music production and sound designing.

Alongside that was my passion for writing stories, which ultimately led me to my small discovery of telling stories with sounds and music. Of course, that guided me to realize film scoring was my calling.

I started learning composition, orchestration, and sound designing for media when I was around fifteen. And to my surprise, I was invited to score a few indie projects.
When I was eighteen years old, I received my first award for film scoring – Best Music by Top Indie Film Awards.

Following that, in 2021, I received accolades for Best Original Score, Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing (IndieX), and the Grand Jury award for Best Sound Design (Oniros) alongside other nominations.

However, while I was working on films, I was also writing articles for blogs and various websites. Thanks to my interest in telling stories at an early age, I enjoyed writing as it let me share my experience and knowledge. So, after receiving the opportunity in late-2020, I’d written over seventy articles for Integraudio by 2021!

Some days, I was researching the economy of guitar market, while other days, it would be about world music and instrument libraries.

The challenge in writing about so many topics meant my musical expertise was pushed to its limits. Towards the end of 2021, I was offered the opportunity to compose the soundtrack for Splinterlands, a browser-based game. And while I was involved in the back of Integraudio, providing minor editing and suggestions, I focused most of my time on music once more.

Since then, I’ve endeavored to create a balance between my two passions as a musician and writer. I’ve received incredible feedback from people I admire on both fronts, encouraging me to strive for perfection whether I’m composing an orchestral score or reviewing a new instrument.

I enjoy helping people create music by writing helpful content and realize their films and games through my own music. Occasionally, I receive an email or tweet asking a question about music or gear, and I do my best to answer. Similarly, another time it’s to let me know that my composition has genuinely elevated their film or game.

I’m convinced that knowing I’ve been helpful to realize someone’s creative project is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone could have!

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