Why Does Discord Run In The Background? – 4 Reasons

4 Reasons Why Does Discord Run In The Background? Fixed

Discord is the best digital communication voice-over-IP app that allows different groups to voice chat in private or public groups.

Discord provides versatility in features like video calling, voice chatting, and screen sharing. You can also connect your social apps to Discord for greater community exposure. That is why Discord is on the list of the best digital communication apps in the USA. 

But most of you might not want Discord constantly running in the background. If you wonder, “Why does it happen, and how can you resolve this?” you are at the right place. Here, we will discuss how to disable Discord’s automatic background operation and prevent it from running in the background by default. 

Why Does Discord Run In The Background?

Discord runs in the background because notifications and automatic updates are the primary reasons. Discord must be constantly connected to its servers, so it must run in the background. In addition, it must be running in the background to receive all notifications and updates. 

1. Notifications

For users to get notifications, Discord has to run in the background. It includes alerts when someone sends a message, joins or leaves a server, or does other things. By running in the background, Discord can ensure all users know what’s happening on their servers.

So, if Discord is not running in the background, you won’t be able to receive any instant notifications or update popups.

4 Reasons Why Does Discord Run In The Background? Fixed | integraudio.com

2. Stay Connected

Discord is an amazing way to stay in touch with family and friends. It enables users to communicate with one another in real-time, mostly through text and voice messaging. Running Discord in the background allows users to stay connected while not actively using the application. 

It keeps users connected to their family and friends no matter where or what they are doing. In addition, operating Discord in the background enables users to receive notifications when they receive a message or a voice chat invitation. It ensures that users are never excluded from a conversation.

4 Reasons Why Does Discord Run In The Background? Fixed | integraudio.com

3. Syncing Messages

Discord needs to run in the background to sync messages so that all users see the same messages, even offline or switching devices. It ensures that all users can talk to each other and know what’s happening in conversations. Also, it makes it possible for Discord to offer a smooth experience that ensures users never miss a conversation.

4. Quick Launch

Discord is a very popular way for gamers to communicate with one another, and running it in the background can help you ensure you don’t miss important action while playing multiplayer games. 

With the Quick Launch feature, Discord can start up automatically when you turn on your computer, so you can stay in touch with your friends and the gaming community even when you’re not there. It is especially helpful if you play games with friends or teammates that require you to talk to them.

How To Stop Discord Running In the Background?

You can stop it by force quitting. Discord is an amazing app that helps you connect with friends and family. But one problem that many Discord users have is that the app keeps running even after closing it. It can reduce battery life, consume more background resources, and slow down the device.

1. Task Manager Method

You can remove Discord from the background and disable it from the startup app options. Here’s how you can do it: first, press the “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” keys simultaneously to open “Task Manager.”

Once in the Task Manager, go to the “Processes” tab and scroll down until you find Discord. Click on the Discord task and press the “End Task” button. It will exit Discord from the background.

4 Reasons Why Does Discord Run In The Background? Fixed | integraudio.com

Go to the “Startup” tab in the Task Manager to prevent it from automatically launching on Windows startup. Here, scroll down until you find “Discord.” Now right-click on Discord to open the file. Select “Disable” from the list. It will disable the automatic startup of Discord, and it won’t bother you anymore. 

4 Reasons Why Does Discord Run In The Background? Fixed | integraudio.com

2. Disable Startup from Discord Settings

To disable startup from the Discord menu, open the Discord app and then go to Discord settings by pressing the “gear” icon beside your profile. Once in the settings, go to “Windows Settings” from the left setting panel. Here you will find the system startup behavior settings for the “Open Discord” option. Turn off these settings.

4 Reasons Why Does Discord Run In The Background? Fixed | integraudio.com

Does Discord Use My RAM Resources When In Background?

Discord uses a lot of RAM resources when it is running in the background. But it uses different amounts of RAM depending on factors like how many servers and channels you have open, how many people are in those channels, and how much media is being shared.

When Discord runs in the background, it keeps getting data from the servers and channels you’re connected to and processing it. It means it needs to use some RAM to store this data and keep it ready when you return to the application. 

Also, if you have notifications turned on, Discord will use some RAM to watch for new messages and alerts.

Even though Discord uses some RAM when it is running in the background, it usually does not use a lot. Discord is designed to be a small program that can run on many different devices without slowing them down. So, even if you leave Discord running in the background for a long time, it won’t affect how fast your computer works.

Still, if you are worried about how much RAM Discord uses, you can do a few things to make it less of a problem. For example, you can try closing servers and channels you no longer use, turning off notifications, or reducing the amount of media shared in your channels. 

Also, if you have other programs that use a lot of RAM, you might want to close them to make more resources available for Discord.

4 Reasons Why Does Discord Run In The Background? Fixed | integraudio.com

Does Discord Run In the Background On Phone?

On phones, Discord does run in the background and consumes resources. It means you can get messages and notifications even when the app isn’t on your screen (Only if connected to the internet). But how much Discord runs in the background depends on your phone and how you set it up.

On some phones, even after you close the app, Discord may keep running in the background, using up data and battery. To stop this, you can change the settings on your device to limit the app’s background activity or close it when you’re not using it.

Having Discord running in the background can be a convenient way to stay in touch with friends and communities, but it can also slow down your device and use up more battery life. So, it’s important to balance staying connected and ensuring your device’s resources last as long as possible.


Discord is a powerful digital communication tool that allows various groups to connect. It is the most widely used platform for gamers to chat and connect. However, some users may not want the program operating in the background all the time because it can waste vital resources such as RAM and battery life.

Fortunately, several straightforward steps can be taken to prevent Discord from running in the background. Options include terminating the process via Task Manager, removing the startup option in Discord settings, and closing servers and channels no longer in use.

Users can also limit the app’s background activities on their phones or close it when not in use. Discord is a terrific way to stay connected with friends and family. Still, minimizing its background activities is a good idea to ensure your device’s resources are utilized wisely.

Users may ensure that Discord is functioning as efficiently as possible by completing the appropriate measures, allowing them to stay connected without affecting the functionality of their device.

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